Amriel’s wings twitched under the trench coat as he strode down the street. He wore a faded brown fedora he’d snagged from Lameschial before he left the hospital room offering strict instructions to his two colleagues but vague references as to where he was headed.

Thinking about Jane’s sleeping body and her anguished heart caused his wings, eager to unfurl, to flutter against their forced imprisonment again.

He sidestepped the cracks in the concrete, still suspicious even after all these years, and kept his head down as he passed the hooligans clustered at the corner of 10th and Carson ignoring their petty cons and shenanigans .

Amriel was angry.

Anger didn’t come naturally to angels.

Frustration at the sight of human unkindness? Sure. Disappointment with a flawed soul refusing to learn from the lessons thrust upon them? Yes, it happened every day. He’d even felt moments of torment or plain grief as he watched events unfold saddened by the knowledge that there was nothing his hand could do to stop them, but anger was a new and especially frightening emotion.

Angels were built for forgiveness or empathy, but Amriel crossed the street to the high rise building he was headed with Jane’s guttural wail of despair echoing in his ears. Touching the brim of the hat, as if he were straightening it and pinching the bridge of his nose,  he willed the sound to recede.

His body burned with rage.

He’d never believed it could happen to him when he’d been warned over and over again about the risks of becoming too close to a charge. Amriel was the angel of a beautiful and especially serene month and no appointment he’d ever been given up to this point had turned out to be anything but a chance to right a wrong.

But Jane was different in ways Amriel couldn’t explain.

Coming through the front door of the law office he made his way to the front desk where the trench coat draped over his arm, his beautifully tailored suit and hat in hand offered him entrance to the inner sanctum.

As he moved through the halls  his hand cradled a small tube of fine dust he’d drawn from his pocket; similar to the pink dust Kabshiel has sprinkled over Jane, but a purple so dark it appeared black.

Going off grid was not advised and Amriel knew he would be dealt with severely but he took comfort in knowing the reason Jane was not healing was because the heart her own was still attached to felt no sorrow or remorse.

It was time to right that particular wrong.



You’re not going to believe it but I’ve wanted to write this piece since Sunday.

Work is crazy.

Home life after mini-vacations is crazy.

I am tired.


I used three different prompts to write this newest installment to my story about angels.

(Anyone have any good ideas for a title of this series? All opinions welcome!)



From Studio 30Plus: 

This week’s Studio 30+  prompt comes from Ashley, at Fictional Fool, who gave us “Buried Treasure,” 

“He wore a faded brown fedora.”

lightandshade logo

From Light and Shade Challenge: 

If you wish me to weep, you must mourn first yourself.

Horace (65 BC – 8 BC)
And from Master Class (the weekly challenges) 
I used the words HOOLIGAN(last week) and SHENANIGANS (this week)


I invite anyone here from any of the challenges to come write with another one. I am so proud to be a “Prompt Diva” with Tara (Thin Spiral Notebook) over at Studio30Plus and we have lots of exciting things planned for our community. Please come #WriteWithUs.

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  1. I’m a terrible titler, but I’m really enjoying it, for what it’s worth!
    angela recently shared…Take a seat – LTYM videos are here!My Profile

  2. I totally love the way you introduced anger to Amshiel. This story has a lot of merit and I’m still totally head over heels about it. May I suggest that you expand on the emotions more and show us what his rage is like, since it is a new emotion for him.

    As for a title? What about Conditions of the Heart/Heart Condition, Angels Among Us, Soul Guardians/Guardians of the Soul, Someone to Watch Over Me, The Trouble with Jane…
    SAM recently shared…And There Was Nothing They Could Do About ItMy Profile

  3. I really like this new story line. The characters are unique and so interesting. Reading this installment, all I thought of was, “righteous indignation.”
    Tara R. recently shared…Behind the curtainMy Profile

  4. I loved that Amshiel is having to deal with anger:~) That’s clever. This was a fast, funny and interesting read. I’m pleased it is a series. I also liked how Amshiel dressed and his struggle with Jane and her heartbreak. It’s also interesting that he’s going “off the grid” and what the implications of this action will be. I enjoyed this read very much:~)

    Regarding titles, I liked Sam’s choices, especially The Trouble with Jane!
    Sara Healy recently shared…PromisesMy Profile

  5. Maybe “When the Heavens Fall” would be a good title? I like the individuality your angels are sharing. Even though they have a job to do, it is nice that they can go “off the grid” if necessary to right a wrong, especially poor Jane’s wrong!

  6. You’ve drawn me in and I’m hooked on this story. Look forward to the next instalment.
    nonamedufus recently shared…He Wore a Faded Brown Fedora – @Studio30Plus Writing PromptMy Profile

  7. Your angel sequence is something I look forward to – and once again it was well worth the wait.

    “Angels were built for forgiveness or empathy, but…”

    Important “but” that one.

    Can’t wait for the next
    Thomas Marlowe recently shared…MessengerMy Profile

  8. A ticked off, rogue angel – that’s a great story…. I want to see how exactly he rights that wrong :) I wish I could offer suggestions on a title, but I am horrible with titles!
    JannaTWrites recently shared…Shadows of Herself (Fiction)My Profile


  1. […] advantage of the weekly prompts by combining two of them together and giving us another part to her angel story. This is one you really must […]

  2. […] advantage of the weekly prompts by combining two of them together and giving us another part to her angel story. This is one you really must […]
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