What Can I Get Ya, Hon? {Write On Edge/Trifecta/Studio30Plus}

 Photo/quote courtesy of Write On Edge

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“Who am I ?” she asks the mirror, flicking a soft brush of pink up the length of her cheekbone.

Ruby red gloss slides across her bottom lip as she hums along to the songs

I am 32 flavors and then some

She could be anyone.

All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players

Sweet enough to tickle a tongue

I’m your hell, I’m your dream

tart enough to purse a mouth.


With every click of her heels, she sidesteps the cracks along the sidewalk; her small clutch balancing her stride, the point of her stiletto avoiding the deep gouge of the potholes.

She wears her face in the latest styles:

A warm smile here,

Averted eyes there.

A carefully placed smirk or eye roll followed by

A deliberate eye lock.


An angel today.

A devil yesterday.

Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing

Repentance last week, retribution tomorrow.

Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice

A neon sign beckons and for a moment there will be nothing a martini can’t fix.

The barmaid chews a swizzle straw, tucks it inside her cheek to quip:

“The special today is a Zombie.”

Sometimes there is freedom in never knowing who you really are inside.

Her voice fills the air, unsettles her when she hears it, as if she is never quite certain of the way she’ll sound.

I’m every woman, it’s all in me 

“Yes,” she nods, “Make it a double.”




writing prompt

This week for Write on Edge it was all about the many faces of us, seeing things in new way, a new light.

The beautiful picture and quote at the top of this piece is courtesy of them.

Who knew CRAZY TRAIN could sound like that?


Trifecta asked us to use the word ZOMBIE

as in the Drink.



Studio 30Plus had two words:
I took a little liberty with SPEAK, but I think you get the point.


Also, thanks for Ani, Rush, Meredith Brooks, Goyte, Stevie Nicks and Chaka Khan for the lyrics.

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  1. I love this! I am this. A perfect portrayal of everywoman. “She wears her face in the latest styles.” That is awesome.

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      YAY, I’m so glad. I didn’t want it to be disjointed or hard to “get” but I also wanted to show that she doesn’t even really know herself sometimes.

      SO glad you liked this, truly. Thank you Renee.

  2. I think I’m sensing more behind the scenes. Maybe it’s the season, but I’m feeling a little creep in there. Like maybe she is shifting and changing or stealing another person’s identity or form. I like it.

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      you’re right, just the opposite way.
      She is hurt, she is hiding, she is sad. Trying to be smiley, happy, contented with people who hurt her, disappoint, etc.

      but I’m so glad you liked it. :)

  3. I can feel her need! Enjoyed this.

  4. Love this, Kir. She is totally kickassing her way through what’s holding her down, and she is so gonna get there.
    Kir! Potholes!!!
    The interspersed lyrics are way cool, too.

  5. This was great Kir, lovely, poetic, a little harsh. A perfect cocktail. I particularly enjoyed your use of contradictions.

  6. Seamless use of all the prompts, Kir. I could see her walking in those stilettos. For a moment there is nothing a martini (or zombie) can’t fix. Good line. Coincidentally today in yoga we were offered a short instruction on finding our true selves through our regular practice. I like the timing of the Write at the Merge prompt. And I love what you did with it. I feel sorry for her, but she’s searching. So well done.

  7. This is a brilliant portrait of a character, Kir!

  8. Awesome entry, Kir! Loved it.

  9. Love the dichotomy you create in your character here. There is a question in the reader’s mind which, if either, is to be believed. I think she is also asking herself that. That comes across really well. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Cool lady.. but still is there a void in that character somewhere… very good.

  11. Like that this feels a bit disjointed and I love the interspersed lyrics. I don’t think this woman even knows herself fully, but then again, do any of us?

    Good job!

  12. Kir, this is f*cking awesome! I think EVERY woman has felt this way at some point in her life. I certainly have.

    Such beautiful lines–too many to copy here. I am constantly in awe of your poetic storytelling prowess. To put it simply: You rock, my friend!

  13. Wonderful imagery. Where you wrote about the sidewalk cracks, it made me think of the childhood rhyme about “breaking your mother’s back.” It was like she was tiptoeing through life.

  14. This is a great use of the prompts. Intriguing. Extraordinary.

  15. I enjoyed this. I’d love to know more about your character… 😉


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