My Writing Journey { A Blog Tour}

Writing fiction has introduced me to so many amazing and talented scribes.  These word weavers have become my critics, my cheering section and most importantly, my friends.

So when my dear friend  Rox of Unintentionally Brilliant asked, “want to join a blog tour about your WIP?” I said yes!, because it’s an honor for someone with her kind of talent to think of me as ‘writer“.

If you don’t read Rox’s own WIP, about Akira I invite you to go and get lost in the beautiful love story she’s weaving.


1) What am I working on?

I am have two stories I am constantly revising and urging toward a conclusion (and maybe even a publication if the stars align) but the one that is keeping me occupied right now is the revision of The Love Story of Kimmy & David. It was written in its entirety as answers to prompts from THE RED DRESS CLUB  (Write on Edge) but now I’m revisiting the story, editing and adding to it to fill in the holes I left the first time around. A small confession? I really love this story and the characters in it, so the idea of sprucing them up and readying them for the outside world isn’t scary lately, it’s more anticipation and hope that when someone holds my book they come to love all these imaginary people too.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t believe it does. As a romance writer I take situations, conversations and relationships from my own life (past and present) and make them part of the story. Love is a universal theme and one of my favorite subjects. I consider myself a hopeless (and hopeful) romantic and so I try to infuse each of my stories with an affair that will defy all odds, a love that can conquer. I do like to inject humor like Marian Keyes and to add rich descriptions like Pat Conroy or Anne Rivers Siddons, but I don’t don’t think that Kimmy & David are much different from any another chik-lit romance. However, it also doesn’t mean their story isn’t special and worthy of a read.

I do use various locales in their story and Positano, Italy  almost becomes another character which was fun not only to research but also to write.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Because I believe in happy endings.

There is some sadness in this story, some loss and the three way love triangles I really enjoy writing. Love is a choice, always, and sometimes that choice is not an easy one. Sometimes there is simply not just one person in the world you are meant to be with. Finding your way to your person or people is a crazy journey and I love writing that map for my characters.

4) How does your writing process work?


I ruminate. A lot. I think about names, situations and circumstances and I can tend to write and rewrite something a lot more than I should.

But normally, I can be found jotting things down on the car ride into work, long hand, into a notebook or on scraps of paper. I will leave my desk at work to clear my head or go to the ladies room and write a whole scene in my head , of course then I need to come back to my office, hope  I don’t get distracted and get it all typed out before my job calls me away from my imagery friends.

I long for the ability to just write like it’s overflowing ( my NaNo piece was like that, those 60,000+ words seemed to just appear and I wish  for that kind of free flow with my words again).

But for now it’s simply when I can in the middle of my have to’s (work, parenting, family).

When I’m in a zone with writing, I write and revise as I go and then I will let something sit for about an hour before I hit publish, changing words or sentences ( I love the challenge of only 33 words, 100 words or a specific prompt) until it “fits.”

Just as a side note, tomorrow night I begin a 6 week course on “How to Write Your First Novel” at a local college. I’m hoping to hone my process and bring Kimmy & David to a paperback near you. (Wish me luck?)


Now I’d like to introduce you to the three amazing writers (and dear friends of mine) who will be sharing their process with you next Monday:

“Stephanie Ayers is an imaginative mother of four scoundrels, wife of one incredible husband, a willing medium for the voices in her head, and a newly published author living her dream in worlds far, far away.”

Ivy of Mommy Dourest,  a married mom of two with perfectionist tendencies that caused me to obsess over writing this one sentence bio.


Carrie of The Muse Unleashed is a full time working mom of two. When she isn’t wrangling kids into cars for Brownies or agonizing over never ending renovations she is crafting her current Young Adult novel about a clueless love sick teenager and a snarky magical mirror…one scene at a time.

(Carrie is also my writing partner for another serial called “The Path You Choose”)

and if you’d like to tell us about your own writing process jump jump in and link back to one of us, we’d love to see what you’re imagination is up to!

Thanks so much for asking me to join Rox! <3


Surprise Vistitor {The Path You Choose} (Studio30Plus)

Good morning!

