Got the World on a String {Write on Edge/Trifecta}

My life is made up of moments;

small pinpoints of light where love and loss seeped in,

Eking their way past the rocky palisades of my best intentions,

until they transformed me.

I suppose I could have settled; waited for something (someone?) to pluck me like an ember from the fire,

while I silently smiled and blew on the fingers to stem the sting of the burn and called it (you?) savior.

But in every moment I chose, instead, to turn and unleash the lexicon that would unfold my soul, reveal my true nature, demonstrate my spunk.

And I was rewarded.

Tiny fingers wrapped around the finger that a silver band encircles.

My name whispered in a hallowed voice that drifts in and out of my dreams.

And within my life, my people; some blood,  so many others not; seep and eke and pour until I am full, teeming with gratitude.

My life is made up of moments.




In this season of Thanks, Giving and extreme Gratitude I had two prompts from two writing communities that I am humbled and honored to write for each week.

Write On Edge:

 my home, my light, my north star of writing 

THANK YOU for the opportunities and support you offer me.

and Trifecta

thank you inviting me in & allowing me back week after week.

asked us to give them 100 words on GRATITUDE (I might have gone over…oops 😉 )

Trifecta’s word of this Thanksgiving week is


3: to move, remove, or separate forcibly or abruptly 


Wishing you all a grateful Thanksgiving, from my family to yours.

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Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your gratitude for the moments life has given you is palpable! What a lovely piece of writing. :)
    flippa bird recently shared…Stunted.My Profile

  2. Oh Kir! This stole my heart. Gorgeous, dear girl. Just gorgeous.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!! xx
    Valerie recently shared…Ever MindfulMy Profile

  3. This is a lovely poem and I love the idea that life is made up of moments. While it seems obvious, we often forget this and let those moments pass without appreciation.

  4. Oh, my dear, sweet, amazingly talented friend! This is SUBLIME. It’s the kind of piece that reminds me why I write: I want to move readers. You have certainly moved me. I thought of losing my dad and my situation with my mom. Everything I’ve gone through has defined me, made me realize I’m stronger than I thought. Thank you, my friend, for sharing this.

    I am officially down to two votes now. This one’s a no-brainer.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kir!

    Ivy (Mommy Dourest) recently shared…The Girl Behind the WallMy Profile

  5. This moved me to tears, Kir. You have so much love within you and you are so very willing to share your heart that the even the darkest of souls is moved. I am so thankful that I met you!
    tmwhickman (@fercryinoutloud) recently shared…PluckMy Profile

  6. Ahhhhhhh! Life sure is made up of moments. Only moments. You share your feelings of love (and everything) so beautifully, Kir! “Tiny fingers wrapped around the finger that a silver band encircles.” just about broke my heart…in a good way. It is sooooo sweet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all those that mean the world to you and in remembrance of those who aren’t. XO
    Gina recently shared…Pluck. Chew. Dash. Roll.My Profile

  7. Your words, as always, are simply stunning. Happy Thanksgiving right back at you. I send you love.

  8. Oh Kir, I loved the whole piece, but this line especially: unleash the lexicon that would unfold my soul, reveal my true nature, demonstrate my spunk.

    Such a beautiful piece of writing.
    Momo recently shared…A Fresh New Face (Trifecta – Week #105)My Profile

  9. This is so beautiful, Kir!

  10. Soulful, heartfelt and heart-rending. I’d like to unleash a lexicon of praise for the beauty of it. For now I’ll settle on lovely, because it is, as are you, and your compassion. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
    steph recently shared…GeishaMy Profile

  11. Beautifully said Kir:-)Happy thanksgiving to you and your’s !
    Atreyee recently shared…Carpe Diem -Back to it’s roots #3 “Waka”My Profile

  12. That’s so lovely, Kir. The moments are all we really have. The bigger picture is just a bunch of connected dots. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to vote. And happy Thanksgiving.
    trifectawriting recently shared…Trifecta: Week 105My Profile

  13. This was beautiful Kir. So many moment make up a blessed life.
    Tara R. recently shared…Black FridayMy Profile

  14. This was lovely not only how you combined the prompts, but in sentiment. Your words were so touching, especially: ” unleash the lexicon that would unfold my soul, reveal my true nature, demonstrate my spunk.” We all need to see our lives in moments of beauty that guides.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Cameron recently shared…Maybe We Need A SloganMy Profile winterbottomjeni
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