Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Write on Edge/Master Class)

I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.

Although it wouldn’t have looked that way to you. Instead, I found out much much later, it was completely average things that were happening to me, events that wouldn’t cause you to turn your head or contemplate taking video as proof of a miracle.

And yet, if you’d asked me, back then, in the middle of it all, I’d have been hard pressed to find another noun or adjective that would have explained what was happening to me.

In hindsight, maybe it was simply a miracle of ordinary proportions.

For example, the world seemed to open up in right front of me. Doors long bolted shut, unlocked with all the ceremony of a coronation complete with flower petals being spread near my feet. Drawbridges lowered themselves, allowing me access to the heart of a castle.

Colors were brighter, sounds were crisper and my skin fizzled with emotion bubbling over like I was in a constant state of warming up. In short, I existed in the space between my buoyant steps, neither here nor there, keenly aware of each breath that emptied and then refilled my eager lungs.

I practically sparkled with the anticipation of each new day.

The unattainable had shown up, upending the natural order of things, whispering promises like a shaman.

Everything suddenly felt extra ordinary.

It was a drug I swallowed without hesitation.

As a child of air and imagination I took nothing seriously (until I did) and then I believed in it with the spirit of a daydreamer, so sure of its existence that I was regularly crushed when the world and I disagreed.

The lovers’ spats that followed were epic rows.

All heart”, it would whisper in a know-it-all voice, “no head.”

But I’d shake my fist, teary- eyed defender of things I could not see.  After all, what was the sin in trusting words whispered directly to my soul?

Much, it turns out.

For when the doors slammed shut and happiness was snatched away as the flowers under my feet withered and died, I couldn’t meet the eyes of the world. I refused its feeble attempts at explanation or reconciliation because I hated the way it reminded me of how ordinary I was.

I was left wondering if anything wonderful or special would ever happen to me again.

So I wallowed.

And I wailed.

I raged like a child completely forgetting how it had all come to be in the first place.

Extraordinary was simply the day- to- day, the mundane and expected in fancy clothes, dressed to impress.

And miracles, it turns out, are around every corner.



I’ve  missed Write at the Merge two weeks in a row so I am using both quotes as inspiration for this piece

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.

~J. R. R. Tolkien

I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.

~Robert Frost



I also have been missing MASTER CLASS

Steph, being the awesome prof she is, agreed to leave this prompt open for a few more days for me.

Thanks SAM!

The sentence picked by Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook 




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  1. You mashed them all up together so well, and I love the soft ending you weave. It’s true! miracles ARE around every cover. Welcome back, Kir!
    SAM recently shared…Master Class 2014: An AddendumMy Profile

  2. as always, so much more than meets the eye with your writing :)
    Carrie recently shared…Anything {100 words}My Profile

  3. Miracles around every corner. How true.
    Roxanne recently shared…Just around the corner.My Profile

  4. Miracles are indeed around the corner. I like the journey your character takes from one end to the other. Beautifully written from the heart.
    Tina recently shared…Middle of NowhereMy Profile

  5. That last lines packs quite a punch… and was the perfect ending.
    Tara R. recently shared…A quest for perfectionMy Profile

  6. I agree with SAM. And Carrie. And Roxanne and Tina. And Tara of course (we must ALL agree with her, you know!), AND, I simply adore ” a miracle of ordinary proportions,” as I simply adore your writing in general.
    troy P. recently shared…A Fruitless EndeavorMy Profile

  7. Lyssa Medana

    I really enjoyed this. You described wonder so amazingly, it glowed! LM x

  8. It’s true how miracles are there, and are often made up of little, ordinary things – a miracle of ordinary proportions – I like that! When these little things work together to effect a change in us, well, that IS quite impressive :)
    jannatwrites recently shared…Life HappensMy Profile

  9. You have such an amazing talent of taking just a few words and weaving them into this depth of creativity and meaning. I love this piece…so very much!

  10. Great piece of work and you convey the mood perfectly – finding miracles and wonder just where they need to be. The opening hooked me in and kept me there all the way through.

  11. I loved the last two lines Kir. Something important in the body of remembering that each day is extraordinary. :-)
    k~ recently shared…Just Shy of MIschief (Inspiration Monday)My Profile


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