This is my latest installment of THE PATH YOU CHOOSE, the story I am writing in collaboration with Carrie of The Muse Unleashed.

You can find her installment HERE today and if you’ve missed any just CLICK HERE.

Last time with Seth and Gabby :

Seth opened the door a fraction of an inch and looked surprised to see her.



“You look nice.”

“Thanks. “ Gabby answered, not knowing what else to say, when all she really wanted to do was apologize for acting the way she had. She thought of Misty Bell.

“Hey, are you hungry?” she asked.

The corners of Seth’s mouth inched up “A little…”

Gabby flashed another of her thousand watt smiles, “Well, we could take in a quick bite at the restaurant at the end of the universe.“


Seth hesitated, “It’s pretty late.”

Gabby pushed what she hoped was a playful smile from her lips, “oh I think we’re both old enough to be out on a school night. Besides, it’s fun to break the rules. C’mon we won’t go far, just to that little café you love on 8th.”

Seth chucked nervously, “it’s pretty late Bree, we should both probably get some sleep.”

Gabby moved a little closer, “but I’m famished.”

Seth shook his head and looked so uncomfortable that Gabby didn’t know if he was still angry or simply sick of this clandestine affair. She realized that she could lose this man if she didn’t stop these games and show him how she truly felt.

Rushing to right it she let her feelings gush, “Seth, I love you. I’ve loved you from the moment I met you and almost killed your dog.  I feel things  I’ve never felt before with anyone in my life. You get me and in so many ways, you open me up. I love talking to you, I love being quiet with you, I, I…” she trailed off as she took in Seth’s reaction which looked like a mixture of fear, love, relief and something else she couldn’t quite read.

“Bree…” He said moving out into the hallway with her and practically pushing her down the carpet “…you should go.”

Mistaking his actions Gabby started to cry. “Seth…please… I’m so sorry…sorry about the ring and having to go to this stupid party tonight. I’m sorry I haven’t told Stephen yet, I’m sorry I’ve been such a coward.” She apologized by placing her hand on his forearm but he flinched, catching her off guard which brought fresh tears. She reached up and almost against his own will, he leaned into her palm and whispered, “Bree…”

“Yes?” she whispered, moving a little closer until he shook his head free as if coming out of a trance, “It’s late, you should go.”

“I, I , I … could stay here.” She offered, confused and floundering for words.

Seth’s face was impossible to read, his eyes were full of tenderness but his words were curt, “Not tonight. But I’ll call you tomorrow, I promise.”  He chastely kissed her cheek as he maneuvered her toward the stairs.

Gabby felt him slipping away; this was all her fault for not breaking her engagement and admitting that she loved another man a long time ago. She turned toward Seth and kissed his mouth with as much passion and warmth as she felt for him. He almost pulled away, but Gabby felt him respond and bring his hands up to cradle her face, both of them whispering, “I love you” over and over again to each other.

Gabby was feeling things slip back into place with them when the door to Seth’s apartment swung open and Gabby looked up to see a familiar face.

“So…” the girl quipped “…this is the new woman in your life, the one you’ve spent the last hour telling me about? The girl you’ve fallen head over heels in love with?”

All the blood drained from Seth’s face as he nodded. The girl turned her gaze to her.

“Hello Gabby. Or should I call you Bree? “

Gabby suddenly felt sick as she looked up into Justine’s ice cold gaze.




For Studio30Plus I used the PROMPT:

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Inside Jokes (The Path You Choose) {Master Class}

Welcome back for THE PATH YOU CHOOSE.
Carrie has a great piece today (WOW!), CLICK HERE to read it.
Missed any along the path??? CLICK HERE!


 “We could take in a quick bite at the restaurant at the end of the universe.”

Gabby nursed a gin and tonic and tried not to eavesdrop.

“It’s from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.”

“Is that a movie?” The big doe eyes of Misty Bell registered puzzlement and Gabby tried not to snort the alcohol out of her nose.

“No it’s from a book…” the handsome campaign volunteer tried to explain to Misty Bell. Misty Bell, oldest daughter of Gladys and Chamberlain Bell and their old, old, old money, but even all that cash didn’t ensure smarts as was evidenced by the way confusion was pulling down the corners of Misty’s perfect pout.

