Bring on the Heartache {The Path You Choose} (Master Class/Studio30Plus)

Carrie (because she’s awesome!) let me have a little break this weekend and so here we are on Tuesday with our latest installments of THE PATH YOU CHOOSE(they are all HERE courtesy of Carrie).

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Gabby sat across from Seth and wished she could reach over and smooth his furrowed brow, but she didn’t dare. Ever since Libby and Trent had discovered them last week, Seth had been skittish and moody. But every time she tried to broach the subject of why she hadn’t mentioned him to Libby yet he just shut her down and told her it was no big deal.

She knew better.

She watched him slash the paper he was holding with his favorite red pen and let out a low almost entertained whistle, “ listen to this…” He said pushing his reading glasses up to the top of his brown curls, “…’he dipped his mouth to hers as the black shroud of night had just begun to lift, later he made his way through the ironbound doors of the monastery’s inner gate to repent for his sins’. Complete plagiarism of a fine literary work! Now, I have to decide whether to just call him on this or give him the F he deserves.”

“Be nice…” she said from her corner of the couch, smiling inwardly at how much she knew he was enjoying teaching again. At her gentle urging he had hired an extra bartender for two nights a week and had taken an adjunct position this semester.

“I am being nice! This kid is constantly testing my patience and, and! stealing from other writers a hell of a lot more talented than he is.” Seth said stabbing the air with the pen. “Although you gotta hand it to him, he does filch from the most obscure books. Maybe I should give him credit for being extra sneaky.” Gabby laughed as she saw him scrawl a D on the top of the paper and then toss it and the pen to the edge of the couch.

“C’mere baby.” He said, reaching for her. Happily surprised Gabby closed the book she hadn’t been reading anyway and scooted over to his arms. The butterflies swarmed in her tummy as he kissed the tip of her nose and pushed the hair away from her face.

“Sorry I’ve been such a grump the past few days.”

“I understand…”

“You shouldn’t have to understand, Bree.” He said, still placing kisses on various parts of her face, then moved to her neck as his fingers worked their way under her tank top. “I just have a lot on my mind.” He added pushing her down into the cushions.

Gabby almost let herself get lost in the moment, until she realized what time it was. Gently she eased his hands away and sat up.

“I gotta go, remember?”

His eyes clouded, “Oh. Right.”

“I’m sorry, but I really have to be seen at this one. The whole clan is going to be there.” She  got up and starting stuffing her feet into her shoes.

Seth was quiet as she made her way around him, couriering empty glasses and used dishes to the sink, as the intimacy of the room dissipated.

Gabby hooked her bag over her shoulder and glanced at Seth who was still sitting on the edge of the couch.

“I’ll call you later?”

“Sure, whatever.” He answered and stood up.

Gabby felt the bottom of her stomach drop, “Seth, I’m sorry for not telling Libby about you, but it’s not because I don’t care about you, I do. I lov…”

He sighed, “Bree, you have to go, the Taylor’s wouldn’t want you to be late. ”

“Yeah.” She nodded, wishing away the guilty tears welling in her eyes and put her hand on the doorknob.

“Hey.” He said and she turned around to see him holding her diamond between his fingers. “Forgetting something?”


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  1. The tension here is great, it lends itself well to the intensity of Gabby and Seth’s relationship.

  2. Okay, WHEN did Seth become a teacher??? I thought the guy just ran his family business… You’d think I’d know this little tidbit :p

    Oh and that dangling of the diamond was a real kick in the teeth. I don’t think Seth is all that upset about her not telling Libby. I think it’s the fact she is STILL going forward with her engagement.

    Great piece this week Kir, wasn’t expecting this.

  3. I’m gonna have to go back and read what happened before this scene. Talk about delicious tension! I love this.

  4. You weave an enchantment here, and the unexpected ending was fabulous!! I’ve missed some of these so I have a lot of catching up to do. I really love the series. Thanks for participating in Master Class this week.

    I also adore the tidbit about plagiarism and the book being obscure. That was a nice touch to making the prompt fit.

  5. This is really getting great. I hope you keep pushing this story, and the envelope. I can’t wait to find out how everything will come smashing down. (Because I know it will, it always does) Great job Kir!

  6. I feel so sorry for Seth.

  7. What an awesome take on the prompt that took most of us to graveyards and evil monasteries. Your characters are nicely developed and believable. I love the way you write about love. I’m sure you’ve heard that before and will hear it again! :) The ending to this is a stunner. Nice work.

  8. Ouch. The ring was like a punch in the gut. I hope she will drop the charade and call of the engagement…Seth deserves that at least :)


  1. […] Kirsten took a little liberty with the prompt and used it as a writing assignment for her newly hired teacher in the ongoing The Path You Choose (a collaboration with Carrie of Muse Unleashed) romance. I loved her creative use of the prompt! […]

  2. […] Kirsten took a little liberty with the prompt and used it as a writing assignment for her newly hired teacher in the ongoing The Path You Choose (a collaboration with Carrie of Muse Unleashed) romance. I loved her creative use of the prompt! […]
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