Now You See Me, Now You Don’t



He watched Wakeford take a deep draw from the mug and then another.

“It won’t be long now.” Amriel mused, strangely satisfied with his choice.

Well aware of Raguel’s watch the angel inched closer to the hallway and his only chance to escape.


Amriel halted at the hiss in Raguel’s voice.

“The council is requesting your presence, my friend.”

Amriel chuckled, “Yes. I would imagine they would, my friend.”

The senior guardian frowned and reached for him, “You’ll come quietly then?”

Amriel nodded but continued down the hallway with one eye on Wakeford who had taken on a dreamy, punch drunk look and the other on a gilded mirror hanging in the middle of  the foyer that had begun to shimmer.

It was starting.

Raguel tsked, “Look what you’ve done.”

“I did it for Jane.”  Amriel shot back and flung his arms wide, as he did so; his whole hand plunged into the surface of the smoky mirror followed by the rest of his body.

Raguel grappled with the empty air, snatching at nothing.

He was gone.



Continued from my last installment of The Angel Sagas.


For the Master Class monthly prompt:


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I missed the weekend link up for the Light and Shade Challenge  but I wrote this with it in mind:

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  2. Perfect.
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