Love’s Respite {Write at the Merge}

The bells of St Brigit’s are calling tonight.

Josie hurriedly made the sign of the cross and pressed the accelerator causing the car to hug the curb around the old wooden church and nearly take out Sister Agnes’ prize begonias.

The last time she’d noticed their chiming he’d been courting her.  

“I really like you.” She’d tendered, playing coquette.

“I feel so much more.” He’d answered, as if he’d meant it.

Josie remembered swooning.

True love is always the tease’s downfall.

Sadly, he’d never meant it.

“Oh, Georgie…” she whispered as she sped toward the beach and forgiveness.


I missed the prompt last week so I decided to combine both this week.

100 words about the bells of St. Brigit’s and words written in sand.

If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water’s edge.
~Napoleon Hill

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  1. Oh Josie…

  2. Lyssa Medana

    What a sad tale, and so sadly common. LM x

  3. It’s sad when teasing emotions turn into the knife of hurt feelings.
    angela recently shared…So this is sixMy Profile

  4. I missed linking up last week too! I love how she nearly takes out the begonias. Such a telling detail. Great, tight dialogue that tells us all we need to know.

  5. Lush, and lovely, and so bittersweet. I loved this, and hope that the trip to the beach is successful!
    Tina recently shared…Then and NowMy Profile

  6. True Love is always the tease’s downfall… Yep.
    Cameron recently shared…A Haiku for Tuesday MorningMy Profile
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