But t was exactly the kind of inside  joke that she and Seth would have shared and kept going all afternoon. Gabby tried to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes as she flashed back to the last few minutes she’d had with him today. Remembering him standing there with her diamond perched between his fingers took her breath away and not in a good way, because she also remembered how she’d marched over snatched the bauble from him, jammed it on her finger and stomped out the door without a word.

Who’s the idiot now?” she asked herself and looked down at her 2 carat mistake, adjusting it so it sat at the center of her finger. She hadn’t spoken to Stephen since they’d arrived together; but that was nothing new. Lately, they were just a photo op while he was off making friends and influencing voters.  And where the hell was Justine? Wasn’t this was supposed to be the last function she’d attend before she and Liam headed back to London?

“Well, hello dear. Let me admire that gorgeous ring with you.” Speak of the devil; Gladys Bell had stumbled over on her way back to the bar for a refill. She grabbed Gabby’s hand and after taking a good long look, pulled her towards her. “So you’re going to be the First Lady of New York?” she stage whispered with venom in her voice.

Gabby suddenly remembered Stephen telling her that Misty had been a summer fling a few years back. “Looks that way.” Gabby acknowledged flashing one of her thousand watt smiles. “I’m so proud of all Stephen’s accomplished already; it will be an honor to be at his side when he takes office.”

Mrs. Bell sniffed and lurched away, “ Always nice talking to you, Gabrielle.”

Jesus, was this what life was going to be like from now on? An endless parade of people whispering vile things into her ears while smiling at her face and her husband off saving the state until his own minions  starting whispering about seeking  the White House? Gabby almost fainted on the spot when she thought about the scrutiny that she and her family, oh dear God , her family, would incite once Stephen took office.

“I need another drink.” She thought . Which reminded her of Seth and his lean arms wiping down a bar with one hand and pouring a martini with the other.

Faintly lifting her empty glass to one of the waiters, she nodded and was  was adjusting  the neckline of her gown when Stephen caught her eye from across the room. Making the universal sign for “I’m sorry but I’m going to be here awhile”  he winked at her and turned back to Bud’s cronies.

Relief swept over her when she was suddenly aware  she could leave and no one would miss her now. So without thinking she deposited her empty glass on an empty table and scurried, as fast as she could in these shoes, toward the door. Looking back only once to confirm what she knew.

She never saw Bud witness her escape.

Outside she took in the night air and raised her hand for a taxi.

Seth opened the door a fraction of an inch and looked surprised to see her.



“You look nice.”

“Thanks. “ Gabby answered, not knowing what else to say, when all she really wanted to do was apologize for acting the way she had. She thought of Misty Bell.

“Hey, are you hungry?” she asked.

The corners of Seth’s mouth inched up “A little…”

Gabby flashed another of her thousand watt smiles, “Well, we could take in a quick bite at the restaurant at the end of the universe.



This week with SAM and Master Class

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Bring on the Heartache {The Path You Choose} (Master Class/Studio30Plus)

Carrie (because she’s awesome!) let me have a little break this weekend and so here we are on Tuesday with our latest installments of THE PATH YOU CHOOSE(they are all HERE courtesy of Carrie).

CLICK HERE to read Carrie’s. (It’s fantastic!)





Gabby sat across from Seth and wished she could reach over and smooth his furrowed brow, but she didn’t dare. Ever since Libby and Trent had discovered them last week, Seth had been skittish and moody. But every time she tried to broach the subject of why she hadn’t mentioned him to Libby yet he just shut her down and told her it was no big deal.

She knew better.

She watched him slash the paper he was holding with his favorite red pen and let out a low almost entertained whistle, “ listen to this…” He said pushing his reading glasses up to the top of his brown curls, “…’he dipped his mouth to hers as the black shroud of night had just begun to lift, later he made his way through the ironbound doors of the monastery’s inner gate to repent for his sins’. Complete plagiarism of a fine literary work! Now, I have to decide whether to just call him on this or give him the F he deserves.”

“Be nice…” she said from her corner of the couch, smiling inwardly at how much she knew he was enjoying teaching again. At her gentle urging he had hired an extra bartender for two nights a week and had taken an adjunct position this semester.

