What A Fool Believes {Write on Edge/Studio30Plus}

The warmth spread up my spine, hugging one vertebrae and then another, enveloping me in a cocoon of hopeful expectation.

Blue eyes met brown, fingertips brushed and our bodies began an intimate satellite of each other, senses sizzling, crackling with a force so powerful that it spun my head until I heard the slight, distinctive tinkle of connection like magnets when they find one another.


Days later, Verizon facilitating, I heard, rather than saw, the smile light your face.

Something was coming.

With the intuition of a brightly scarfed clairvoyant I saw the future.

The glass clouded, the earth moved and my hand shook in my effort to warn, plead, implore.

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”

Trusting invisible cables to carry my message of caution, I sat in a haze of quiet, still expectation, while my extremities tingled with impatience for the dam to break or hold.


But your intentions spilled without a hesitant pause, your feelings so clear they pierced my heart, bringing tears to my eyes.

Belief flooded my insides, buckling my knees.

I should have known, only a fool believes.

Three words you never meant.

Three words meant to injure, hurt and debase when you snatched them back.

Our leap impeded by your parachute for one, nothing to hold me but the air.



Write On Edge is getting ready for the Publication of the 2nd edition of Precipice on October 22nd.

(and on Tuesday, I’ll be a published author)

so Angela picked two glorious  words to prompt us:
Anticipation and Leap.




Studio 30Plus this week had two wonderful prompts this week too:
Weapon and Tinkle

Thanks so much for stopping by to read , hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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  1. Your writing is like silk Kir, and that last line…parachute for one…oh my stars. Piercing!

    I was going to wish you a happy weekend-but then I realized it’s only Thursday! Tomorrow then, my friend! :)

  2. Believing in something doesn’t make the believer a fool…

  3. Like Valerie, that last line, that was perfection. I adore the use of the phone. *ping*

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      AND magnets coming together. 😉

      I heard the ping, so I figured I better use it.

      thank you for coming over to read it. (and your Trifecta piece, wow Renee, you are talented! )

  4. Oh gosh, this aches so bad and only a writing as effective as yours can bring it in the open…nothing to hold me but air – was the best line, tying it all … lovely, heartbreaking piece!

  5. “A parachute for one…” that says it all.

  6. The feeling of passion in your stories just keeps building!

  7. “Three words you never meant” – this line hit hard. It does hurt when the sayer of the words doesn’t put the same value in them as the other person.

  8. So nice, I love that magnetic ping and crackle. And I’m looking forward to reading your piece in Precipice 13!

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