I viewed your life through a peephole, sneaking glances by pressing my eye up to the slit.

So that when the box that held you came to a stop at the altar my knees buckled for all I didn’t know.

I had captured moments like a shutter falling, unaware of what vignettes would frame the final picture.


A decade apart

A gender difference

Your puffed exclamations that I was more mother-hen than sister-friend


But oh how I loved you.



Without exception.

And now  as you dance and dream your days away, safe in the arms of the universe,  I envy your unobstructed view.



In loving memory of my brother, Benjamin Kovaleski



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  1. Oh, Kir! This is so beautiful it made me cry!
    SAM recently shared…The Elven Games: Game 2My Profile

  2. This made me cry too. Such a beautiful, moving tribute to your brother. “captured moments like a shutter falling”, “the box that held you”. Oh Kir, I feel so much as I read this. Love to you, my friend.
    Momo recently shared…Write at the Merge – 2014 Week 2 – EvolutionMy Profile

  3. This was a gorgeous tribute. Three criers…
    Tara R. recently shared…In a dark mirrorMy Profile

  4. Oh, Kir. This is so tender, sweet and raw. Writing these out are good therapy…and you do it so beautifully. xoxox
    Mel recently shared…Ketchup WIth Us – #34 – Belly up to the BlogHop!My Profile

  5. I truly got chills. Both times I read your post. Maybe a little because I also have a younger brother. Kir, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your words to him here are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us today.

    OldDogNewTits recently shared…‘Gimme’ a Second to Tell You About this MovieMy Profile

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