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 “We could take in a quick bite at the restaurant at the end of the universe.”

Gabby nursed a gin and tonic and tried not to eavesdrop.

“It’s from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.”

“Is that a movie?” The big doe eyes of Misty Bell registered puzzlement and Gabby tried not to snort the alcohol out of her nose.

“No it’s from a book…” the handsome campaign volunteer tried to explain to Misty Bell. Misty Bell, oldest daughter of Gladys and Chamberlain Bell and their old, old, old money, but even all that cash didn’t ensure smarts as was evidenced by the way confusion was pulling down the corners of Misty’s perfect pout.

But t was exactly the kind of inside  joke that she and Seth would have shared and kept going all afternoon. Gabby tried to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes as she flashed back to the last few minutes she’d had with him today. Remembering him standing there with her diamond perched between his fingers took her breath away and not in a good way, because she also remembered how she’d marched over snatched the bauble from him, jammed it on her finger and stomped out the door without a word.

Who’s the idiot now?” she asked herself and looked down at her 2 carat mistake, adjusting it so it sat at the center of her finger. She hadn’t spoken to Stephen since they’d arrived together; but that was nothing new. Lately, they were just a photo op while he was off making friends and influencing voters.  And where the hell was Justine? Wasn’t this was supposed to be the last function she’d attend before she and Liam headed back to London?

“Well, hello dear. Let me admire that gorgeous ring with you.” Speak of the devil; Gladys Bell had stumbled over on her way back to the bar for a refill. She grabbed Gabby’s hand and after taking a good long look, pulled her towards her. “So you’re going to be the First Lady of New York?” she stage whispered with venom in her voice.

Gabby suddenly remembered Stephen telling her that Misty had been a summer fling a few years back. “Looks that way.” Gabby acknowledged flashing one of her thousand watt smiles. “I’m so proud of all Stephen’s accomplished already; it will be an honor to be at his side when he takes office.”

Mrs. Bell sniffed and lurched away, “ Always nice talking to you, Gabrielle.”

Jesus, was this what life was going to be like from now on? An endless parade of people whispering vile things into her ears while smiling at her face and her husband off saving the state until his own minions  starting whispering about seeking  the White House? Gabby almost fainted on the spot when she thought about the scrutiny that she and her family, oh dear God , her family, would incite once Stephen took office.

“I need another drink.” She thought . Which reminded her of Seth and his lean arms wiping down a bar with one hand and pouring a martini with the other.

Faintly lifting her empty glass to one of the waiters, she nodded and was  was adjusting  the neckline of her gown when Stephen caught her eye from across the room. Making the universal sign for “I’m sorry but I’m going to be here awhile”  he winked at her and turned back to Bud’s cronies.

Relief swept over her when she was suddenly aware  she could leave and no one would miss her now. So without thinking she deposited her empty glass on an empty table and scurried, as fast as she could in these shoes, toward the door. Looking back only once to confirm what she knew.

She never saw Bud witness her escape.

Outside she took in the night air and raised her hand for a taxi.

Seth opened the door a fraction of an inch and looked surprised to see her.



“You look nice.”

“Thanks. “ Gabby answered, not knowing what else to say, when all she really wanted to do was apologize for acting the way she had. She thought of Misty Bell.

“Hey, are you hungry?” she asked.

The corners of Seth’s mouth inched up “A little…”

Gabby flashed another of her thousand watt smiles, “Well, we could take in a quick bite at the restaurant at the end of the universe.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I must admit that I like Seth better than Stephan. You write her emotional turmoil very well here. It’s easily related to.

    You used the lines masterfully!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great job using the prompt for Master Class! I must admit I’ve been stumped on that.

    I love that she didn’t notice Bud noticing her leaving. I think Gabby’s two worlds are going to come crashing together soon!

  3. The line about not seeing Bud witness her escape is great foreshadowing of turmoil that is sure to come.

  4. I love this! I think that your use of the line not only fits well with the piece but captures that silliness that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide. Great job!

  5. I really like how you wove in the quote in this episode. They were perfect conversation elements.


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  2. […] was Kir‘s submission, a continuation of her collaborated series “The Path You Choose”, […]
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