The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 1)

Last week I offered the Prologue to The Love Story of Kimmy & David and explained that I’d be posting the unedited (and very *very* rough) original pieces.

Today, CHAPTER 1.


Chapter 1

Sweet Surprise 

The sun light came in through the curtain less windows and warmed Kimmy ‘s face. She tucked her folded hands under her cheek and snuggled against the pillow. For a moment she was completely oblivious to her surroundings.

In a moment, reality set in, she opened her eyes, one at a time, dreading what she might see.

Whew. The pillow next to her was empty.


And, it was morning.


David hadn’t told her to go home? He’d let her spend the night?

Her thoughts spun, she felt happy and unsettled within moments of each other. Truthfully; her feelings for David were as discombobulated as the sheets on his bed. She clung to the sheet, pulling it up over her, closer to her bare body. Immediately, the blush started at her toes and made its way to her cheeks.

Kimmy rolled to her back and stretched her arms and legs, languishing, the dull but pleasurable ache of a night of sex evident in every sore, tightened muscle. She grinned, a small secret smile, which she put away quickly, worried David might glimpse it.

Think she was getting ideas again.

David, Handsome, Witty, Brilliant, Too-good-for-her, David.

Just the mere sound of his name sent her thoughts to illicit places. From the moment his lips met hers in a goodnight kiss four  months ago, she was as good as gone. He became a weakness, an addiction, a goal. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but he did on various occasions, when it mattered most, deny it.

Kimmy sighed, and realized that like all things out of her reach, so was David.

David, Aloof, Practical, Ever at arm’s length, “I don’t like you like that” David.

She didn’t care, she ran to him, did his bidding, took his calls, shed her clothes. He made her feel sexy and smart, relevant and interesting. So what if he only did it in periodic spurts, assuring her that she would never be his final choice?

A girl can dream.

Kimmy sat up, surveyed the room, taking in her high heels perched on the pile of their jeans, her pink blouse tossed and lying seductively over the footboard.

What a night.

David’s blue button down was on the floor, an easy reach for her hand. She leaned and scooped, wound it around her body like a cape, her arms finding the holes and pushing through, pushing herself out of bed. She caught sight of herself in the full length mirror and fluffed her  short blonde hair, buttoned the shirt only enough to be seductive. She found her lace panties and slipped them up her legs.

Where was he?

She ran on  tip toes to the top of the stairs, glanced down over the banister to the kitchen. His head bent over his laptop, feet bare and wrapped around the bottom of the stool. She could see the glow of his phone. He is probably texting another girl right now, she mused.

Well I have his shirt on, and the smile, for a millisecond, crossed her lips again.

Kimmy started down the steps and stopped, stalling, last night she had told him that if he ordered another salad or expected her to, she was never going to speak to him again. I mean honestly how much salad could one person consume before you sprouted a fluffy tail?

He had laughed, ordered something in addition to his salad, he had flirted and taken her home,  but she wondered, as she often did, if she had crossed a line with him.

She chastised herself, sighing loudly, grabbing his attention.

“Hey” David called, beckoning her down to the kitchen.

“Morning” Kimmy answered as her feet hit the cold tile.

“Nice shirt” he acknowledged . His grin unmistakable.


“Hungry?” he started

She was hungry, famished. However, she knew from his lifestyle and food choices what she wanted wasn’t in any drawer or cupboard in this house. A cookie would be more welcome at a fat camp.

“..Because I got you something”.
He pushed his bowl of whole grain cereal to the side and there it was resting on a paper plate.
He watched Kimmy’s face, guaging her reaction to the gift, watching her eyes for an answer.

A doughnut.

Dripping with pink icing, sprinkled with tiny candy hearts, something so out of character in this space that she gasped with joy.

David, amused now, slid the plate in front of Kimmy, pulled her toward him, planted a kiss on the side of her mouth, allowing her access to the gooey treat.

“Share?” he asked, handing her a knife she just noticed on the island.

Leaning into him, she cut it right down the middle, offering him half, biting into hers.
Her mouth tasted the truce, the shared secret within the sweet glaze.
She lifted her eyes to his.
“This” Kimmy giggled, “Is progress”.
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  1. A pink iced donut was never more romantic.
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