A Glimpse of Me {Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday}

I brought Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday over to my fiction blog this week because there is an important post on The Kir Corner about Thanksgiving, Helping Hands & Hearts and Being Awesome. Once you’re done here, I’d love for you to visit that post and do what you can to make sure families in need have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY.



Now onto the Countdown. (Wait was I just channeling Casey? )

This week Jen has said, “Free SPIN!” “DEALER’S Choice!” “You MAKE THE CALL!”

and for a day or two I gave it a lot of thought.

Themes, genres, how much VANILLA could you take?

But in the end, I turned my iPod in the kitchen and I wrote down the first six songs that played on Shuffle.

How I go from Pop, to Dance, to Ballads in the space of 20 minutes of so.

Songs that rev me up, dance me around the kitchen and then bring me to hot salty tears. New songs making their melodies on my heart, old songs bringing me sweet (most of the time) memories.

I’m naming this  Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday mix:
Glimpses of Me: 


My Skewed View


Oh my lady P!nk, if I’m not playing her, Adele is playing instead. This is a song from her newest album, THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE and I count it among my favorites. This is the song that I bang on the counters to, the one where I channel gracious anger and of course when she sings “F*&% it, take everything!”  it’s my favorite part.


P!nk : Timebomb


The smooth voice of John Legend. My husband tells me (often) that he really thinks there is a very soulful, spiritual and opinionated (and beautiful!) black woman inside me. Maybe a past life? Because Patti LaBelle, Aretha, Whitney, and John Legend?…oh my, I do love those harmonies and melodies.

This is recent song from a recent movie (that John Legend did not appear in) but it doesn’t matter, this song makes me feel sexy and soulful.

John Legend: Tonight (Best You Ever Had)

So Sirius/XM radio is the reason I know about Gin. One song and I was hooked, have downloaded her albums and just love her voice. She reminds me of Adele, Duffy, a British P!nk and I love those women.


This song is just 3 minutes of fun and rhythm and snark. I love snark.

Come for the lyrics, stay for the horns (OH how I adore horns!) in the second bridge.

Gin Wigmore: Man Like That

So I’m in my 40’s. (Can you tell?) I was raised in a house with a radio on and car with a radio on at all times. So this song by Poco brings me right back to 38 Spring Street.

Plus after after these years, my heart still squeezes at:
and the river she rises

just like she used to do

she’s so full of surprises

she reminds me of you. 

Go ahead, take your own trip down the Pontchartrain.

Poco: Heart of the Night

This is one those songs, from the moment I heard it I felt a connection. The lyrics, the opening sequence, the magnificent voice of Brandon Flowers…so much to like about this song.

Maybe we all just are Runaways…


The Killers: Runaways

I can’t tell you how I came to know and listen to Jeff Buckley, my memory is hazy, but if you listen to him you know that when he left this world (too soon, too early) a light went out for all of us.

This song? Wow, there are really no words for how I feel about this song. Sometimes when it comes on, I have to sprint across the kitchen and shuffle past it, or if I’m in the car I have to press skip and other times I let the emotions and lyrics of this song just overtake me. I have an enormous emotional response to this song every single time I hear it.

Some songs are like that, I don’t even know where those emotions come from, but when they do…I have been known to cry, to sob for 3 minutes.

Let me know how you feel about this song after you’ve listened to it. I’d love to hear how it affected you.

Jeff Buckley: Everybody Here Wants You



So that’s it, the first 6 songs that my iPod played.

I can’t wait to see what all of you have in store for me this week, I’ve been finding and listening to so many good songs because of this blog hop. Again, thank you so much for letting me join the “chorus”.

Thank you for visiting !

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  1. A very interesting list you ended up with this week. I especially love the Gin Wigmore, since I first heard it on the Heineken (?) commercial. And the speakeasy feel of the video is fun to watch.

    • kpiccini@weichertrealtors.net says:

      well I was over thinking what I would use.and then I just pushed shuffle on my iPod and these were the 6 first songs. Just goes to show the range of my likes I guess.

      for the record, I really like all of these songs.

      coming over to read your list.

  2. I love that you included Poco! So wonderfully random and perfect. xo

  3. Very surprised to see Poco in this group. If you liked that song, you should try some of their earlier albums like Rose of Cimarron. Tim Schmidt was the lead singer then (before he joined the Eagles), and Poco was a band to be reckoned with. Gin Wigmore seems to be of the same vein as Adele, Duffy, and others in going to a retro style. Still, her voice is unique. Well done!

  4. I like the free-form mix tape better than the themes. It tells me more about hanging out with you than a themed list ever will :)
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