Proceed with Caution {Write on Edge/Studio30Plus/Trifecta}

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He was a peripheral accent to her world. That is to say, she knew him. She’d spoken to him about their respective children, had laughed at his banal jokes and shared enough eye rolls with him to recognize him in a crowd.

So her mom and best friends would have told her to just walk away. They would have implored her, the same way you plead with a driver to apply the brakes, to turn her head and ignore his mere presence if they’d witnessed the electricity their locked stares generated that night.

But left without those people to intervene or mediate she’d  met his smoldering gaze and felt her inhibitions melt like butter in a hot pan, spreading out and sizzling while reaching into every untouched corner.  His dark eyes asked and she’d answered with a  simple blushed bowing of her own head, a submission to whatever he had in mind.

From across the room she waited, anticipating the change in the character of the room, as he came toward her.

Breath quickened and lips moistened she knew better than to speak, she merely took hold of the hand he offered and followed one step behind until they stood, first in front of and then with a quick swipe of a plastic square, behind an anonymous door.

His hands at the sides of her face made it easy to yield to the instinct of lust. Like an animal that lacked both reason and caution, she allowed herself the simple joy of pleasure, sinking deep into the kisses he tendered.

A sweet memory or a mistake?

All she knew was that every time she thought of him she was reminded of how he’d  tasted like sweet autumn peaches.




Write at the Merge this week was Mandy asking us to

start from scratch, to start something new.

She gave us that prompt along with that picture of gorgeous peaches above.


Trifecta’s word of the week:

3  :  a human being considered chiefly as physical or nonrational; also :  this nature




Studio30Plus has two prompts

one of them I used here:

the other I will be using tomorrow.


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  1. AH.. great to be the first to comment.. you brought passion to life (as expected) and a pity they couldn’t agree in the end. But a lingering taste of peach is better then most..

  2. Oh, nice! I’ve never met a boy who tasted like peaches….

  3. Nice touch with building the excitement. Well done!

  4. mmm. peaches. Nicely done!

  5. I do like how you included the peaches.

  6. sweet autumn peaches :) – great description!

  7. Nice story! For me, it would be awful to have the memory tied to peaches. I really like peaches and it would irritate me that he would always come to mind :)

  8. My, my, my!

    I was so caught up in the build up, the unspoken lust and the passion of this stolen moment. Love the little details like “quick swipe of a plastic square, behind an anonymous door.” And you applied just the right amount of heat. I enjoyed it so much I read it twice. :)

    Very well done, my friend.

  9. KymmInBarcelona says:

    Very sexy story, Kir. Love the autumn peaches, too! They seem to know each other a bit better now, though…

  10. I’m forcing myself to read the posts in order they were submitted (hee hee, submitted) to the S30+ prompts. But I want to rush out and read your view on HURT. Self control. This is what I am (rarely) made of. Love this… Love, love, love!

  11. I like the way she let his hands focus her and block out everything else.

  12. How ’bout that hot pan metaphor. Smokin’.

  13. Why are you NOT published yet? No one can write a clean, steamy scene like you can. No one.

  14. sexy, sexay!

  15. Hmmm…. Intriguing.

  16. I love your worlds.. steamy. That sizzling butter spreading to every untouched corner is great! Add a smoldering gaze and kisses that taste of peaches and I don’t want to leave. Nice, Kir!

  17. Really great opening, Kir. I like how you set the stage at the beginning, then showed us how he went from being ordinary, peripheral, to smoldering and something memorable. Nice job!

  18. I was really afraid this was going somewhere dark (because of so many of the other pieces this week), but it turned out sweet and almost innocent. Nice build-up.

  19. Wow. This is way hot. I love how you use the melting butter metaphor and how you carried it to an extreme. Clever clue. Very cool writing.

    • says:

      HI YOU. :)
      I need to come over and say hi.
      Glad you liked the butter metaphor and thanks for this visit. I do love when you find your way here.

  20. I love this. You captured so much emotion and power in this scene. Well done. And great job combining those prompts.

  21. Thanks for linking up! Be sure to come back and vote for your favorites.

  22. So naughty! Melted butter. Mmm hmm. Way to go with the three-fer too.

  23. You make the gray areas so tempting, Kir.

  24. You captured the scene so well in the words. Enjoyed your piece.


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    Proceed with Caution Write on Edge/Studio30Plus/Trifecta

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