Precipice Volume 3 is Here!

Words and stories fuel me.

Stories in every form, from fiction to memoir, interest and entice me.

In the years since I have embraced the writer inside me I have been lifted, broken, intrigued and awed by the stories I have had the privilege to read. I have also been filled with joy by sharing my own stories and poems with you. There is nothing like a community of people who “get” you and help you find your words as you tell your stories.

Precipice Volume 3 is available today from the editors of Bannerwing Books.  Those women of Bannerwing are tireless in their goal to bring you beautiful, thoughtful, thought-changing stories.

This year the theme for this beautiful anthology was boundaries. The contributors brought their best work and you feel that between the pages as they explored the idea of barriers, confines, invisible lines and boundaries of every kind.

I have a poem in this book, one about stars and distance and hope.

I hope you get your copy.

I hope the stories by some of my favorite people, women who have shared the most beautiful stories of their lives, become your favorites.


You can get your copy here today, Monday November 17th.

Precipice cover_final


***I’d like to thank the team at Bannerwing Books for choosing Stargazing for this book. To Angela, Cameron and Mandy, thank you.


I am so honored to be among the pages of this beautiful anthology along with some dear friends; Kristen Vanderhay Shaw, Elaine Alguire  Jennifer Williams, Andrea Mowrey, Angie Kinghorn, Shelton Keys Dunning, Elizabeth Yon and many others.
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