Chase the Rainbow (Write at the Merge/Studio30Plus/Trifecta)


 LAST TIME with Gunnar and Shelby: 

(read this to get caught up. The following installment takes place immediately after this) 



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The pick-up bounced along the red dirt road, kicking up a steady stream of dust in its wake. Shelby gave up on trying to cat-nap when her head rebounded off the worn leather seats for the third time.

“Gonna hit every single pothole, Gun?” she yawned.

“Jesus, Shelb, you know the roads to your farm are shit, always have been. My daddy’s sick of asking yours to think about paving some of this stretch.”

Shelby snorted, “Like thats ever gonna happen.” Reaching out to tousle his hair, she changed topics, “You need a haircut.”

Gunnar’s chuckled as his hand came up to meet hers tangling their fingers in his curls, ‘Yeah.”

His touch fluttered her heart and some other tender places south of it. Pulling her hand away she shifted and rolled down her window. Breathing in the early morning air she sensed a chill that hadn’t been there a week ago even as she realized that photosynthesis was having its way with the leaves on the giant oak in the front yard. The bursts of red and copper co-mingling within the lush green told her Fall was coming even while Summer lingered like a hazy humid house-guest.

Gunnar slowed as they approached the farm and she smiled when she saw the telltale sign of  her mother’s  plans to can today visible in the mason jars drying on the tips of the property fence.

Anxious to escape she fumbled with the door latch, “Thanks for the ride…”

“Anytime.” He answered winking at her.

“Well…bye?” She said, unsure of how she wanted this to end.

Gunnar turned to lock eyes with her, “So you’re really going? Off to chase the rainbow?”

Shelby felt the flutter again, but held her ground, “Dammit Gun, yes, I’m going. By now you sure as hell know why!”

Eyes twinkling he reached for her, “Yep,  I’ve memorized all your reasons. I was just wondering if you’d consider taking me with you this time?”



writing prompt

 This week , inspired by a quote from Angela for Write At The Merge:
August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.

(Sylvia Plath)


The word of the week for Trifecta is


[from the impossibility of reaching the rainbow, at whose foot a pot of gold is said to be buried] 

:  an illusory goal or hope –



One of the Prompts for Studio30Plus is



Thanks for reading!!!




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  1. Great job with combining prompts. I like this story. I’ll be back for more. Oh, and this line: “Summer lingered like a hazy humid house-guest.” LOVE LOVE this!

  2. KymmInBarcelona says:

    This is such a sweet story, even with the threat of heartbreak around the corner…
    Love the Silvia Plath quote.

  3. Oh, sweet story! Nicely written.


  4. Oooh, he’s really changing her game plan, isn’t he?

  5. Sweet story. I like the little details.

  6. Oh wow! What a cool, gritty story. I sense the beginning of a great story. Write on. And well done.

  7. Like how you’ve captured the swing of the seasons between summer and fall, and that drive the character her to follow her dreams despite feelings for what’s behind.
    Thanks for linking up!

  8. I hadn’t read Gunnar & Shelby before but now I really want to know more. Good job. The story has romance and the promise of adventure.

  9. Hair tousling is always adorable haha

  10. This is SO sweet, and it reads so naturally. Playful and fun. I love it!

  11. You got this line: “Summer lingered like a hazy humid house-guest.” That’s a great line.

    I enjoyed this story. Your way of creating the tension between your characters was very well done. As i grew up in the country, your description of the bumpy road is very familiar.

    I know I’m repeating what others have said, but your dialogue had the just the right “tone” to it..playful, but cautious and uncertain at the same time.

    Last, but not least, you did a good job with both prompts. Not always easy to do:~)

  12. This scene is as perfect as maple syrup. Your rhythm and poetry is well-balanced with tangible characters. Brilliant, brilliantly played!

  13. “His touch fluttered her heart and some other tender places south of it.” And ” photosynthesis was having its way with the leaves”-how cool is that!Needless to say,I love the sweet promising end:-)

  14. Ahh, I wondered if ole Gun was going to angle for an invite to tag along 😉

  15. YESSSS! Please tell me she takes him! Oh Kir, come here so I can bite you! :)

  16. All the different elements came together so well here. I found myself smiling at the tender exchange between Gunnar and Shelby. Very sweet.

  17. What what? Not what I was expecting, and that’s exactly the right thing :) Hello, foxy complication!

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