The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 4)

A new day, a new chapter in our story.

Here is Chapter 4 of  The Love Story of Kimmy & David.


Chapter 4

Anywhere But Here 

Kimmy banged her head on the steering wheel. She had not counted on traffic today. It was supposed to be a straight shot up Tappan Zee Bridge to Liza’s family’s country house in Connecticut. This time of year, it would be empty and that was exactly what she needed. A place to empty her head and luggage, to just sit and stare out a window for a while, she had packed books she wouldn’t read, tops she wouldn’t wear, makeup she would ignore.

Her intentions were good; to sleep and calm down, de-stress and plan her next move. However, from past experience she knew that she would cry more than she counted on, eat more potato chips than her WW points allowed and indulge in chick flicks that should just stay in their pink shiny boxes.

I want to be anywhere but here, Kimmy thought. Coincidentally it was also the song streaming out of her IPod as her blue Highlander inched forward like a person with a walker. This kd Lang song was a old favorite and Kimmy touched the knob, encouraging it to a higher volume and sang

All too often the dreams I’ve dreamed have died, And all too often I’m never satisfied

A chance of freedom, a chance of fate, A chance I’ll take

Oh, leave it all to disappear, I’m heading anywhere but here”

Kimmy, felt the hot tears pinch the side of her eyes, the ducts filling before she could stop them. She was running and she knew it. It was her choice to do this and a few hours ago, standing in her airy apartment dragging the brown alligator bag from her closet and throwing things in it before her brain could protest, she had thought this was the right decision.

David did not love her.

Her shoulders sagged with the realization every single time.

He cared about her deeply and would probably be very sad to know what she had done in a fit of clarity. Chances were he had not opened the envelope she had left for him between the screen and door yet and that was ok. Kimmy was no longer in a rush to make things happen.

Traffic moved and Kimmy put the car in drive, moved a few feet and stopped again. Music was filling up the car, the songs that normally buoyed her mood, lit her smile, and were acting like school bullies, Survivor asking if its love, Nicole Sponberg crazy in love, The Cast of Rent singing about seasons of it and even Elton John reminding her that mama can’t buy it.

They say that some things that start with a bang end with a whimper. In years to come the story of this breakup would be the same one from both sides, and that would be that David did this. But Kimmy and David both knew who was to blame, Kimmy had blinked, called in her bets. David had not folded, instead he offered to put more money in the pot, keep playing but Kimmy had decided that it was all or nothing.

The deal breaker.

As if on cue, Joan Jett was screaming inside the SUV, “I hate myself for loving you” and Kimmy hit the shuffle button, disappointed when she was given the Script singing about hearts not breaking even and then Culture Club asking “do you really want to hurt me?”

“Nope”, she whispered, “I don’t want to anyone to get hurt”.

Up ahead, traffic was rolling, cars cautiously accelerating, and she hit her own gas pedal, one hand on the wheel and the other tapping the IPod, completely ignoring the jingle of her cell phone.

No David. No Liza. No Mom. No distractions.

She was determined to make some decisions on her own this time. Maybe in a few days she’d be able to talk to David, “go somewhere only we know” and articulate her feelings.

As if the universe heard her, Alana Davis serenading her with an anthem of her late 20’s,

I’m not trying to give my life meaning, by demeaning you

and I would like to state for the record,  I did everything that I could do

I am 32 flavors and then some…

And when the tears had stopped flowing down her cheeks, Kimmy saw she was just a mile from her exit. Blinker on, she turned the car in a new direction.


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  1. Music can evoke such powerful emotions and memories. There are still songs from my young, that I can’t listen to.
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