Inside the Chamber





They sent him to a small, dark room off the brightly lit council gathering space . The walls were draped in rich, heavy tapestries that hung floor to ceiling, and were the color of deep, mythical amethysts.

Amriel didn’t dare evaporate or spread his wings, which twitched against his back as he shuffled  along next to the duo of angels who flanked him, brothers Jahoel and Jehudiel, along the hallway lit by tall .

Once the room had swallowed the trio Amriel sank against one of the velvet walls, “So this is what the Chamber of Secrets looks like?” he said to the angels who’d  positioned themselves with their backs to door.

Jahoel, the younger twin, couldn’t keep the concern from his voice,  “Amriel, you are in deep trouble my friend.”

But Amriel was hardly listening as he pretended to hang his head and gazed into the tiny pile of white powder in his palm that resembled tiny, pinpoint stars.

Right before he collapsed, he watched as  Jane woke up, dewy-eyed, to the sight of Wakeford at her bedside.


For Studio30Plus:

This week, we borrow from Laura, “Newborn.”

“… chamber of secrets” and “stars”


For Velvet Verbosity: 

The word of the week is Dewy 



100 Words Writing Prompt

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Lucy in Love: Featured at Flash Fiction Magazine

It’s nice to write for all of you and have you come here and read my words.

I love those visits.


But sometimes I dream about having a bigger stage than this little blog for my stories.


Today, my flash fiction piece Lucy in Love is being featured on Flash Fiction Magazine and I’m thrilled.


A bigger stage for that lovely little piece about a girl in love.


Inviting you over to read it there and a HUGE thank you to Flash Fiction Magazine for choosing to share it.

flash fiction



A Fool for the Man



The choice should be simple

And yet…

It’s not.


head and heart

be fightin’

tooth and nail

like your siblings at the Thanksgiving dinner table

until your grandmother is tsk-tsking

and your mama is sighin’

and your daddy is yellin’

and pretty soon your very

soul is sobbin’…


Because the grass IS greener and the colors ARE brighter

and he was the one dream

you never counted on

coming true.


But you’ll try-

pickin’ up your fork to swallow down your

pride alongside the lumpy mashed that keeps getting stuck to the dry roof of your mouth


You’re damn sure gonna need more tears to wash that mess down girlie.


So keep on pickin’,

scraping those tongs across your plate

and keep forgettin’

if you know what’s good for ya.


Cause ya never know when the world will get weird

and you’ll be sidesteppin’ every memory

only to land smack-dab in the middle of long ago-and-far-away

reminiscing about how good it felt to kiss his mouth


You ain’t never gonna be prepared when

he’s standing, right there, in front of ya again…

and dear Jesus, all you’ll be thinkin’ is

Lord Almighty that man is fine

while all you’re hearin’ is


or Patti

or Barry  (whichever one gets those juices flowin’)

movin’ through your veins like a wink from the other side of the room.


Heart’s already gone…

while your head’s shaking its own, muttering

you foolish, foolish, girl”

….damn child,  here we go again.



For Studio30Plus

(are you #WritingWithUs yet? You should be!)

I missed last week and so I have used both prompts since one was from my piece Autumn Offering.

“The choice should be simple”

and this week’s

“here we go again/weird

from Nonamedufus and Tara’s offerings.



When A Hopeless Romantic Falls In Love


You had me at hello…

Okay?  (Okay.)

It wasn’t logic, it was love.

Pick me!

Choose me!

Love me!

Remember I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…

scared of walking out of here and never feeling this way again.

 My answer to the ultimate question. 


*author’s note: Can you guess all the movies/TV shows?*
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