“I am being nice! This kid is constantly testing my patience and, and! stealing from other writers a hell of a lot more talented than he is.” Seth said stabbing the air with the pen. “Although you gotta hand it to him, he does filch from the most obscure books. Maybe I should give him credit for being extra sneaky.” Gabby laughed as she saw him scrawl a D on the top of the paper and then toss it and the pen to the edge of the couch.

“C’mere baby.” He said, reaching for her. Happily surprised Gabby closed the book she hadn’t been reading anyway and scooted over to his arms. The butterflies swarmed in her tummy as he kissed the tip of her nose and pushed the hair away from her face.

“Sorry I’ve been such a grump the past few days.”

“I understand…”

“You shouldn’t have to understand, Bree.” He said, still placing kisses on various parts of her face, then moved to her neck as his fingers worked their way under her tank top. “I just have a lot on my mind.” He added pushing her down into the cushions.

Gabby almost let herself get lost in the moment, until she realized what time it was. Gently she eased his hands away and sat up.

“I gotta go, remember?”

His eyes clouded, “Oh. Right.”

“I’m sorry, but I really have to be seen at this one. The whole clan is going to be there.” She  got up and starting stuffing her feet into her shoes.

Seth was quiet as she made her way around him, couriering empty glasses and used dishes to the sink, as the intimacy of the room dissipated.

Gabby hooked her bag over her shoulder and glanced at Seth who was still sitting on the edge of the couch.

“I’ll call you later?”

“Sure, whatever.” He answered and stood up.

Gabby felt the bottom of her stomach drop, “Seth, I’m sorry for not telling Libby about you, but it’s not because I don’t care about you, I do. I lov…”

He sighed, “Bree, you have to go, the Taylor’s wouldn’t want you to be late. ”

“Yeah.” She nodded, wishing away the guilty tears welling in her eyes and put her hand on the doorknob.

“Hey.” He said and she turned around to see him holding her diamond between his fingers. “Forgetting something?”


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Caught! {The Path You Choose} (Studio30Plus & Inspiration Monday)

I am currently enjoying the beaches of New Jersey as we say goodbye to summer this Labor Day Weekend.

Carrie and I invite you to  read the newest chapters in our story of choices and paths you choose.

Click HERE to read hers today. (It’s explosive!!!)







Gabby knew it’d been too good to be true. For almost two months she’d been able to keep the two worlds she was living in a secret from everyone and in hindsight she realized that it was about time someone finally caught her.

She’d been bouncing from galas and fundraisers, dressing the socialites that were attending and playing the dutiful fiancé of the future governor of New York in one life and in the other she was blissfully happy to order Chinese or find some small out- of- the- way places where she could spend time alone with Seth. Lately, she’d been feigning migraines more often or blaming a difficult customer and a late appointment so that she could be excused from the political circus that Steven had no choice but to be part of. She attended just enough of the festivities to calm the rumor mills and make sure that she was seen as a loyal and involved part of the Taylor clan.

Thankfully it hadn’t been photographers for The Post or The Times that had discovered her and Seth mid-clench in that little bistro in SOHO last week. Nope, instead Gabby had desperately tried to pull her skirt back down over her thighs and adjust her blouse as she took in Libby and their friend Trent standing slack jawed and shaking their heads in disbelief at their display in the corner booth.

Trent was a buyer for Michael Kors who was simply too good looking to be straight, so it was a good thing he wasn’t. Once he’d tsked-tsked his way past her to insert himself between them in the small booth, all the while winking and making the blush in her cheeks seep down into her v-neck, he’d presented his hand to Seth.

“Well, well, well. Hello handsome. “

Seth got a deer in the headlights look on his face as he shook Trent’s hand, straining to lock eyes with her.

“It’s okay.” She soothed reaching for his hand across the table.

“Oh yes,” Trent agreed, his blonde hair bouncing across his eyes as he nodded, ‘everything is a-okay.”

“So Gabs, who’s your friend?”  Trent asked.

But before Gabby could find her own voice it was Libby’s that thundered inside the cozy café, “Yeah, Gabby,” she hissed , “who the hell is this?”

