Anamnesis {Gargleblaster}

Gently tugging at the delicate strings,

teasing the sensitive tendrils of my subconscious

I run my fingers along the jagged, toothy edges, snagging a stray cuticle.

Ripping, burrowing under my skin, drawing blood to the surface

I suck-

tasting iron and regret.


Is something crawling on me?


Recipe for a proper gargleblaster

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About Kir

Kirsten is a wife after years of dating, a mom after years of infertility & a lover of shoes, words, NYC and TV dramas. A storyteller and daydreamer at heart, this is the place where her stories come to be told. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lyssa Medana

    That is such a delicately beautiful piece Lyssa M x

  2. Very nice!!
    Moniqua recently shared…Fiery FriendshipMy Profile

  3. Delicate and in my opinion, intense too. lovely take, Kir.

  4. balancing the emotional lines of gentleness and something more harsh. Nicely done!
    jen recently shared…SalvationMy Profile

  5. I love the jagged toothy edges, and the regret. So good! Karen
    Fatgirlinboxinggloves recently shared…GoosebumpsMy Profile

  6. Very powerful and intense, Kir! I loved how each word unfold the emotions.
    Archita recently shared…Story Of The ShutterbugMy Profile

  7. A great metaphor for the writing process. I love the “sensitive tendrils” especially.

  8. Very intense. I had to look up the title, and that put a whole different spin on it for me. Wonderful, Kir!
    Christine recently shared…HuntMy Profile

  9. habits are hard to break. Good write.
    Ann Bennett recently shared…Crawling on meMy Profile

  10. What a fantastic metaphor, Kir! And kudos on the title, too. < 3
    KymmInBarcelona recently shared…Is Something Crawling on Me?My Profile

  11. LOVE
    christina recently shared…No more sleep for meMy Profile

  12. This was so intense, Kir. I was getting creeped out more and more as I read each word. Yet, there was something so beautiful as if it was the character observing herself from an outside perspective until the end.

  13. So beautifully delicate, that you almost missed the pain. Almost. Perfect!
    Tina recently shared…Time For Some RandomMy Profile

  14. Very visual. Almost haunting. Brilliant work.
    Roxanne recently shared…Who attends blogging conferences?My Profile toevs.lovella
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