The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 5)

So Kimmy and David…there is chemistry there but Kimmy decided it wasn’t enough and left.

and now it’s more than 2 years later…


(this will be the last installment until next week when I’ll share a chapter once a week) 

Chapter 5


Just about 2 years later….

Last Call!

Mitch came up behind David and slapped him on the back.

“Hey buddy, this is a happy occasion” turning his attention to the bartender he shouted “another round for me and my best friend Teddy!”

Teddy grunted, lined up the shot glasses and turned bottles upside down to fill them with Grey Goose. The clear liquid sloshed into the squat heavy tumblers.

David raised his hands, reached for Mitch and missed, nearly falling over the red seated bar stool he was no longer sitting on.

“No more!” he slurred.  “I surrender” he pleaded with his arms in the air like he was being apprehended.

Mitch’s laugh boomed over the bar, “Davey, man, this is my divorce party.  It’s.Time. To. Drink!” he shouted and drove the point home by grabbing two of the shot glasses. Toasting his best friend he gulped them one after the other then pulled his shirt sleeve over his mouth, erasing the droplets that  had been clinging to his chin.

“OH YEAH!” Mitch bellowed shaking his head from side to side as if  he wanted to rid himself of the vodka he had clearly asked for.

“I think we might be done, buddy.”  David gingerly moved the stool closer and sat down, the bar was swimming in front of his eyes. He laid his hands on the rail trying to steady himself but gave up and laid his head down on his crossed arms.

And moaned.

“Nope, no way.” Mitch scolded as he pried David out of his cat nap “not on my fucking watch old man”

David moaned again.

Mitch let out a low whistle and blew out his cheeks.

“So, this is how it’s gonna be? Here on the eve of the best night of my life? I am finally rid of that demon that calls herself my wife and you’re going to go  all girl on me?” Mitch flashed the wicked grin he always pulled out when he had a full house at the poker table.

David didn’t even try to lift his head; he just talked to the floor, “Oh right, I meant to bump into Liza at that meeting last week? Seriously, why would I go looking for trouble like that?”

Mitch couldn’t argue, couldn’t explain the circumstance of running into the best friend of the girl you left for no good reason, in New Zealand, of all places.

Mitch turned him around, reaching down to not only steady himself but place both hands on David’s shoulders, and breathed his beer soaked breath on his best friend.

“Buddy, she’s getting married, so what? It’ll probably end in divorce” chuckling at his own joke. “Besides when you left her fine ass you told her she wasn’t the one for you”

“She wasn’t supposed to find someone else” David lamented, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his phone.

“Oh hell no” Mitch bellowed grabbing at the phone. “There will be no dialing, drunk or otherwise, you haven’t talked to that girl in almost 2 years” instead it became an elaborate and slightly hysterical dance of David holding his phone in the air and Mitch lunging, grasping at air and breathing heavy as he conceded and flopped onto the stool next to David.

“I just want to hear her voice” David pleaded.

in reality he wanted  a hell of a lot more than that. He wanted to go over there,  knock on her door and kiss her on the mouth before she had a chance to push him away,but for now her voice would do.

“Well I’m not going to sit here and witness your utter demise; she probably doesn’t even remember who you are.” Mitch said as he shuffled over to the group of half dressed women who were still holding out hope of going home with someone else.

David tapped his phone to life, spelled her name and pushed call before he could stop himself.

It rang.



On the third ring just as he was getting ready to hang up after realizing it was almost 3 am, when her sleepy voice found his ear.

And then a moment later.

“David?” a drowsy question, David pictured her wrapped in the sheets, her hair a mess, a diamond sparkling on her left hand.


But she cut him off, shaking off a yawn “Oh my god!” realization hitting “David, has something happened? What’s wrong?”

“Everything. Nothing Um,  I just wanted, I mean, I saw Lize, well I didn’t mean to see her, but I saw her and she told me….”  His voice stalling, losing momentum when he realized how ridiculous he sounded.

“She told me” Kimmy sounded sad and something else, something he couldn’t quite place. “So everything is ok?”

David went to answer, but the booze caught up, the room was spinning, so he managed one sentence,
“No. Nothing is ok.”  He took a deep breath and with a bravery he would not have felt without the benefit of alcohol he forged ahead.  “I love you, don’t marry him Kimmy.”

But before he could hear her  react in any way, David gave in to the spinning and  passed out.


So things are going to get interesting now…

THANK YOU so much for visiting and letting me share this story with you.


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