Concession: Trifextra



Why didn’t you linger a bit longer?

When you could have seen me

Carry your water &

Put you center stage.

For it wasn’t a ring I was chasing…

Having you was enough.


Trifextra this weekend:
use these three words within your 33





 Thank you for coming over to read.

Have a great weekend.




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Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. a bittersweet ode to love lost … lovely.

    • says:

      thank you, glad you came over to say hi and read me.

      wishing you a really nice weekend.

  2. Interesting and eloquent. The carry his water line made me question the context of their love.

    I love your beautiful new blog digs!

    • says:

      HI :)
      first thank you and I weighed the “carry water” line in my mind, but then when I named it “Concession” I figured that the readers would see the one sided nature of her vs him.

      I am loving my new blog…it feels like “me” . :)

  3. Awwwww! Always the sweetest place to visit!! Missed you!!!

  4. It’s really hurtful to be in such a one-sided romance and you have captured it very well!

  5. beautifully written……..


  6. “Carry your water” intimate and tender. Not sure the title is the best option. I do like your take on the prompt.

  7. Oh the heartache in the last line! This is beautiful Kir! Happy weekend, my friend!!

  8. Draug419 says:

    Sweet and somber, Kir. It’s lovely.

  9. This is so sad. It seems he was her everything, and now she’s left with nothing. Beautifully poignant piece.

  10. I enjoyed this. Funny how men think women are always chasing that commitment and diamond. lol

  11. Sweet but heart-breaking, that he couldn’t see that.

  12. Lovely.. beautiful feeling of love.. :-)

  13. You moved to WordPress!

  14. Sad and tender. The longing and regret left me hoping for a happy ending.

  15. A very pretty poem. You made it look easy.

  16. Who would squander that kind of love? Beautiful writing!

  17. i like this

  18. Wistful and poignant–what an original use of the prompt. The “carry your water” line did exactly what you intended it to for me, and that was before I even noticed the title. Ah, those imbalanced relationships, a special kind of pain.

  19. love the sound of “linger a bit longer” :)
    also love the new look of your blog . . . pretty

  20. Lovely sentiment and poignant. If only people didn’t assume another ‘s motives. Well done.

  21. Oh, ouch, ouch, ouch… how sad, how poignant.

  22. debseeman says:

    First, I LOVE the new layout! So pretty <3. On to the prompt. Yes. Beautiful, touching, sad perfectly written.

  23. I think the very thought of a ring scares many guys away, unless he’s like 80 and his proposed bride, around 23 !!!! Sad romance of unrequited love….

  24. This is really pretty Kir. Thank you for linking up! ~Mary Beth

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