Taking A Writing Hiatus to Live Some Stories Instead: BlogHer13



Once I unveiled this new site (I love the attention and love this new space is getting, thank you for that!!) you would think that I’d want to fill it with writings and words, to inundate it with prompts and share my fiction here.

And I do.

But now right now.

I don’t want to put something here just to have fill a quota for the week. I want what I put here to be good, thoughtful and not forced.

Instead, I am heading to BlogHer in Chicago tomorrow where I hope I get to see some of YOU and come home with enough stories to make the fiction that ends up here when I return something that you can’t wait to read.


I am going to BlogHer13 as a:

A GIDDY and Proud Assistant Editor of Write On Edge

A proud member (and finally a WINNER) of the  Trifecta Writing Challenge  (and I’ll be the Guest Judge next week along with my good writing friends Gina and Tom)

Chat Leader and HAPPY Member of STUDIO 30Plus

And as a writer that loves Friday Fictioneers, Haiku Fridays, Ligo, Master Class, Ketchup With Us  and Velvet Verbosity  and a dozen other writing haunts that I hope to participate in once I’m finally settled in this space.




Here I am a Storyteller and I’m looking forward to coming back CHANGED and ready to tell my stories.

See you all next week!



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