The Love Story of Kimmy & David Chapter 10 (A Hot Mess) {Studio 30Plus}


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Knock, Knock, Knock.

Kimmy ignored the rapping and reached for her universal remote.

“Kimmy, I know you’re in there.”

She pointed it at the TV.


“Kimber, c’mon,I can hear Oprah.” Liza accused.  “OPEN THIS DOOR!”

Kimmy sighed and sat up, feet on the ground but not moving.

“I could just use my key.” Liza threatened with the jingling of metal sneaking through the door.

Kimmy forced her own voice, “It’s bolted.”

Kimmy heard Liza’s bottom hit the hallway floor.

“I said I was sorry. I just want you to be happy.”

Knowing her best friend’s penchant for stubbornness, she unwrapped herself from her fuzzy blanket. She pushed the bolt, turned the lock and the door swung open on Liza but Kimmy refused to make eye contact with her as she made her way back to the couch.

Liza followed, kicking her shoes off and stashing her purse on the dining room table. As she settled on the couch beside her best friend, who was already horizontal, she surveyed the situation.

Kimmy’s chic blonde cut was a rat’s nest of tangles, her face was blotchy and sallow while her flannel PJ bottoms were stained in various places. Kimmy looked like she was in a semi-permanent state of self medication, as evidenced by the wrinkled bag salt & vinegar chips and open bag of Oreo cookies (her drugs of choice) and the three (in various stages of being consumed) bottles of  Diet Coke strewn around her substitute bed.

A veritable hot mess.

Liza glanced down at her best friend’s phone, “MAILBOX FULL” glared back.

“So, we’re preparing for the Apocalypse?” Liza joked.

The bundled mound that was Kimmy simply moaned.

Liza picked up an Oreo and pulled it apart, licking all the white cream before popping both chocolate pieces into her mouth, “It’s been 4 days Kim, don’t you want to talk about it?”


“How about a little at a time?” Liza offered to the mound, holding out a cookie.

Kimmy  disentangled and pushed herself to a sitting position before grabbing and rolling the black cookie around in her fingers. Liza saw her trying to form the words.

“I love both of them.” She said and fell back against her pillow, exhausted with the effort of the confession.

Liza kept licking.

“And, it’s three months before my wedding. “ Kimmy added; an afterthought.

Liza reached for her friend and was suddenly aware of Kimmy’s left hand. The twinkling diamond was missing.

Liza swallowed the cookie, pushing down her questions with the weight of the crumbs.

“I love Marco, Lize.” Kimmy voice was little, like a squeak.

A nod from Liza.

Shame flamed her cheeks.

“But I never stopped loving David.”

“Yep, got all that from your phone call. Not that I didn’t already know.”

“What if he hurts me again, Lize? What if he changes his mind and pushes me away?

Liza simply shrugged, helpless to answer.

“And Marco; sweet, wonderful Marco, what’s not to love? I mean who wouldn’t love Marco? Me! That’s who. But you know I don’t. Not like David. He’s going to be a great husband and a terrific dad but I don’t love him. Not the way I should.” Kimmy splayed her hands, “What kind of marriage would that be, if I just marry him out of loyalty?”

Liza grabbed another cookie, “Only you know the answer to that sweetie. “

Kimmy sighed deeply and fiddled with her empty ring finger, twisting an invisible band while Liza witnessed two fat tears trail their way down her best friend’s cheek.

Liza snuggled up close to her, “The good news is you don’t have to decide today. Not if you don’t want to.”

Accepting the reprieve Kimmy lowered her head to Liza’s shoulder murmuring, “Tomorrow.”



brought to us from Katy Wolfe Brandes in JUST LIKE A DREAM


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  1. We all need a friend who will let us spill our thoughts and remind us that we already know the answer. We know what we want. But we also need the friend who will let us postpone the decision one more day. :-) Love this example of Kimmy & Liza’s friendship.
    Roxanne recently shared…The water’s edge.My Profile

  2. Oh I just love how you used the prompt. Being torn between two men *brr* I’ve been there, and so totally don’t want to go back. I loved your dialog!

    p.s. salt & vinegar: my fave!
    Marie Nicole recently shared…Self-Medicated.My Profile

  3. I like her drugs of choice. I’d add mint chocolate chip ice cream, though :) She is in a predicament for sure. I think she knows what she needs to do but is scared (don’t blame her!)
    jannatwrites recently shared…Treading WaterMy Profile

  4. I have a few friends who “settled” when they got married, and I don’t think they were ever really happy.
    Tara R. recently shared…Memories for saleMy Profile

  5. I love the thought of being medicated on cookies and chips! What a fun spin on self-medication!
    Joe recently shared…Is It Semi-permanent Self-medication If I Do It All The Time?My Profile abad-maryln
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