The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 3)

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Here’s Chapter 3.



Chapter 3

Stolen Moments

About 4 Months ago…..

Kimmy sighed and leaned against the door, her backside gently easing it closed, the lock clicking into place. She ran one hand over her black skirt, mindlessly smoothing the wrinkles with one hand while her other lightly touched her lips rubbed raw from his, Angelina Jolie plumped, delight creeping up her cheeks behind the blush that warmed her from the inside out.

She twirled around the room like a child, barely able to contain herself. They had made it past the awkwardness and newness of the first date, the anticipation of wondering if their chemistry would last through the second and at last succumbing to it tonight, sinking down into those kisses that only led to more passionate kisses. They were going slow, taking each other in, holding out.

Kimmy meandered around her apartment, shuttling empty glasses to the sink, lowering the volume on her IPod humming the song, and picked up her phone. Tapping the screen to life, and fighting the urge to text David,  she pulled up her missed calls and giggled.


Liza had called 3 times, sent 7 texts and tweeted a request for Kimmy to “show herself”. Kimmy jingled her bracelet watch; seeing it was 1:15 am she redialed her best friend, who picked up on the 3rd ring.


“Hi Lize, it’s me” Kimmy chirped, not even bothering to hide her amusement at picturing Liza trying to prop herself up in bed ,tuck her phone under her chin and grab her ponytail with both hands, pulling it high on her head.

“Sooooo” her best friend starts, and Kimmy knows what’s coming. The questions, the masked interest and the guilt that only a person who knows you really well can dish out and get away with.

She ignored her intended displeasure with her and squealed instead, “I literally could die of happiness right now Lize, I swear I’ve never been this happy”.

Liza yawned, loudly, to underscore how exasperated she was, “Kimber, you say that with every new guy” and another yawn, “you were supposed to call when you got home”

Kimmy whispers, “He just left” the smile never leaving her face.

“Oh Dear God, just left? So he’s pretty special huh ?” Liza tone is teasing and friendly, but Kimmy can sense the harshness underneath.

She hesitates, not because she didn’t know what to say. David is special, everything is new and shiny, every moment with him is not enough.

Kimmy who used to live for Fridays and 4pm, who would tick away minutes and hours of a day wishing for her life to start, now wants time to stand still. The dates, the emails, the text messages are all she looks forwards to anymore, well all that and those kisses.

Every other thing she is not doing with him is stolen time; like the universe is a thief. Hours at work, running errands or waiting for him to return a text tick by so slowly that she’s sure her watch must have stopped, but once he’s in her space, her disdain for all things that have numbers and hands on them is apparent.

She’d like to gather up all her useless, meaningless seconds and save them for their long discussions or movies they enjoy, cash in that allotment for more of the ones she spends in his company.

She doesn’t expect Liza to understand. She never did when her friends got involved with a guy and forgot they had a life before him, but she knows with Lize it’s more than that. She’s been there when there was no David.

“Ah c’mon Lize, you know I’m just falling for this guy, can’t you just be happy with me?

Before Liza can rebut and reassure, Kimmy’s phone bongs, a text from David: “had a great time, how about we shoot for Wednesday next week? “

“Kimmy? Kimber?, hey sweetie are you there?” Liza’s voice comes through worried but amused.

“Um,Yep,right here” Kimmy answers, but she is already gone, counting up the time slowly being taken away from her.


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  1. Is Liza the angel or devil on Kim’s shoulder? I like this friendship, Liza keeping Kim grounded.
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