The Morning After : {The Path You Choose}

Carrie and I are back with our dual tale of CHOICES.

You can read her latest (awesome) installment HERE.

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Light streamed in through the windows and Gabby moved slightly, straining against the pleasurable ache in her thighs. Seth’s hand was cradling her bare belly and she didn’t want to move or break the spell of the last fourteen hours. 

From the moment Seth’s kiss had devoured her in the backseat of the cab to the moment when he’d taken the rest of her with the same passionate abandonment her world had shifted; where only black and white had existed before now she saw a rosy tinged gray and she basked in it.

Last night had awakened a passion in her that she’d forgotten in recent years. As Seth stripped her off her clothes, he took all her hesitations and doubts and dropped them to the floor too. He’d literally kissed and caressed her back to life; opening more than her legs and her mind as he kicked down the door to her heart.

Gabby felt her face color as she remembered the gentle and yet ravenous way he’d made love to her. They had finally ended up in his bed, spent, satisfied and wrapped around each other but only after they had made great use of his kitchen counter, the oak coffee table and his leather recliner. The blush  slowly creeping into her cheeks wasn’t of shame or guilt, it wasn’t even of remorse. No, instead she felt a heady delight.

Hesitant to leave the warm circle of Seth’s arms, she wiggled and squirmed to edge of the bed, careful not to disturb his sleep.

She had to pee.

Gabby got out of  bed, naked and chilly. Moving toward the bathroom off the bedroom, she casually reached for a shirt lying on the armchair. Pulling the soft cotton over her head she stifled a giggle as she realized she was once again sporting a grey Foley’s T-shirt.

In the bathroom she did her business, washed her face and hands and brushed her teeth with a dab of his toothpaste on her fingertip. She tippy-toed her way across the hardwood floors to the kitchen as her tummy growled in protest of its forced fast.

Gabby had barely seen the apartment yesterday so she took her time curiously taking in the built-in bookshelves, the widescreen TV and the exposed brick on the back wall of his bedroom and the living room. The galley kitchen sported white and glass cabinets giving it a nautical feel that was confirmed by the tile back-splash decorated with tiny anchors.

Placing a mug with the Irish Flag on it under the Keurig and waiting it for to fill she peeked into his cookie jar and grinned when she found it stocked with chocolate chip. Munching on one and carrying around another three, she wandered around the living room. Taking note of the framed over-sized poster of Springsteen’s Born to Run and then close by another framed picture of the 1994 New York Rangers, sticks raised high in victory.

Padding back to the kitchen, she grabbed the coffee cup,  splashed in some half-and-half she found in the frig and made her way back to the bedroom, still munching on the cookies. Stopping and leaning against the door jam she smiled as she watched Seth wake, rub his eyes and reach for her empty side of the bed.

“Hey.” She said.

“Oh.” He answered, looking over and smiling at her, “Hey.”

“I was hungry.” She confessed, holding up the cookies.

Seth laughed, “ I never did feed you dinner last night.”

Gabby started toward him, ‘Well I wasn’t hungry for food last night.”

It was Seth’s turn to blush, “Well I’ll make it up to you with a spectacular breakfast.”

“Promise?” she teased.

“Promise.” He nodded and then winked at her, “as soon as you return my  T-shirt.”


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  1. “As Seth stripped her off her clothes, he took all her hesitations and doubts and dropped them to the floor too” moves the fan closer.

    ” but that was only after they had made great use of his kitchen counter, the oak coffee table and his leather recliner” looks around to make sure nobody is watching.

    “Gabby had barely seen the apartment yesterday” haha, didn’t see anything as they tried every surface in the house for the bowchicawowow

    Whoof! (That’s the sound the wind made after you knocked it out of me).

    Shit… Ok. I love the new digs. Love the white background. I totally wanted to make mine white, but my header just didn’t look right, and I’m still in love with it, so colors it is for now.

    I enjoyed this. Profusely. Thanks for sharing you little vixen.

    p.s. I think Gabby would have preferred indulging in a cupcake.

  2. I love how this wasn’t told AS IT HAPPENED but as Gabby wanders through Seth’s place.

    And now we must wait to see the fallout…

  3. Uh-oh. Her fiance isn’t going to be happy (never mind what his daddy will do!)

    I like your new space here. I can barely keep up with one blog, so I admire your choice to do both. Good luck with it :)

  4. Mercy… it got hot in here.
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