Last Season’s Love? {Trifecta} {Chapter 11: The Love Story of Kimmy & David}


Nico stood with his toes hugging the edge of the cliff.

Taking in the glorious sunrise of Positano this “land of a thousand steps” was more beautiful than any place he’d ever seen.

Arms pinned at his side, he pushed off in a rush of air,  executing a perfect pencil dive. Nico plummeted nine feet, past jagged rocks and hidden stone crevices, hoping the babychain hadn’t lied.

Pure ecstasy, mixed with exhilaration and fear as he surfaced.

Swimming leisurely to shore, Nico wondered if Dani if had returned to the villa. She’d left before dawn, her exit a message of independence and indifference. He pretended not to care; their arrangement was one of lust not love, excitement not expectation.

He reached the rocky beach of the Amalfi Coast, where the oceanfront was quiet, catching site of the dome of Santa Maria Assunta shimmering high above him.

In their early days,  Dani had  talked of the church often , her descriptions making even a house of God seem sensual.

Vieni a casa con me” she’d whispered over dinners and walks in Central Park, “Come home with me Nico.” she’d purr, “Come. And I’ll show you the true Italy”

It had not taken much to persuade him. Soon, he was informing his firm of a leave of absence and his days became filled with the sweet touch of Daniela; her legs spread, his mind opened.

But these days he worried about a funk.

Just last night on the piazza they’d sipped Limocello, both eager to escape to the canopied bed at the Palazzo Murat, but the aftermath of  their  romp produced an uneasy silence instead of their usual (intimate)  slip into satisfied sleep.

 He’d long accepted they were never meant to last but Nico now feared their affair was una donna finita, no longer in fashion.



continuing my WIP:  “The Love Story of Kimmy & David

Trifecta’s word of the week is FUNK.

if you’ve missed any of this LOVE STORY, you can click HERE to catch up.

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  1. You painted a lovely picture though it left me sad. Somethings aren’t meant to last I suppose.
    Quickstepp Melissa recently shared…Trifecta- The Guest Part XXVMy Profile

  2. Such a scrumptious scene; his soaring dive belied the gravity of his thoughts. Well done, my friend!
    Tina recently shared…Friends Are A Little Bit of SunshineMy Profile

  3. Gorgeous, Kir! And what a sensuous setting for romance-even a romance that is no longer in fashion. It sounds, with warm sun and an ocean for distraction, like the perfect place to heal from a broken heart as well:)

    I love your writing so much, my friend! You are one talented woman!! xx
    Valerie recently shared…The SeamstressMy Profile

  4. Oh this is one of your best ever.. how lust slowly slips into love… how dissapointement slowly enters… I wonder if his initial dive was not one where added risk was the only passion left.
    Björn Rudberg (brudberg) recently shared…Her gown of white – haibun for trifecta.My Profile

  5. Sad, how what we think of as love turns out to be just lust. And that never stays in fashion. Lovely write!

  6. Nice write – beautiful descriptions. Sadly sweet.

  7. Ah, the excitement of the impending descent.
    Jody recently shared…SkinnedMy Profile

  8. Beautiful imagery. Behind the most blissful scenery can lie some of the worst heartache. Well done.

  9. That longing for ‘something more’ can be overwhelming. Your descriptions were wonderfully vivid.
    Tara R. recently shared…Out for a spinMy Profile

  10. Sensual and romantic but, oh, so sad! Lust, love, the strong possiblity of an end. You create these scenes so well that I can actually picture being there. Positano is one of my favorite places on earth! Your imagery took me back and the Palazzo Murat…ooh, la la!

  11. So just last year I learned about Lemoncello and Aroncello and the like. And holy WOW what a great drink. I loved the addition of that detail to show how fast things had changed.
    Jester Queen recently shared…Everyday poetMy Profile

  12. Absolutely loved this vignette you shared here!

  13. Great description in this piece. There is a sad longing in that realization that their affair might be now out of fashion.
    Roxanne recently shared…The water’s edge.My Profile

  14. You did a wonderful job ‘displacing’ us readers immediately to this little paradise. Too bad that even when we’ve ‘got it all’, we always want that something more. Brava, Kir!
    KymmInBarcelona recently shared…The Name of the Game Is ResilienceMy Profile

  15. Beautiful, Kir.. as you are. When I was in my 20’s all I wanted to do was travel.. so I worked until I saved enough to go somewhere, anywhere. There was a time in Peru, of all places, that I met someone and it unfolded much the same way this does. Sweet and a little sad. But the memories… always sweet.
    steph recently shared…Reality CheckMy Profile

  16. Italy is definitely a great place for a lustful rendezvous. Too bad it doesn’t last. Great job once again Kir!
    Ashley K. recently shared…Hand OutMy Profile

  17. Beautiful, melancholy piece Kir. I could feel the setting, and his worry. Great work!
    Momo recently shared…Trifextra – Week #102 – ClamoringMy Profile

  18. Ah, the moment it all goes sour. What a bummer:(
    trifectawriting recently shared…Trifecta: Week 112My Profile eisenberger_maris
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