Gabby flinched at question and obvious hurt in her best friend’s voice.

She looked up at Libby and whimpered, “I’ve been meaning to tell you. “

Libby eyes glared at her, “Oh well, if you’ve been meaning to tell me, I guess that’s okay. Next you’ll tell me you’ve been too busy…”

“Libby, please…”

“Oh right, we friggin work together, in the same space, for more than eight hours a day, every day.”

Gabby felt Seth and Trent watching their exchange with a confused mix of worry and interest. She blushed again when Seth tried to defend her, opening his mouth before Trent shut him down by placing his index finger against his own lips, “Shhh, this isn’t your fight right now my friend.”

“Libby,” she said as she stood up to look her friend in the eyes, “I know you must be angry…”

“Gabrielle, angry doesn’t come close to scratching the surface of what I’m feeling right now. How could you keep something like this, like him” she said pointing at Seth, “from me?”

Tears pricked the corners of her eyes but instead of breaking down, Gabby made her way around Libby and coaxed Seth from the booth. As soon as he was standing Gabby took his hand and looked at her friends, “Libby, Trent;  I’d like to you to meet Seth Foley.”



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Waiting For An Answer {The Path You Choose/Inspriration Monday}


Carrie and I are back with our story of Love and Choices. 

here is Carrie’s stunning offering this week with Gabriella’s side : CLICK HERE. (GO! Read!) 

missed some of our STORY? CLICK HERE.


Gabby was ready to tuck into her steaming omelet when she remembered the gift she’d picked up for Justine.

“Here” She said, transferring the handles to her friend and picking up her fork.

“What’s in the bag?” Justine asked, a smile spreading across her face.

Gabby winked, “Just a little something for my future sister in law, on the occasion of her own engagement.”

Watching Justine rifle past the flimsy tissue paper and discover the blue box at the bottom of the bag, laughing when her friend squealed.

“Tiffany!?” she shouted in the quiet café.

“It’s just a little something.” Gabby said, turning her focus back to her eggs. “You’ll see.”

Justine shoved the tissue back into the bag and set the blue box in front of her. “You didn’t have to…”

“I know…”

The girls’ laughter again bounced off the wall as patrons at other tables peered at them over the rims of their coffee cups so the girls tried to stifle their amusement in one another.

“Sorry…” Gabby mouthed to a particularly annoyed matron sipping tea and doing the Times Crossword, but went right back to chuckling when her eyes met Justine’s across the table. Remembering one of their first meetings Gabby smiled to herself, “I’ve never had a sister.” Justine had said as she wrapped Gabby in a tight, welcoming hug. Right from the start, they’d been instant friends and it always  hurt that Justine lived so far away.

She knew why, now, but that didn’t make not having her in her day to day life any easier. Gabby had Libby forever, but if she was going to survive life in the Taylor family after Steven became governor and she became first lady of the great state of New Year she was going to need as many allies as she could get.

That was, if she could forget how Seth’s hands had felt on her just this morning, the third time this week she’d promised herself that she would ignore his calls, resist his sweet kisses, refuse his breathless pleas for her to stay the night and then she’s find herself tangled, satisfied and completely blissful in his bed as sunlight streamed through the curtains.

Seeing Justine just complicated this whole mess of emotions. Knowing that Justine was the woman that Seth had shared his bed with and wanted to share his life with caused the knots in her stomach to tighten.

Jolted back to the table by Justine wrapping her arms around her neck and shaking the sterling silver bangle on her arm, Gabby returned the hug , ‘You’re so welcome, Jus. Do you like it?”

Justine made her way back to her own chair, spinning the bracelet, “Oh I love it, I’ve always wanted one.” She got thoughtful for a minute, ‘you’d think with all that Taylor money I’d have one wouldn’t you? But sometimes even the rich are oblivious to want.” Justine picked up her coffee cup and took on  a far-away look.

Uncomfortable with the silence, Gabby smiled and reached for Justine’s hand. “Hey, why don’t you tell me all about man who put that beautiful diamond on your finger?”

