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He ran, cutting through the fields behind the school, the weeds and long grass slicing his bare legs. He ran, with his heart pounding, blood pulsing and his lungs ready to explode in his chest, but he could still hear the jeers.

Looking up into the crowd to calm his nerves, his eyes had settled on a mop of blonde curls,  eyes of crystal blue and lips painted cherry red.

She’d winked at him, a delicious slow execution that caused his focus to shift for a millisecond. Not long enough to satisfy him, but just long enough to cause his fingers to fumble against the stitch marks. The ball left his hand effortlessly and sailed toward the basket, but that second of damage was done. It veered a centimeter off course and banked off the rim.

Before the swift swell of a collective boo from the fans or the noisy buzzer of the time clock could reach his ears, his humiliation pushed him from the court and out into the chill.

He stopped when he reached the clearing at the far end of the field. His breath coming in small painful gasps he put his hands on his knees to stop the pulse beating in his ears.

He never heard her approach.

“Hi.”  A voice purred.

Jumping back, he quickly looked left then right to see where the tease was coming from.

“I liked watching you.” The voice continued.

Squinting in the direction of it he shook as a pair of crystal blue eyes lit up the dark.

“Who are you?”

The eyes danced while her features slowing came into focus one by one.

He didn’t know if it was the temperature or the eyes that chilled him.

“Do I know you?”

The curls shook while her cherry mouth broke into a smile that made him dizzy.

Nails as red as if she had dipped them in blood reached for him.

Her touch tingled on his skin.

“Not yet.” She purred.




This week for the Write at the Merge:

This week – whether memoir or poem, fiction or creative non fiction – we invite you to write a story to send a tingle down our collective spines. In 400 words or less.

Write something that could be told around a popping, crackling fire. Or bubbling cauldron.



the word of the week:


 3 (verb) to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting “Boo” slowly



Studio 30Plus:

Words of the WEEK:

Red and Mask 



for your viewing pleasure

My very own Giants Player (Giovanni)


and King Peter of Narnia (Jacob)


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  1. And you can write a good ghost story.

    • says:

      oh I don’t know about that, but I do love that you came over to read it.
      I am on my way over to your blog.

  2. I am still shivering-what an end with chilling possibilities KIr;-)Happy Halloween to you & your’s:-)

  3. Sexy and scary. A fun thriller for Halloween.

  4. Maybe I’m just spooked ’cause it’s Halloween, but I think he needs to get away from her and fast :)

    Hope you have a fun Halloween with your kiddos!

  5. Great story, Kir – Happy Halloween dear!

  6. Brings to mind a human version of the Cheshire Cat. He was creepy too…

  7. Definitely spine-tingling, I’m feeling sorry for our sportsman here! Thanks for linking up!

  8. KymmInBarcelona says:

    I’m with Tara: Scarily sexy, sexily scary. That delicious, slow execution!

    (note that ‘boo’ should be a verb for Trifecta, though)

  9. Oh you sexy little vixen. To write this, like this can only mean one thing: you have had this effect on men yourself. Purrrr! 😉

  10. I have a feeling she is wearing a mask as well, even though it isn’t mentioned. Poor guy.

  11. Nice! I really liked the line about his pulse beating in his ears. That is perfect!
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