Window Dressing {Write On Edge/Trifecta}

They danced around the small bedroom and each other effortlessly, he’d side-step to the right; she’d weave to the left, various places on their bodies brushing up against one another as they shimmied.

Grinning in passing their hands gently pushed off one another as they moved along.

Plopping down on the edge of the bed she tugged on floppy knee high boots and waited to hear the teeth of the zipper catch until her legs were encased in white faux leather.

“What do you think?” she implored, standing up and straightening the mini.

“Oh darling, they’re groovy.” He answered, flashing one of his irresistible smiles before he went back to combing his hair into place.

Coming up behind him, she hooked one arm under his until her hand and chin rested on his shoulder.

She locked eyes with him in the mirror.

“Ready?” he asked, his fingertips still smoothing the flyaways and cowlicks he hadn’t brushed into submission.

“Yep.” she replied, untangling herself from him and planting a kiss on the side of his neck, coming away smelling of Canoe.

His eyes traveled up her legs, past the hot pink dress, “are you going to…?” he asked, wagging a finger at her.

“Oh.”  A pause, until “Yeah.” she nodded and picked up her teasing comb; hoisting sections of her hair until she had backcombed it into a silky blonde bouffant.

“Perfect.” He approved as she came toward him in a sweet cloud of Chanel No.5 and Aqua Net.

Winking at her he offered his hand and her charm bracelet jangled as her fingers fit themselves between his, drowning out the sound of the faintest crack in their facade.

She ignored it and practically purred as he helped her slide her arms into her mink cloak; there’d be plenty of men at this party…for both of them.


First, Welcome to my new website! 
It’s not finished yet, but I’ve been so excited about unveiling it that I decided to INVITE you over. 

This is where I’ll be writing my fiction. 

The Kir Corner will stay (for now) as a place where I talk about my life & marriage, my sons, my infertility journey and all things Family. 

Let me know what you think 


For Write on Edge this week

we had two prompts, the one I wanted to use most was Nancy Sinatra singing


I loved her bouffant , didn’t you?


and for Trifecta the word of the week is


3a : a narrow break : fissure     

 b : a narrow opening —used figuratively in phrases like fall through the

cracks to describe one that has been improperly or inadvertently ignored or left out 

See more at:


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Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your writing is so descriptive, I have a flawless movie playing out in my mind and am transported to the 70s with your catch phrases of that era. Had to laugh when she wraps her arms from behind…I’m so small my face would be in a shoulder wing or back and giggled when you said she rested her chin on his shoulder. Have never been able to do that. Very romantic write tho not so sure about her objective at the end. A place my mind can’t go.

    • says:

      HI Maggie Grace,
      it’s okay you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t want to. Just glad you came over to read it and enjoyed the 60’s and 70’s references.
      THANK YOU.

  2. Love the ending.

    • says:

      OH thank you. I am so glad to see you over here!!!
      Glad you liked it.

  3. Ooh, nice twist! I used to have a gay male friend who I spent a lot of time with – people were convinced that we were a couple! Funny, really, how people see what they want to see….

    Love the look of the new site, by the way!

    • says:

      HI Freya,
      thank you!! for the visit, the comment, ALL of it. :)

      I have 7 ex boyfriends who have come out since we dated..and it always makes me think of how as a couple sometimes we accept things about another person in order to be with them. Esp in that decade, I often wonder how many married couples (this couple was married in my mind as I was writing) had this secret but their union was crucial to the window dressing? It’s all very interesting to me.

      have a great weekend

      • You’re welcome, Kir. Yes, I think about things like this as well. And sometimes I wonder if, for some people at least, that kind of relationship is ‘safe’, for whatever reason. Perhaps they grew up witnessing an awful relationship between their parents? Or, perhaps they love the companionship, but want to go elsewhere for the more intimate moments? No relationship is the same. Nobody has the right to judge. As long as the couple is happy.

  4. Awesome end.. that’s a twist in romance… :-)

    • says:

      THANK YOU!!!
      it’s interesting to me what we will accept and deal with in order to be with the person we love. I plan to write these two a little more. Explore that kind of relationship.

  5. Great ending! Well, great everything :). I used to use Aqua Net to the point of near insanity. Oh the things I did to my hair. Well done! Love the new site. Thank you for linking up! ~Mary Beth

    • says:

      HI Mary Beth,
      thank you so much for the visit and for the comment. I appreciate both very much.
      Oh yes, as a child of the 70s and 80s I used Aqua Net quite a bit myself and my sister had SERIOUS HIGH HAIR. 😉


  6. Love the story, the feeling, the “surprise” at the end. You put me right in the scene.

    Love the new site. It’s looking fantastic! XO

    • says:

      Oh thank you Rox, I love inviting you over here. YAY.
      this couple is interesting to me, how there are things that you know and accept about people you love in order to be together.
      THANK YOU for the comment.

  7. First of all, I love your new place :) It’s beautifully you! And sigh. Why can’t I have a fun party to go to? (With or without a gay partner-in-crime?)

    • says:

      thank you for being the BETA LOOKER for it.
      I am going to write this a little more (as a short story I think) ..this couple, in my mind, is married but of course they each know that their union is pure window dressing. I liked them.

      We are going to a FEW fun parties next week…TOGETHER!!

  8. That last line is killer! Didn’t see that coming at all. :)

    • says:

      Oh thank you! for the visit, the comment and just coming over to read me. I appreciate all of it so much.

  9. Draug419 says:

    Loving the spiffy new site, Kir. And I’m loving this piece even more.

    • says:

      I’m so glad you LIKE BOTH. So glad to see you over here in my new space. :)

  10. Ah, the swinging sixties. Some secrets were more difficult to hide than others, I suppose. Loved the picture you created of a bedroom that isn’t quite what it seems. And I love the new place!

    • says:

      HI you…
      so glad this worked, honestly I was on the fence about writing it and bringing the scene to life, I mean how many marriages back then were ones of “I’ll look the other way” probably more than we know.

      so glad you liked the piece and the place! THANK YOU.

  11. Canoe canoe? lol
    Great ending.
    Love the site, Kir!

    • says:

      LOL, yes CANOE.
      I actually called my mom and then did (OMG, I’m going to admit this) popular colognes for men in the 60’s and 70’s. I was going to use English Leather but Canoe sounded sexier. 😉

      thanks for coming over, appreciate the visit!!

  12. I love the attention to detail in this – you really do make a scene come alive. And the ending was sublime.

    • says:

      THANK YOU…I do love when you enjoy something I wrote.
      So happy that it “worked”
      TGIF my friend.

  13. Firstly, the new site is gorgeous! Congratulations!

    Secondly, I love this piece. The descriptions are so vivid. I can see it all in my mind. I love the ending. What a twist!
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