I Know When I See It {Write on Edge/Trifecta}

Ice Cream Cone Cake


Their forks hovered over the bright pink confection. The girls had long since abandoned the notion of plates and napkins in favor of digging right in, but now they hesitated, casing each other and the dessert; neither of them wanting to be responsible for the first attack.

“Sooo…?” Holly prodded while waving her plastic utensil around in circles above her strawberry curls.

Delaney ignored her and began to make tracks in the hot pink icing with her own fork; denting the frosting as she dragged the tongs along its smooth surface.

“ Delaney?!” Holly practically shouted.

“Hmm?” She murmured with enough attitude as if to say “what?”

Holly grunted, “You know perfectly well, what, Delaney Sue! Now, are you going to tell about the bug that crawled up your ass so I can get up there and remove it or are you gonna make me guess?“

Delaney waved off Holly’s dramatics, “Forget it Hol, it’s nothin.”

But even as she said it Delaney knew that was a lie; it wasn’t nothing, it was something. A big fucking something. But how do you go about telling your best friend that she is, god help you, the bug? What Delaney needed now more than anything was for the gentle click of their friendship to slide into place and band them together in solidarity.  I mean if you couldn’t expect that from your best friend…

Deciding to swallow what was left of her pride she lifted her eyes to Holly’s and whispered, “I just really want you to hate him too.”

Across the table her friend didn’t answer, instead she had finally given in to temptation by plunging her fork into the decadent confection, scooping up mouthfuls. She mumbled as she chewed, “Ah! So, that’s what this is all about?”

“Yep…” Delaney admitted, trying not to sound pitiful.

Holly held a forkful of cake out to her and winked, “Well no worries there sugar, thank goodness I know a douche when I see one.”


This week for WRITE ON EDGE our prompt was that amazing looking CAKE at the top of this post.

I want to eat it.



and then for TRIFECTA, (hey I’m judging this week with Gina and Tom(my kick-ass colleagues: KICK ASS) 

..and I can be bribed with Payless money 😉 )

I  even decided to use the word of the week (BAND) even though I can’t choose myself to win.

I mean that would be wrong , right?


I am also home from BlogHer13.

I will be recapping that amazing weekend on The Kir Corner sometime in the near future.
(that translates to “when I finally catch up on the amount of sleep I need to upload all those friggin photos, arrange them and give you a witty update to boot” )


(and now I’m off to read, comment and try to decide how to let everyone win this week with Trifecta) 

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  1. I’m feeling like eating, too. This was a dangerous, dangerous WOE prompt. :)

  2. Loved the food and the contrast of decadence and self abnegation. Also, what else are best friends FOR????

  3. Cobbie's World says:

    Well! Well! Well! What do we have here!? A story by my fellow comrade in judging! Well, my only question is to ask if you are aware that Jennifer (Whispatory) used the very same photo as you but, to much, much different effect? Great closing lines, btw! :) Having a blast this week, Kir! Thanks for this story and for a week of good writing by our talented, talented band of writers.

  4. Heeheehee!!! I LOVED the last line! Perfect and she’s right. Friends support friends. Especially BFFs. Now I want a fork for that delectable cake! I was thinking about a non-fiction story for this prompt from my recent journey. We shall she if there’s time. Having so much fun this week! Thank you for asking me, girlfriend!

  5. No fair to tempt us with that photo, right?

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      that picture has been on my mind all week (and I don’t even really like ice cream…LOL)

      we didn’t get cake or cupcakes or ANYTHING for your birthday over the weekend, I think that would be the best reason to get together again. 😉

  6. That last line made me all kinds of happy. They might not always be entirely rational, but friendship has its rules and obligations–and Holly is a friend. You’ve captured the scene beautifully, from the plastic fork scraping through the pink icing, to the subtle interactions between the friends, to Delaney’s bravery in going for broke and taking the risk she needs to take. It’s a good thing I had three bites of the most delicious chocolate cake on the planet last night, or I’d be getting some mega cravings about now. :)

  7. You captured this scene really well, Kir. Also? I can’t wait to hear about how much FUN you had at BlogHer. I’m hoping to go next year. :)

  8. Ha. Great ending. I love how you weave the real, but raunchy dialoge to paint a picture of a true friendship. It’s like you were in both of their heads. Well done.

  9. MMM! Cake. So glad I read this after purchasing a cupcake.

  10. Reminds me of my younger years fighting over boys with my best friends but always making up.

  11. You do friendship so well, K. The ups, the downs, and in betweens just seem to come so easily to your pen. Beautifully done.

  12. The true test of a friendship – that she will hate right along with you!
    Sweet (see what I did there?) story, madame judge!

  13. Bonding over sugary confections… the very best of female friendship rituals.

  14. Best friends should hate all the same people. 😉

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