Shaking her head back to the table Justine pushed her mouth into a smile. “Oh. Liam. Well he’s just about perfect, no matter what my dad thinks.” She sipped her coffee. “I was engaged once before you know.”

Gabby felt color rising on her freckled skin, not ready for this discussion.

“You were not!” she said, lying and hating herself for it.

“I was; to a really great guy. I loved him a lot.” Justine’s said as her eyes filled.

“So what happened?” Gabby asked, unsure of how much she could hear without breaking into tears too.  

“My dad.” Justine answered, as if those two words explained everything. Which of course, they did, to anyone who knew Bud Taylor.

Justine leaned across the table and lowered her voice, “I don’t know if I’ve ever really gotten over Seth. That’s his name, Seth Foley. I’m thinking of seeing him, contacting him while I’m here just to make sure that there aren’t feelings …lingering. You know? I don’t know, I just want to be sure about Liam. Oh God, Gabby what do you think I should do?”

Justine’s tears were freely flowing down her cheeks by now and Gabby feared her own would spill any moment, or that she’d open her mouth and tell Justine that she might be falling in love with Seth.

So she scooped the remaining eggs in her mouth while Justine’s eyes locked on her and chewed, completely ignoring the fact that her future sister in law was waiting for an answer.


This week I used a new prompt, THANK YOU CARRIE, from Inspiration Monday 

inmon-badge c2

from bekind rewrite. 

The Prompts:







Coffee Break {The Path You Choose/Master Class}


Carrie and I are back with The Path You Choose, you can read her great installment this week if you CLICK HERE

missed any? well then CLICK HERE to catch up on our story of Love and Choices.


Justine was centering her silverware on the linen napkin, fork-knife, spoon, when the waitress came by with a steaming carafe.

“Top that off miss?” she asked, ready to pour.

Startled out of her reverie, Justine nodded and smiled, “Oh yes, please.”

She watched as her cup filled with Colombian blend. As soon as the waitress moved on she took a moment to cradle the cup with both hands and breathe in the heady aroma until her fingers reached for three packets of sugar.   

Once she’d emptied them she picked up her spoon and slowly began stirring, three times clockwise, three times counterclockwise;  a sip and a satisfied sigh later the cup clinked when she settled it on the saucer.

Justine checked her watch and looked out toward the front of the café again, Gabby should be here any minute and she was anxious to finally divulge all the details of her fiance to her soon to be sister-in-law. Keeping a secret from her family this long had been nothing short of torturous and she desperately needed a confidant and allay. Gabby was the perfect choice.

She’d left Liam in the hotel room, although he’d wanted to accompany her to this impromptu breakfast meeting, for reasons he never needed to know about. Justine picked up the spoon and began stirring again, her thoughts swirling and mixing too.

Coming back to New York had brought back too many memories. Even as she and Liam wandered the streets she’d fled hand in hand, every time they got close to 7th Avenue she began to feel the stirrings, faint but unmistakable, of a long lost love. So many years later she still wondered if she’d left Seth for his own good or hers.

It was why when her fiancé had asked, in his velvety accent if he could tag along this morning, she’d smiled and kissed his full mouth, but told him that she wanted Gabby all to herself for a few hours to discuss girl stuff,” you know weddings and bridesmaids, things that’ll  bore you into a coma.

Liam had laughed and wrapped her up in his strong arms, kissing her nose, “okay Lass, I’ll go do some sightseeing of my own and wait for your return.” Justine smiled at the memory and the fact that everything he said came out sounding like he was quoting a medieval romance novel. Liam was everything she’d ever wanted, wasn’t he?

Again startled out of her daydreams again, Justine looked up to see Gabby hooking her bag over the chair and plopping  down into the chair opposite her, a happy smile lighting her face.

Before Gabby could say a word, Justine found herself spouting, “Wow, Gabby, you look …” she paused to take in the smile that was now lighting up the room.She still found it hard to believe that marriage to her brother and the struggles and stress of the campaign hadn’t dimmed Gabby’s happiness, “…radiant.”

Justine grinned as Gabby’s cheeks took on color like a sinking boat, averting her eyes from Justine’s as she raised her arm to signal the waitress.

