The Space Between: The Love Story of Kimmy & David: Chapter 12 {Write on Edge}


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Nico unzipped his wetsuit and peeled the material from his body, allowing the early morning sun to dry his skin.  Running a soft towel he’d pilfered from the beach cart on his way down to the rocks through his damp black curls, he realized with sudden clarity that his affair with Daniela was (finally and almost certainly)  over.

A sense of relief flooded his senses as he grabbed his stuff and started up the stone stairs toward the center of town. He’d been feeling the pull of both the bull and the bear for a few weeks now, his brain itching to calculate and manipulate numbers, his neck missing the silken noose of a Windsor knot. For as sweet and sensual as their time had been, Dani (even a tipsy and naked Dani) would never hold his attention the way the floor of the exchange could.

Nico reached the top of the stairs, heading toward the hotel to pack and book a flight back to New York City before he had time to change his mind, when his phone hummed with an instrumental version of Volare that Dani had insisted he download.

He mentally reminded himself to delete it as he answered.


“Nico! Enjoying your sabbatical?”

“Marco! Fratello!!”

Marco’s chuckle traveled across the Atlantic to Nico who instantly became even more homesick.

Cavolo! How the hell are you Marco?”

“I’m good, but Mom misses you. I think it’s probably the stock tips.”

Vaffaculo!” Nico shot back, settling into the easy banter of twins.

“Ah I see Dani is teaching you all the important phrases” Marco tossed back with Nico catching the hitch in his brother’s voice and familiarity as he said her name before he cleared his throat and shot back, “and you can go fuck yourself too.”

“It’s nice to see nothing changes with us, Marco.” Nico chuckled and then remembered his brother’s impending nuptials. “So how is our Kimmy?”

His brother hesitated a fraction of a second too long, “She’s why I’m calling Nic, Kim’s been talking to David.”

Words got stuck in Nico’s throat at the sound of the name. “Just talking?” he asked.

“I saw him kiss her in a parking lot last week.”

“Oh that ragazza sciocca, silly, silly girl.” Nico said more to himself than Marco. “but…”

Marco’s sighed, “She kissed back. More than once.”

Nico let a long low whistle pass between their cell phones, “When should I expect you?”

“I’m already here, at the airport in Naples.”

“Ah, and Kimmy?”

“Well for now, she obviously needs a little time and I need some distance.”

Nico nodded as if Marco could see him, “I’m on my way.”


this week for WRITE ON EDGE

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”
~Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

and a continuation of my WIP:
The Love Story of Kimmy & David

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  1. I loved how you combined the Italian in with the English. Also, the dialogue between Marco and Nico was well written. I could feel they had a closeness and it seemed very natural. I also liked how Nico responded to helping his brother and letting go of his need to return to NYC. He sounds like a good brother, given the situation with Marco. I need to go back and read more of Kimmy’s story….

    It was also a good take on the prompt. It will interesting to see where this story goes next:~)
    Sara recently shared…Write on Edge Prompt: An Accidental MeetingMy Profile

  2. Uh-oh…poor brothers. Seems they have trouble in world of love and ladies! I enjoyed their familiar banter. Well done!

  3. I like seeing Marco’s side of the situation as well. Looking forward to reading what happens next with them!
    jannatwrites recently shared…No Regrets?My Profile
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