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Justine was centering her silverware on the linen napkin, fork-knife, spoon, when the waitress came by with a steaming carafe.

“Top that off miss?” she asked, ready to pour.

Startled out of her reverie, Justine nodded and smiled, “Oh yes, please.”

She watched as her cup filled with Colombian blend. As soon as the waitress moved on she took a moment to cradle the cup with both hands and breathe in the heady aroma until her fingers reached for three packets of sugar.   

Once she’d emptied them she picked up her spoon and slowly began stirring, three times clockwise, three times counterclockwise;  a sip and a satisfied sigh later the cup clinked when she settled it on the saucer.

Justine checked her watch and looked out toward the front of the café again, Gabby should be here any minute and she was anxious to finally divulge all the details of her fiance to her soon to be sister-in-law. Keeping a secret from her family this long had been nothing short of torturous and she desperately needed a confidant and allay. Gabby was the perfect choice.

She’d left Liam in the hotel room, although he’d wanted to accompany her to this impromptu breakfast meeting, for reasons he never needed to know about. Justine picked up the spoon and began stirring again, her thoughts swirling and mixing too.

Coming back to New York had brought back too many memories. Even as she and Liam wandered the streets she’d fled hand in hand, every time they got close to 7th Avenue she began to feel the stirrings, faint but unmistakable, of a long lost love. So many years later she still wondered if she’d left Seth for his own good or hers.

It was why when her fiancé had asked, in his velvety accent if he could tag along this morning, she’d smiled and kissed his full mouth, but told him that she wanted Gabby all to herself for a few hours to discuss girl stuff,” you know weddings and bridesmaids, things that’ll  bore you into a coma.

Liam had laughed and wrapped her up in his strong arms, kissing her nose, “okay Lass, I’ll go do some sightseeing of my own and wait for your return.” Justine smiled at the memory and the fact that everything he said came out sounding like he was quoting a medieval romance novel. Liam was everything she’d ever wanted, wasn’t he?

Again startled out of her daydreams again, Justine looked up to see Gabby hooking her bag over the chair and plopping  down into the chair opposite her, a happy smile lighting her face.

Before Gabby could say a word, Justine found herself spouting, “Wow, Gabby, you look …” she paused to take in the smile that was now lighting up the room.She still found it hard to believe that marriage to her brother and the struggles and stress of the campaign hadn’t dimmed Gabby’s happiness, “…radiant.”

Justine grinned as Gabby’s cheeks took on color like a sinking boat, averting her eyes from Justine’s as she raised her arm to signal the waitress.

“So…” Gabby said to her as the girl came over with the carafe, peeking out from behind her menu “…tell me all about this new man in your life.”

Justine paused, taking an extra minute to sip her coffee. She’d wanted to spend time with Gabby spilling all her secrets, how she and Liam had met, what he did for a living, even how her thesis was months, hell years, from truly being done because she’d gotten caught up in a present day fairytale with a bloke she’d met in London.


Yes, she’d come here to tell Gabby all about Liam, but maybe it was time to tell her future sister- in-law about Seth, and  admit how much she still missed him.


For this assignment, Troy was asked to choose the 5th book from his top shelf and turn to the 55th page and give us the 5th true line from that page. The book was A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd and the line was “I sensed the stirrings, faint but unmistakable, of an afternoon love.” I changed the wording a bit to make it work, hoping the teacher (SAM) lets it slide. *wink*


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  1. No worries. My story wasn’t in first person either, so I took the same liberty! This story is getting more intense every week!

  2. This could be an interesting conversation :)

  3. I love the switch you took. Not the direction I was expecting :) My only critique is the very beginning. Do we really need to know the whole coffee routine? You could easily cut it and leave a single line like “Justine’s regular coffee prep routine held soothe her nerves.”
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