When You Wish Upon a Star {Haiku Friday}


Haiku Friday


tiny miracle

of our old friendship, I’m your

fairy godmother.


Linking with my friend Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday


This Sunday I am proud and tickled to know that I’ll be holding my new godson as he is christened.

My best friend Lisa had a baby boy who now not only shares a birthday with my sons but now a christening date too. It’s a sweet serendipity that proves she is simply another sister the universe gave me.

I have never been a godmother.

So to be asked…

it’s always been you Kir, even when I was sure I might not ever want children, you’ve always been my choice. You’re the best person I know and I want you to be his godmother.”

was the sweetest and most heart- touching surprise.


Storytellers {Haiku Friday)



The most beautiful

stories are the ones we share 

with one another. 


Haiku Friday


I love telling stories.

Sometimes the ones I tell in 17 syllables are my favorite.
Join Lou of Louceel for Haiku Friday


Books and stories and words, three of my favorite things.

My friend Katie, of Sluiter Nation dreams of building a LIBRARY for her students. If you have any books you’d like to share (used books are welcome!)  or can buy one (or five!) click this link, read her story about building her dream and help!

LTYM shows  begin this week.

I am a proud alumni, part of the inaugural NYC cast of 2012.

The inaugural Boston show is tomorrow, April 26th and my dear friend Cameron (one of the best storytellers I know) will be sharing her words. And next week many (MANY!) more of my friends will be directing, producing and sharing in shows around the country. One of my dearest blogging friends, Angela Amman is one of them making her directing/producing debut.

Much love to you Angie, break a leg! 

If you are near enough to attend a show, and there are plenty of places to see one, I encourage you to sit in that audience and listen to all those incredible stories.

Wishing every cast a fantastic show.
Ann , thank you for giving the world Listen To Your Mother.

Thank you for changing my life.

Soothe the Savages {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday


Archetypes! Play nice!

If I promise a story line

will you settle down?


I started my “Write Your First Novel ” class at a local college.

Already, I am learning things,  immersed in techniques.

I am hearing voices and they are eager for me to tell their stories: in between my naps.

Linking up with  Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday.

Beat the Chill : Haiku Friday


Haiku Friday


Rewrite history

to help me conjure your smile

when it warmed my life. 



Linking up with Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday.

Aftertaste of Love : Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday


Licking the icing

I swallowed your words to me.

Ah, sweet tang of joy.

Even though the wind howled and the snow fell, February is still a month of celebration for me.

So reading all the words of my friends and family gave to me as gifts has been a lovely light in this dark winter.

linking up with Tara and Lou for Haiku Friday


Heaven’s DJ {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday

The bartender’s voice

Announces the hour and you

Spin one more dance groove.

Glasses raised high, they

Toast your entertainment, with a

Tumbler of the GOOSE.

Even as your light

dims, Your life still sparkles in

neon and backbeats.

Your music muted.

There will never be

Another quite like you now.


On December 10th I said goodbye to my baby brother at the tender (and very unfair) age of 34.

This is the first of many, many, many writings I know will come out of my grief.

My brother was a pharmaceutical rep by day and DJ Benny Beats by night.

His one true wish, his dream was to entertain the masses.

Thank you for letting me share a small piece of him here.

RIP my beautiful baby brother

Benny Beats2

Linking with my friends Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook and Lou for Haiku Friday.

Impossible Is Not a Definite,It is a Dare {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday



A gentle soul is gone

Taking his light, but leaving

his words. Thank you, sir. 


One of my favorite quotes (and I do love quotes) is one from the gentle gentleman, Nelson Mandela.

We lost this beautiful soul, this light in our world yesterday.


I will not forget, I promise. 


Linking up with my friend Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook and Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday. 

Come join us and share 17 syllables of your own.

Adieu {Haiku Friday}




Removed my anklet

The delicate starfish said

until next summer.



Haiku Friday

I’ve missed writing with Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday

so this morning as I removed my favorite anklet and pulled boots on, welcoming fall and mourning summer,

I formed 17 syllables.

TGIF to all of you.

Oh How The Years Go By {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday

More today than then

that’s how our love always been

let’s keep it that way


Joining in on the 17 syllable fun with my friend Lou (Missed you!) and Haiku Friday. 


Tomorrow, August 31st,  John and I  will celebrate 10 years of marriage.

You can hop over to The Kir Corner tomorrow to read our story and party with us.


Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend



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