The Love Story of Kimmy & David (The Chapter That Should Have Been First)

So here is the problem with taking something you’ve written and trying to put it in any kind of order for the reader. You’re going to MISS SOME. This is one of those times my friends, but today, I’m going to make it up to you….this piece should be Chapter 1, coming between What The Doughnut Saw and the morning after.


This is how Kimmy met her David and it’s worth a read.


“This is absolutely the last time I let Liza pick the venue for my birthday”

Kimmy stuck the skinny straw of her peach Bellini in the corner of her mouth and sipped.
She looked around the dark bar, eyes settling on the dance floor in the middle where everyone was enjoying her party; bodies bumping and grinding, couples pairing off, music pounding people into a good mood.

Kimmy thought about the fact that she had enough ex boyfriends to start her own baseball team, but no one here to whisper “make a wish” in her ear tonight.

Stag at her 27th birthday party.

Liza caught her pity party from across the dance floor and raised her drink in acknowledgement and blew her a kiss that Kimmy pretended to catch with an enthusiasm she didn’t feel.

Instead, she adjusted the blue off the shoulder sweater that made her eye color pop, set her drink on the bar and started to hoist herself up on a stool. Of course, in her rush to sit down, her favorite black stiletto caught in the rungs pitching her forward.

Shame flamed Kimmy’s cheeks as she realized she was heading face first to the filthy floor, when she felt a pair of strong arms gripping hers. Before she could react she was sitting up and looking up into the brownest eyes she’d ever seen.

“Whoa, easy Calhouness” the eyes said, or maybe it was a voice but she couldn’t tell, she was too busy drowning in the pools of chocolate.

“Oh I’m fine.” She blurted, finding her voice. “Thanks for catching me. I’m such a klutz.”

The eyes shined with amusement, “No problem. I like that in a woman.”

Kimmy thinking he was kidding answered, “Oh. Really?”

Brown Eyes chuckled, “Sure, makes that whole “knight in shining armor” thing a lot easier.”

Kimmy blushed and was readying a racy comeback when a hand came down on the shoulder of her handsome new friend.

Mitch Black, a man Kimmy had never met before tonight, was pounding Brown Eyes on the back.

“Buddy! You made it! And I see you met the Birthday Girl” Mitch winked seductively at Kimmy.

Brown eyes locked on her blue ones, “So, you’re Kimmy?”

“In the flesh.” she quipped back, crossing her legs, choosing seduction over comfort.

“You’re pretty.” he offered, a statement or an afterthought?

Kimmy‘s cheeks burned, refusing the compliment, while secretly praying he’d say it again.

But he didn’t get the chance because Mitch was dragging him toward the opposite end of the bar, droning on and on about “all the hot chicks at this party”.

Kimmy sighed and turned back to her drink, annoyed that her favorite gift had just been hijacked.

“Figures” she muttered to no one but herself.

She was signaling the bartender, trying to decide between another Bellini and a Cosmo, when she felt a hand at that small of her back.

Flustered and thinking it was another of her touchy feeling friends; she swung her body around and right into the muscular chest of Brown Eyes.


“Oh! Crap, sorry. ” she apologized, trying so hard not to stare.

He had blond hair, cut short with a light wave, an impish grin on a face full of sharp angles and those eyes that reminded her of chocolate kisses.

His amused expression brought her back to the present, her brain swimming with what she’d missed.

“Did you say something?”

“Just wanted to come over and say goodbye, Birthday Girl.”

“You’re leaving? Already?” Kimmy didn’t even try to hide her disappointment.

“Yeah, I have a big day tomorrow; I just came by to see Mitch. Show my face, you know?”

“Oh well,  it was nice to meet you…” Kimmy’s voice trailed off as she considered calling him Brown Eyes.

“It’s David. My name’s David”

“Well, it was  really nice to meet you, David.” Kimmy smiled, putting emphasis on his name. Then David was gone, the door to the bar swinging closed behind him.

Kimmy watched him go, felt the the wind blowing back. She’d thought her night would be as uneventful as the last 26 years had been for her.

She was wrong.


I really appreciate you coming by, hope you’re having a good week!


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