How I Remember Us {Carpe Diem Haiku)


A favorite word 

that conjures the intimate 

memory of you. 


My writer friends Bjorn and the innerzone write beautiful haiku daily for Carpe Diem Haiku 
The word today was EMBRACE

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About Kir

Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Kirsten
    delightful sentiment that keeps one warm on a chilly eve

    • says:

      Thank you so much for just stopping by and reading me.
      I am so happy you enjoyed this.

  2. Very nice.. and I like that you follow us into this world

    • says:

      I’m thinking Mon-Fri, I’ll try to hang out with the cool kids.
      I actually loved writing for this, it’s challenging and fun.

  3. Welcome at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Kirsten what a joy to read this first entree for this daily haiku meme written by you. Welcome in this loving family of haiku poets from all over the globe. I am your host hope to see you here again. I love to encourage you in writing haiku and share them with our Haiku Kai (Kai btw means group).

    • says:

      hello and thank you so much for such a WARM, Wonderful welcome.
      I don’t know if I will be writing every day, but I am going to do my best to.

      This Haiku Kai is such an incredible place for writers, thank you so much.

  4. This is really beautiful! I would say…my favourite I have read on this prompt :)

    • says:

      Oh my, thank you. THANK YOU. I enjoyed writing for this very much and to have such a nice comment is just the icing on the cake.

      hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. This feels so intimate, so secretive. But, in a good way.

    • says:

      thank you..that is exactly what I wanted to bring across. I love that word “embrace”…for whatever reason.
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