The Love Story of Kimmy & David {Chapter 8}

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted a piece of this fiction serial.

We left off with Liza running out on Kimmy after she confesses that she is considering meeting David for lunch.




“Thanks for coming.” Kimmy watched David’s face as he said the words.

The smile he offered, she mirrored.


For all the time they had dated, David had never gone through this much trouble to set a mood.

The restaurant was quiet and charming, the only noise coming from the the wait staff  and a pop station in the background.

David touched her hand, locking eyes with her.

Kimmy suddenly couldn’t breathe.

David was not a man of public displays, and so she held on to his fingers like a life raft, searching his face for an explanation.

“Kimmy” he started, eyes still not letting go of hers “will you, would you consider” he stammered, he let his eyes drop and then brought them up, “Go to the movies with me this afternoon?”

Kimmy was taken aback, another surprise as she calculated another few hours with him.

She pushed her food away, no longer hungry for anything more than this.

David waved for the check, tossed a few bills on the tablecloth and followed her out.

She felt him taking in all of her; legs in that skirt, heeled wedges and her curves meeting in the middle. Before she could allow him time to catch up, his hand was at the small of her back.

Kimmy stumbled, but righted herself, refusing to miss this,  allthe little things she’d always longed for.

She tried not to think of Marco.

Twirling the diamond on her left hand, she thought about taking it off, putting it in her purse, but the diamond was not the problem, Marco was not the problem.

Her own yearning was.

She wanted to forget her world and occupy this one, the one where her dreams came true when they were supposed to, when affection for her lit David’s eyes.

If I can have that for a few more hours”, she bargained, “I’ll take it.

Kimmy didn’t remember the ride to the theater,  couldn’t tell you how the tickets were purchased or conjure up the way they’d ended up in reclining seats in the dark.

Because once they were settled, once the cup holders were filled and cell phones were silenced David made his intentions very clear.

His hands in her hair.

She moved her hands to his, playfully tousling

One hand slid down her face to cup her cheek.

She leaned into his palm, sighing deeply

His other hand landed on her knee and when she didn’t move to remove it, he slid it up into her skirt.

Kimmy shuddered, lost in this movie they were making instead of watching the one they’d paid for.

Finally, after an eternity, David’s lips found hers.

She kissed him back, tasting everything he couldn’t say. 

If this is a dream she thought,  God please don’t wake me up.

She drowned in the rush of emotion, pouring all her passion into his mouth.

Her thoughts were so scattered, but the one that kept bobbing to surface, was clear:

I am in love with two men, I want both of them” 

They broke away from each other, panting softly, pausing for a moment to regroup and then consume one another again.

David looked at her in the dark, want written all over his handsome face, his voice husky with it, he pushed out one word: “Kim?”

Kimmy had only one answer, “More.”


If you’ve missed any of Kimmy & David, you can find them right here.

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  1. Ooooh! So fun, so hot, so complicated (but exciting) being in love with two people. You just nail the romantic storytelling everytime. It makes it hard to wait for the next installment!
    Gina recently shared…Listen to Me Whine (About Snow in Chicago in November)My Profile

  2. She’s in a bit of a predicament, now! Oh boy, I think she needs to let Marco go. She obviously isn’t totally devoted to him and it isn’t fair to string him along. It does make for an emotional story, though :)
    jannatwrites recently shared…Good ‘Ol DaysMy Profile coriell_harriette
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