When A Hopeless Romantic Falls In Love


You had me at hello…

Okay?  (Okay.)

It wasn’t logic, it was love.

Pick me!

Choose me!

Love me!

Remember I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…

scared of walking out of here and never feeling this way again.

 My answer to the ultimate question. 


*author’s note: Can you guess all the movies/TV shows?* 

Still Crazy After All These Years?

A ring around your finger
should halt
The longing…
(or is it yearning?)

But a smile across the room,
A hug
(for a second too long)
Where you breathe in the faintest whiff of sandalwood

And suddenly
You’re sixteen all over again.

My answer to the ultimate question this week.

Small Talk

I swiped your parking space

( in return) you snatched my breath.

When a (much imagined ) coincidence

shimmered in my rear-view, common sense retreated.

My feet should have done the same…

Any idea much it costs to remove teeth marks from Jimmy Choos?


I place my hand over your taut skin

where my fingers graze your dragon tattoo





following the




of your sentience





navigating a route

I fear might be impossible to abandon


My response to the weekly question.

A Gargleblaster (42 words)

The Siren’s Secret

My Captain

Surely you must know by now there is no longer a need to plunder, nick or pillage any longer, searching the horizon for a glimpse of my rainbow-hued scales to break the water.

You’ve already stolen my heart.




The ultimate question: are you on your way to steal my mermaid?

Smoke Signals

When he comes calling

you’ll oblige the fates

and follow;

like a moth to a flame

or a ship to the rocks lured by a mermaid’s song.

Later all you’ll wonder is why it’s unlawful to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

What’s your sign?


Tendrils tangle.

Throat strings snag

like the line of a tie-dyed child’s plaything.

A troublesome knot halts my ascent

making me an unwilling taciturn.


tied up-and-twisted;

dip my timbre between trembling lips.

Once loquacious,

I try,

unable to find my voice.

Want to know what a Gargleblaster is? CLICK HERE!


Hands clasped

head bowed

knees bent to wooden slabs.

I asked for the impossible…

and for a brief bright shining moment

I stood in the light

soaked in the warmth

allowing myself to dream.


Love, I believe I’ve met your twin.


Did Grace say that, too? 

Chains of Love {Gargleblaster}


There was never any doubt,

from the moment your eyes caught mine

with your voice lilting me to your side,

that I would sit (obediently) in the sanctuary of your love.


You never need to ask,

My song is forever your name.


Garlgleblaster this week:
Why does the caged bird sing?
(Well it’s Love of course!)

Anamnesis {Gargleblaster}

Gently tugging at the delicate strings,

teasing the sensitive tendrils of my subconscious

I run my fingers along the jagged, toothy edges, snagging a stray cuticle.

Ripping, burrowing under my skin, drawing blood to the surface

I suck-

tasting iron and regret.


Is something crawling on me?


Recipe for a proper gargleblaster

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