Just Say the Word (Write on Edge: Studio30Plus: Trifecta)

Previously with Shelby & Gunnar :


Shelby pushed into the apartment, deposited her backpack and made her way toward the intoxicating smell of sweet marinara and garlic bread. Leaning against the door jamb she took in Gunnar hovering over a pot brandishing a wooden spoon and humming along to a country music station.

“Hey cowboy.”

Startled he looked up but a smile spread across his face. “Hey.”

His tan was fading and this place seemed like a sweater in the right color but wrong size for him, it simply didn’t fit. In fact she  probably wouldn’t blame him if he grabbed his boots and moseyed home, this was her dream after all, but she kinda liked having him around.

“Whatcha cookin?” she asked wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Ah, my girlfriend the smart-ass.” He teased.  “How’s my favorite grad student today?”

Shelby sighed and plopped into a chair, “The test was hard.”

Gunnar turned the gas off under the sauce and turned toward her. “I’m sure you aced it.”

Shelby shrugged and picked at the garlic bread.

“Well let’s see if I can make your day a little better.” He said pulling a present from under the table.

“What’s that?” she grinned.

He ripped the paper revealing a picture of the night sky over her parent’s fence, countless stars lighting up the inky atmosphere. Shelby swore she could smell the grass and hear the chirping crickets.


“Oh Gun…”

“You know we’ve been here nine months today?  I figured the only thing we really missed about home was the view.”

Shelby chewed the inside of her cheek, “You hate it here.”

“I do…” he confessed kissing her nose, “but I love you.”

Shelby’s eyes welled with the enormity of his admission.

She stood and leaned into him.

Stay.”  She mouthed against his chest.

The picture above is one of the two lovely picture prompts that WRITE on EDGE is offering this week, along with a sweet spirited opportunity to “VOTE” for your favorite pieces. Come on by and WRITE WITH US!!!!! 


Prompt: WORD 




ASS. (enough said???)

3. (adverb/adjective) often vulgar—often used as a postpositive intensive especially with words of derogatory implication – See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.0VdP4uns.dpuf

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  1. I hope this relationship works out but it’s so unbalanced

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      only because she believes her own hype, she grew up with him, in the same town. She doesn’t believe he will ever belong anywhere but Tioga County, but maybe she’s wrong….*wink*

    • That’s an interesting perspective. I’ve been absent from the prompts for quite a while because life got busy, so this is my first intro to these two.

  2. Gorgeous use of the prompt. One day you will have to fill in the blanks between her reluctant inclusion of a part of her past with that heavy whisper of “stay” :)

  3. Love! And I love that you turned the photo into a painting. It really is a beautiful view.

  4. Okay, link me up to the other installments. Damn sexy, a man cooking and a country fed boy at that. Pass me my boots and hat.

  5. There is a very comfortable space with these two. The dialogue sounds very natural.

  6. I’ve been wondering what these two have been up to. I’m happy Shelby left her small town for school. And what a bonus that Gunnar went with her. I didn’t imagine that scenario. Wonderful. I know there’s trouble ahead, but in the meantime they’re making it work. Terrific use of the prompt photo. Really well done!

  7. I love LaTonya’s comment. :-) That picture is just lovely, and your story complements it beautifully. A great gift idea! Thanks for linking up, Kir.

  8. Man…these sorts of relationships, when I’ve been in them, had me running for the nearest hill. Yes, I am a recovering committment-phobe! Fortunately, I get swept up in the romances that you create, so I get to work on some of those issues anyway!

  9. You’ve got them settled in so sweetly! Love the line about only missing the view.
    One thing threw me – grad student? I had them pegged as fresh out of high school.

  10. Your word is stay. I love your word. I once whispered “please don’t go” and the result was a totally change in my life. I don’t regret saying those words. I hope Shelby will never regret hers…

    Thanks for playing!

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      Shelby is never ever going to regret saying that word. It’s just going to take her a little time to figure that out.

      I love words that change your life, that’s what words should do. SO glad your change was a happy one.


  11. What a cool gift to give someone, and what a clever use of the WOE prompt, Kir! I’d love to know more about this couple too-and I’d love to have Gunnar’s marinara recipe;)

  12. So lovely!

  13. Oh, boy! I can’t even guess what will happen next. What an odd relationship they seem to have.

  14. I’m not familiar with these two, but this sweet little taste makes me eager to read previous installments. This is my absolute favorite line:

    “I do…” he confessed kissing her nose, “but I love you, so I’m staying.”

    Hoping that love is enough for these two. I’m sensing a rough road ahead but, for now, I’ll bask in the romance of this exchange. Sigh.

  15. I like how you turned the photo into a painting. Nice twist.

    Concrit: I’m new to these two, having been mostly offline lately, so I was a bit confused how Gun could misinterpret her reaction and why she’d have to ask him to stay because the man made it clear he was going to stay in the previous statement. Like I said, I don’t know the baggage she has, so it could just be that.

    The only other thing is most fridge’s are tucked into kitchens so tightly, in between counters and walls, that you can’t reach behind them. The side of the fridge, yes, but not behind. I realize this isn’t always true, but it was just enough to make my brain stop and go through the logistics of pulling something from behind a fridge (yeah, I’m weird).

    Your words and descriptions are lovely, and you have grown so much as a writer since the early days. The opening was very strong–I could smell the garlic and marina–and now i want Italian food.

    I love how Gunnar admitted he hated where they live, but didn’t care.

  16. Oh, he is tooo good.
    And now I was spaghetti. With lots of garlic bread.

    Great peek at the two, Kir,


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