The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 7)

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Here is where I left off with the love story: with David’s  3am call…



Liza adjusted the tiara on her head, her shiny chestnut hair making room for it like it belonged there. She leaned into the mirror and wiped lipstick from the corner of her mouth.

She yelled into the dressing room, “Kimber, I totally think that bridesmaids should wear crowns”, practicing her queen wave for the mirror.

“Yep, I’m sure you do” Kimmy stage whispered back, “but you know that only the bride wears one, and I’m the bride.” 

Kimmy heard Liza snort.

“Hey! I heard that. ” Kimmy said trying not to smile and pulled back the curtain, revealing herself to her best friend.

Liza gasped then Oohed and Ahhed her way around Kimmy.

“Oh my god, Kim, that dress is, well,  it’s, I mean WOW! You look stunning…”

Kimmy sighed happily and stared at herself in the full length mirror. The cap sleeves, the cinched bodice. A dress the color of her grandma’s pearls, an overlay of appliqué with tiny delicate flowers marching to the bottom and all along the train. She felt like a princess.

Not willing to break the moment, both girls leaned together and  tried to catalog this moment, burning it into the scrapbook of their history.

Kimmy was so lost in reverie she didn’t even think about the repercussions when she blurted, “Did I tell you that David called?”

She watched Liza eyes flash in the glass, the smile lighting her face seconds ago was  gone.

Kimmy realizing she had miscalculated, wished all her words back.

“Lize…” she started

But Liza rolled her eyes and turned to face her, “I knew he would. God why did I have run into him?”

“Well maybe it was a sign.” Kimmy said, her voice just a squeak.

“A sign? A sign!” Liza said in a voice that was climbing in volume  “of course, you’d think it was a sign! Of what? Impending doom,the end of happiness as we know it, please tell me what could David being back in your life be.a.sign.of?” She spat, watching the words find their mark.

Kimmy’s silence and tear filled eyes just fueled Liza’s anger “What the HELL does he want?”

Kimmy smoothed her bodice, running her hands along the flowers and then let her hands rest at her hips,  “He asked me not to marry Marco. He said he loves me”.

“Jesus.” Liza  said right before she flung the tiara from her head in the general direction of Kimmy. “We’re here to settle on a dress for your wedding, Kimmy. Your wedding to Marco, remember him?”

Liza looked possessed, “2 years, Kimber, 2 Goddamn years! He had a lifetime to tell you whatever he wanted to. Now four months before your wedding, he decides he loves you. I wish I’d never seen him, I should have known he’d pull this shit now.”

She waited for words, something from Kimmy. Some small sign that she wasn’t talking to herself, but when she looked into those big blue eyes all she could see was sweet Kimmy, 8 years old, 12 years old, 18 and 29 years old; naïve and trusting, convinced of the pureness of other people’s words and a hopeless romantic at heart.

This was a disaster.

The wheels in her mind were already working overtime to stop this runaway train wreck just as a thought was dawning on her.

Liza, suspicious now, asked a question she wasn’t sure she wanted answered, “Kimmy, when are meeting him?”

“Liza, please try to understand” she begged.

Liza held her hand up, stopping the conversation.


“Tomorrow. For lunch” Kimmy said, her face resembling a deflated balloon.

Liza lunged and Kimmy cupped her face like she had been slapped. Liza hadn’t hit her but the digust on her face smarted like a palm smacking her cheek. . Kimmy clutched her middle, waves of nausea and shame forcing her body into an overstuffed chair in the dressing room. She put her face in her hands, brushing at the tears that were now coursing down her face.

She waited for Liza to keep yelling or try to convince her not to go, while half of her hoped her best friend would just sit down next to her and calmly tell her it was all going to be okay.

Instead, Liza grabbed her purse and without a word, turned on her heel, leaving her best friend sobbing  in her wedding dress.



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  1. Well you know I’m reading it!

  2. That was very intense. Wow… I do not want to make Liza mad.

    • says:

      oh she forgives, right now she is just frustrated with the gullible, romantic Kimmy. (but there really isn’t a story without the angst)
      thank you for visiting. :)

  3. Liza sure did react strongly. Not sure that meeting up with a past love is a good idea when engaged, but it will make for a twisty story, I’m sure!

  4. Wondering how its going to end!

    • says:

      so glad you like this story…I love going back to it to rewrite it and seeing people enjoy it. Hope you’ll keep coming back Libby.

      you made my day. THANK YOU.
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