“So…” Gabby said to her as the girl came over with the carafe, peeking out from behind her menu “…tell me all about this new man in your life.”

Justine paused, taking an extra minute to sip her coffee. She’d wanted to spend time with Gabby spilling all her secrets, how she and Liam had met, what he did for a living, even how her thesis was months, hell years, from truly being done because she’d gotten caught up in a present day fairytale with a bloke she’d met in London.


Yes, she’d come here to tell Gabby all about Liam, but maybe it was time to tell her future sister- in-law about Seth, and  admit how much she still missed him.


For this assignment, Troy was asked to choose the 5th book from his top shelf and turn to the 55th page and give us the 5th true line from that page. The book was A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd and the line was “I sensed the stirrings, faint but unmistakable, of an afternoon love.” I changed the wording a bit to make it work, hoping the teacher (SAM) lets it slide. *wink*


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The Morning After : {The Path You Choose}

Carrie and I are back with our dual tale of CHOICES.

You can read her latest (awesome) installment HERE.

Missed any of the story, CLICK HERE.


Light streamed in through the windows and Gabby moved slightly, straining against the pleasurable ache in her thighs. Seth’s hand was cradling her bare belly and she didn’t want to move or break the spell of the last fourteen hours. 

From the moment Seth’s kiss had devoured her in the backseat of the cab to the moment when he’d taken the rest of her with the same passionate abandonment her world had shifted; where only black and white had existed before now she saw a rosy tinged gray and she basked in it.

Last night had awakened a passion in her that she’d forgotten in recent years. As Seth stripped her off her clothes, he took all her hesitations and doubts and dropped them to the floor too. He’d literally kissed and caressed her back to life; opening more than her legs and her mind as he kicked down the door to her heart.

Gabby felt her face color as she remembered the gentle and yet ravenous way he’d made love to her. They had finally ended up in his bed, spent, satisfied and wrapped around each other but only after they had made great use of his kitchen counter, the oak coffee table and his leather recliner. The blush  slowly creeping into her cheeks wasn’t of shame or guilt, it wasn’t even of remorse. No, instead she felt a heady delight.

Hesitant to leave the warm circle of Seth’s arms, she wiggled and squirmed to edge of the bed, careful not to disturb his sleep.

She had to pee.

Gabby got out of  bed, naked and chilly. Moving toward the bathroom off the bedroom, she casually reached for a shirt lying on the armchair. Pulling the soft cotton over her head she stifled a giggle as she realized she was once again sporting a grey Foley’s T-shirt.

In the bathroom she did her business, washed her face and hands and brushed her teeth with a dab of his toothpaste on her fingertip. She tippy-toed her way across the hardwood floors to the kitchen as her tummy growled in protest of its forced fast.

Gabby had barely seen the apartment yesterday so she took her time curiously taking in the built-in bookshelves, the widescreen TV and the exposed brick on the back wall of his bedroom and the living room. The galley kitchen sported white and glass cabinets giving it a nautical feel that was confirmed by the tile back-splash decorated with tiny anchors.

Placing a mug with the Irish Flag on it under the Keurig and waiting it for to fill she peeked into his cookie jar and grinned when she found it stocked with chocolate chip. Munching on one and carrying around another three, she wandered around the living room. Taking note of the framed over-sized poster of Springsteen’s Born to Run and then close by another framed picture of the 1994 New York Rangers, sticks raised high in victory.

Padding back to the kitchen, she grabbed the coffee cup,  splashed in some half-and-half she found in the frig and made her way back to the bedroom, still munching on the cookies. Stopping and leaning against the door jam she smiled as she watched Seth wake, rub his eyes and reach for her empty side of the bed.

“Hey.” She said.

“Oh.” He answered, looking over and smiling at her, “Hey.”

“I was hungry.” She confessed, holding up the cookies.

Seth laughed, “ I never did feed you dinner last night.”

Gabby started toward him, ‘Well I wasn’t hungry for food last night.”

It was Seth’s turn to blush, “Well I’ll make it up to you with a spectacular breakfast.”

“Promise?” she teased.

“Promise.” He nodded and then winked at her, “as soon as you return my  T-shirt.”


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