Signature Scent


You told me,

once upon a time,

how you despised the scent of coconut.

(as if the small hard fruit itself had offended you)


I never asked for an explanation,

but eager to please


preconditioned to seek your approval

I banished my menagerie of pots and bottles

to the dark (deep) corners of my vanity.


Replacing them with the aromas of vanilla and honeysuckle  peach

on my inner thigh,

hopeful for your kiss.

When I was rewarded with a finger -traced peck I suppose I called it even

and forgot all

about the lotions-

potions- that defined me.



Life shifted, like sand on a July beach.

I shivered in the wicked cold of the winter I’d been thrust into

by your washed hands

with the bouquets of Spring doing nothing to warm me.

As a child of sun-drenched days, salty-sweet kisses and copper skin,

progeny of light dimpled waves and air pregnant with moisture and Coppertone,

my husk yearned for beaches and chlorine ridden pools of water.


They say smell conjures our memories more quickly than any other sensation.

What I  do remember is



making me … umm…


sunshine spreading itself along the lines of my body,

deep wheat(y) ales

your smile that warmed my extremities

but I can’t recall the aromas of our rendezvous.


Sights and touches;

what I felt, what you saw

what we said

all comes back so fiercely

I am sure my sniffer must be stuffed up.


Until I reach for the (coconut) cream I’d abandoned

pop the cap,

squeeze the exotic into my open palm and breathe in…


the sweetness sinks readily into my skin

soothing the everlasting burn of you…


it’s been bananas all along.





For Master Class I actually picked the word last week and never got around to writing for it (Sorry SAM!)

So this week I used both words: coppertone and preconditioned. 




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  1. Haha!! I love the last line!! You know, if you slapped that biweekly prompt pic on this post, it would fit that MC prompt too.

    PS I really enjoyed the poem. It’s sensual and warm and summery. Plus? I want to use menagerie as the word next week.
    SAM recently shared…Master Class Session 4: Weekly ChallengeMy Profile

  2. I’ll second SAM with her admiration of the last line. That and I am really enjoying your forays into poetry.
    Carrie recently shared…Lady in Red {100 Words}My Profile

  3. That was hot… so much emotion and sensations.
    Tara R. recently shared…A laughing matterMy Profile

  4. This is sultry, emotional, sad and angry, full of memory and hope, but the decision to say “To hell with him” and break out the coconut lotion makes me giggle.

    • Debbie!
      Hi :)
      Thank you for visiting and so glad you enjoyed the poem, so glad it spoke to the “hell with it” attitude that she needed to adopt in order to move on. I always love your thoughts on the prose and your visits of course.
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