As If We Never Said Goodbye {Trifecta}


My people.

My tribe.

Friends by any other name: playmates, colleagues, protagonists and sages:

(please use the 3rd definition!)

I wish to say:

Thanks for teaching me how to ride a tricycle. 


The very last prompt for our beloved Trifecta. 
33 words from my heart to yours. 

My heart will always be fuller and my vocabulary richer because of the friendships that Trifecta brought into my life.

Because I love quotes and I love each of you, this seems like the perfect gift to give all of you.

If the only prayer you ever say is ‘THANK YOU’ that will be enough

Lisa and Joules: you are incredible, inspiring women.

Thank you for welcoming me back week after week, thank you for mentoring my journey, honestly thank you for just coming over to visit and read. It always meant so much to me to have you in my space.

THANK YOU Trifecta.

See all of you on our next adventure! 

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Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love this, Kir – it’s so sweet and sincere. And I love the bit about the tricycle. :) So glad to have met you, and to continue traveling the same circles with you!
    Christine recently shared…EpilogueMy Profile

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and poetic goodbye. I love it.
    SAM recently shared…Master Class 2014: An AddendumMy Profile

  3. I read this and a big smile widened across my face. Trifecta, and you, are very special. They brought us all together and you’ve always been our biggest cheerleader/supporter. I hope the friendships and connections we’ve made through Trifecta continue forward. I, for one, will be here anyway until I get kicked out for being an overstaying guest! Cheers, friend!!!!! Oh, and very well done here!

  4. Cobbie's World says:

    Well now, wasn’t that just completely perfect. :) It has been said that you have a way with words, Kir and, this beautiful tribute proves your admirers correct. Thank you for everything that you have said that encouraged me and so many others in writing and in life. Thank you, as well, for including me in the Trifecta judging experience. I was honoured. Glad that I still have you by my side as dawn breaks on our new day. :)

  5. A fitting, and beautiful send off. I will treasure all the friendships I made through the Trifecta community.
    Tara R. recently shared…A quest for perfectionMy Profile

  6. A wide smile at the last sentence! Such breathtaking simplicity is this piece – only you can do it.

  7. Oh, I love it, Kir. And it’s so true, how hard the simple things can be to learn. But it’s been a pleasure learning here, and I’m so pleased Trifecta lead me to you!
    KymmInBarcelona recently shared…Now I Shall Be SpectacularMy Profile

  8. I wish I had thought of this.
    tedstrutz recently shared…Trifextra: Week 105… “GOOD-BYE”My Profile

  9. Kir- I loved this. So clever and sweet. An excellent farewell to this community. Thankfully, not a farewell to knowing each other. :) oxox.
    Momo recently shared…Trifextra – Week #105 – the final Trifecta ChallengeMy Profile

  10. Such a cute last line Kir-loved how you worded your farewell:)It was a pleasure to have met you and read such extraordinary writing from you and I feel very privileged to have been in such august company.Thanks for all the encouraging comments and for reading what I wrote and I sincerely hope to meet you again in this virtual world.All the best always and loads of love to you,your super cute twins and your family.Tc :-) xx
    Atreyee recently shared…A life extraordinaireMy Profile

  11. This was great. Lovely, heart-felt tribute.

  12. Oh I think this is my favorite. How absolutely perfect.
    Debbie recently shared…Bleed Until the EndMy Profile

  13. This is a sweet goodbye/tribute! I guess we all learned how to ride a tricycle during our time here. I’m so glad I ‘met’ you on Trifecta and I know I’ll see you around :)
    jannatwrites recently shared…Life HappensMy Profile

  14. “Thanks for teaching me how to ride a tricycle. “- Agree. So beautifully expressed.
    Archita recently shared…PostscriptMy Profile

  15. “Thanks for teaching me how to ride a tricycle.”

    Such an innocent phrase, yet so poignant for all of us who understand. :’)

  16. Kir, whenever I came to your blog, I knew I would find top notch writing and a thoughtful response. I was never disappointed.! It’s been fun, hasn’t it?

  17. The last line is so sweet and clever.

  18. Oh, this is so wonderful, Kir! So perfectly you. :)

    Love the reference to the 3rd definition – and that last line is brilliant!
    Suzanne recently shared…UnshelteredMy Profile

  19. You got me with that tricycle bit. *wipes away tear* You are a heart-toucher, with your words and with your kind heart and accepting, loving personality. I am grateful to have gotten a glimpse into the woman behind the words. I’m hoping that many Trifectans will find their way to Write on Edge and Studio 30 and continue to be challenged and nurtured by you and your colleagues. Good luck on the journey, lovely lady.
    trifectawriting recently shared…Trifextra: Week 105My Profile
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