Meeting Delaney {Write On Edge/Trifecta/Studio 30 Plus}

Delaney bumped into Joe at the corner of Spruce and 1st.

That might sound like a “meet-cute” from a romantic movie, unless you’ve met Joe or you happened to see Delaney in the aftermath of the shit storm he’d put her through all in the name of love. If you were witness to any of  it (like we were) the only word you’d come up with was ironic or agree it was the worst case of serendipity you can imagine.

As it was, Delaney was rummaging through her over-sized purse, sidestepping cracks in the sidewalk that threatened her skinny stilettos and talking to herself when she literally bumped into the chest of the man she’d never meant to fall in love with.

True to form, Joe hardly noticed her. Oh, he might have been just as surprised to be standing in front of their old apartment building staring back into her hazel eyes but the spark that lingered between them excited and then scared him so much he decided to do what he did best.

He talked about himself.

Delaney listened as he stroked his own ego, bringing attention to his successes, both the imagined ones and the real ones. She knew what he’d been up to, of course, but she feigned interest and surprise, nodding like a duck bobbing for fish.

A slight breeze lifted her gauzy skirt and rustled the tattered curtains that now hung in the window of apartment 743. She got lost in a memory of the water stain on their kitchen ceiling that resembled the inside bark of an oak tree and the quaint tchotckes she’d filled the built-in bookshelves with trying to make a home for herself and Joe.

She forced herself to forget the white iron rail bed where he’d touched her inside and out, loathing the quickening pulse it incited.

That’s what happens when you fall in love with a myth; you become part of a lie that becomes a legend.

When there was nothing more to comment on, Delaney forced a smile and began to move away, crafting a place she needed to be.

As they made their way in opposite directions along Spruce Delaney turned to take in his purposeful stride.

She chuckled.

He’d gotten chubby.


Write on Edge

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts.”

~ Salman Rushdie



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  1. Myth to Lie to Legend.
    Love it!
    And while I’d love to hear them speak, I’m glad you left out the actual dialogue. That worked really well for this encounter piece.
    Joe recently shared…Ten Things Without Which…My Profile

  2. I really enjoyed this piece. The storytelling aspect, leaving out the dialogue, really worked amazingly for the story. And the end made me chuckle.
    Roxanne recently shared…Traffic.My Profile

  3. I agree with Joe and Roxanne about how well it worked to leave out the dialogue – giving us access to their internal processes instead was excellent. This line really resonated with me: That’s what happens when you fall in love with a myth; you become part of a lie that becomes a legend.
    Momo recently shared…Duplex – Trifecta – Week #110My Profile

  4. The last line was perfection.
    Tara R. recently shared…JuxtapositionMy Profile

  5. I love it but especially the ending!

  6. This is a well-crafted, fantastic read! Now I want the long version. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Ooohhhh chubby! Ha!
    KymmInBarcelona recently shared…Nests Were DepredatedMy Profile

  8. I love the ending! That was a great touch to the torment in the rest of the scene.
    Wisper recently shared…HoloPlanetMy Profile

  9. “That’s what happens when you fall in love with a myth; you become part of a lie that becomes a legend.”

    Well, don’t I wish I’d written that.
    Cameron recently shared…Spiced Hazelnut Pear MuffinsMy Profile

  10. Loved how you added that bit of humour in the end,Kir-made this piece doubly enjoyable-even the Delaneys of the world get chubby 😉
    Atreyee recently shared…Carpe Diem #380My Profile

  11. This was excellent – great descriptions and I agree that no dialogue works well here. Love this line: “fall in love with a myth; you become part of a lie that becomes a legend.” Also, had to chuckle at the last line about noticing he got chubby :)
    jannatwrites recently shared…Color Me ConfusedMy Profile

  12. I got a little chuckle with her, imagining her watching him walk away still strutting like he *hadn’t* gotten chubby.
    angela recently shared…Pajama daysMy Profile

  13. I always smile when I read your stories… wonder why!
    Marie Nicole recently shared…April – International Fake Journal Month!My Profile

  14. This is great, Kir!

  15. That’s what happens when you fall in love with a myth; you become part of a lie that becomes a legend. That is some truth telling there, lady:)
    trifectawriting recently shared…Trifecta: Week 110My Profile

  16. you gave me a great chuckle at the end!


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