How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

May 23.  Exactly 11:11am.

Jane should have been making a wish at precisely this moment, squeezing her eyes shut with a crooked smile playing around her mouth like she did when she was contemplating her options. Instead she was confined to the bed in this overly bright room with soft love songs pulsing in her ears and her dreams locked away from everyone but the angels guarding her.

Amriel made a notation in a small lined notebook and nodded at Lameschial who was seated in a high-backed chair on the other side of the room who made several chicken-like scratches in his own.

Both men, well that was the form they took here, let their eyes rest on their charge.

Lameschial sighed, leaned forward and placed his impossibly square jaw in the cup of his hand.

“It’s been almost two years, Am.”

The angel of May went to answer when they heard footsteps and the squeak of rubber wheels on linoleum in the hallway. Pressing a small white button on his wristwatch his wings folded into a nearly invisible slit in his suit jacket imitating a letter sliding into an envelope.

Clearing his throat Amriel adjusted his suit jacket just as the nurse hurried into the room tapping at an iPad.

“How’s our patient today?” she asked, never looking up.

“Still sleeping.” He answered as if that fact wasn’t obvious.

The nurse, a girl with light blue eyes and a mess of wild strawberry blonde curls framing a soft round face, was named Jennifer. She lifted Jane’s hand and silently counted a pulse, tapped at the monitors that surrounded the bed, adjusted the sheet and made her way to the door.

“I’m beginning to wonder …” Jennifer stopped before finishing and then she was gone.

Amriel mused about the hospital staff. They thought the angels were Jane’s uncles, lawyers who had been named as her guardians and considering the job they were doing, it was a suitable lie.

Jane’s real family had no idea she was still alive.

Amriel moved to the window, the sun through the slants in the blinds lit the halo above the crown of his head.

He yawned and pulled at the Windsor knot at his throat, loosening the silk.

“Her healing is slow.”

Lameschial shifted in the chair, “I was too late. If  I hadn’t hesitated she might be smiling and making wishes on clocks that read 3:33.”

It was a common lament from his partner but every now and then Amriel indulged him, “It wouldn’t have mattered my friend. He’d confessed everything, spoken her name, satisfied his own soul at the sake of hers. There was nothing we could do after that but make her comfortable.”

“I know.” The other angel said wistfully.  “But you would think that after all this time…”

Amriel turned his gaze back to Jane’s sleeping form, pondering her plight (as he had done for almost two years now) alongside any recourse he had. He knew their world longed to see her smile again but he weighed assuaging that desire at the risk of bringing Jane any more pain.

Of course there was still no guarantee she’d ever be the same again.

Amriel touched Lameschial, who was dozing in the chair, lightly on the shoulder and he stirred.

“My friend,” the angel began consulting his watch. It was nearing lunch time with little time to waste. “Please make a call to the angel yard and request Kabshiel but tell her to hurry.”

The second angel smiled and pulled a small phone from his pocket; the patron of grace and favor was a mindful choice.

Amriel pulled the cord on the blinds, bathing the room in warm, rich sunlight.

The clock read 12:11.

“Let’s wake our Jane and see if she still has any wishes to make.”


This week a line from my last offering was the one chosen to inspire you…

“he’d confessed everything” from Man on a Mission. 

Tara and I would love for you to #WriteWithUs.  Click here. 



The prompts this week from Lyssa and Thomas at  Light and Shade Challenge

were about Angel Yards and a proper quote:

” You pays your money and you takes your choice”

– caption on a Punch cartoon

**Sorry about this being so long my friends, but the story was one I enjoyed telling. (not to mention the research about angels names) **


Amriel is the angel of the month of May. 

Lameschial is an angel who is meant to thwart deception. 

Kabshiel is the angel of grace and favor. 


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  1. Lyssa Medana

    That is such a beautiful story, really full of light. I hope it all goes okay for Jane. Lyssa M x

  2. The feel of this was magical, and I hope Jane does still have wonderful wishes to be granted.
    Tara R. recently shared…Fortune tellerMy Profile

  3. I hope she gets her wishes. Great angel names, btw!
    Katy B. recently shared…He who Laughs LastMy Profile

  4. This is an amazing story! I wish it were the beginning of a very long novel!
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently shared…Living with Cancer- Cherishing MomentsMy Profile

  5. This was a really well written intense encounter with such a lot of backstory loaded seamlessly into it. Wonderful.

  6. This was amazing! I wish it went on a bit more so we could see what would happen when they woke her up!! Great story♥
    Kathy S Combs recently shared…Angel YardMy Profile

  7. This seems a bit out of box for you, and I’m glad you went with it. There’s more to this story if you choose to tell it. I hope you do!
    SAM recently shared…The Elven Games (an excerpt)My Profile

  8. I love the use of angels as characters! I always think that an angel watches over each of us. Now I want to know more about Jane!
    Tina recently shared…So Much For Sleeping InMy Profile

  9. What I really get from this is sometimes bad things happen to good people. So well written. But it made me sad.,
    nonamedufus recently shared…He’d Confessed Everything – @Studio30Plus Writing PromptMy Profile

  10. Great – now I’m picturing a bizarre cross between John Travolta in “Michael,” and the Grim Reaper as depicted in “Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.” Oh – and now a little bit of Brad Pitt in “Meet Joe Black!” That guy sure knows how to wear a suit…
    But I digress. This was an interesting read, and a clever combination of prompts. I know it can be tough when the prompt was your own, too!
    Joe recently shared…Catching Up With Fonzie – Crime & PunishmentMy Profile


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