The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 4)

A new day, a new chapter in our story.

Here is Chapter 4 of  The Love Story of Kimmy & David.


Chapter 4

Anywhere But Here 

Kimmy banged her head on the steering wheel. She had not counted on traffic today. It was supposed to be a straight shot up Tappan Zee Bridge to Liza’s family’s country house in Connecticut. This time of year, it would be empty and that was exactly what she needed. A place to empty her head and luggage, to just sit and stare out a window for a while, she had packed books she wouldn’t read, tops she wouldn’t wear, makeup she would ignore.

Her intentions were good; to sleep and calm down, de-stress and plan her next move. However, from past experience she knew that she would cry more than she counted on, eat more potato chips than her WW points allowed and indulge in chick flicks that should just stay in their pink shiny boxes.

I want to be anywhere but here, Kimmy thought. Coincidentally it was also the song streaming out of her IPod as her blue Highlander inched forward like a person with a walker. This kd Lang song was a old favorite and Kimmy touched the knob, encouraging it to a higher volume and sang

All too often the dreams I’ve dreamed have died, And all too often I’m never satisfied

A chance of freedom, a chance of fate, A chance I’ll take

Oh, leave it all to disappear, I’m heading anywhere but here”

Kimmy, felt the hot tears pinch the side of her eyes, the ducts filling before she could stop them. She was running and she knew it. It was her choice to do this and a few hours ago, standing in her airy apartment dragging the brown alligator bag from her closet and throwing things in it before her brain could protest, she had thought this was the right decision.

David did not love her.

Her shoulders sagged with the realization every single time.

He cared about her deeply and would probably be very sad to know what she had done in a fit of clarity. Chances were he had not opened the envelope she had left for him between the screen and door yet and that was ok. Kimmy was no longer in a rush to make things happen.

Traffic moved and Kimmy put the car in drive, moved a few feet and stopped again. Music was filling up the car, the songs that normally buoyed her mood, lit her smile, and were acting like school bullies, Survivor asking if its love, Nicole Sponberg crazy in love, The Cast of Rent singing about seasons of it and even Elton John reminding her that mama can’t buy it.

They say that some things that start with a bang end with a whimper. In years to come the story of this breakup would be the same one from both sides, and that would be that David did this. But Kimmy and David both knew who was to blame, Kimmy had blinked, called in her bets. David had not folded, instead he offered to put more money in the pot, keep playing but Kimmy had decided that it was all or nothing.

The deal breaker.

As if on cue, Joan Jett was screaming inside the SUV, “I hate myself for loving you” and Kimmy hit the shuffle button, disappointed when she was given the Script singing about hearts not breaking even and then Culture Club asking “do you really want to hurt me?”

“Nope”, she whispered, “I don’t want to anyone to get hurt”.

Up ahead, traffic was rolling, cars cautiously accelerating, and she hit her own gas pedal, one hand on the wheel and the other tapping the IPod, completely ignoring the jingle of her cell phone.

No David. No Liza. No Mom. No distractions.

She was determined to make some decisions on her own this time. Maybe in a few days she’d be able to talk to David, “go somewhere only we know” and articulate her feelings.

As if the universe heard her, Alana Davis serenading her with an anthem of her late 20’s,

I’m not trying to give my life meaning, by demeaning you

and I would like to state for the record,  I did everything that I could do

I am 32 flavors and then some…

And when the tears had stopped flowing down her cheeks, Kimmy saw she was just a mile from her exit. Blinker on, she turned the car in a new direction.


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The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 3)

Ready for your daily dose of Kimmy and David?

Today you’ll meet Kimmy’s best friend Liza and see all of this started.

Here’s Chapter 3.



Chapter 3

Stolen Moments

About 4 Months ago…..

Kimmy sighed and leaned against the door, her backside gently easing it closed, the lock clicking into place. She ran one hand over her black skirt, mindlessly smoothing the wrinkles with one hand while her other lightly touched her lips rubbed raw from his, Angelina Jolie plumped, delight creeping up her cheeks behind the blush that warmed her from the inside out.

She twirled around the room like a child, barely able to contain herself. They had made it past the awkwardness and newness of the first date, the anticipation of wondering if their chemistry would last through the second and at last succumbing to it tonight, sinking down into those kisses that only led to more passionate kisses. They were going slow, taking each other in, holding out.

Kimmy meandered around her apartment, shuttling empty glasses to the sink, lowering the volume on her IPod humming the song, and picked up her phone. Tapping the screen to life, and fighting the urge to text David,  she pulled up her missed calls and giggled.


Liza had called 3 times, sent 7 texts and tweeted a request for Kimmy to “show herself”. Kimmy jingled her bracelet watch; seeing it was 1:15 am she redialed her best friend, who picked up on the 3rd ring.


“Hi Lize, it’s me” Kimmy chirped, not even bothering to hide her amusement at picturing Liza trying to prop herself up in bed ,tuck her phone under her chin and grab her ponytail with both hands, pulling it high on her head.

“Sooooo” her best friend starts, and Kimmy knows what’s coming. The questions, the masked interest and the guilt that only a person who knows you really well can dish out and get away with.

She ignored her intended displeasure with her and squealed instead, “I literally could die of happiness right now Lize, I swear I’ve never been this happy”.

Liza yawned, loudly, to underscore how exasperated she was, “Kimber, you say that with every new guy” and another yawn, “you were supposed to call when you got home”

Kimmy whispers, “He just left” the smile never leaving her face.

“Oh Dear God, just left? So he’s pretty special huh ?” Liza tone is teasing and friendly, but Kimmy can sense the harshness underneath.

She hesitates, not because she didn’t know what to say. David is special, everything is new and shiny, every moment with him is not enough.

Kimmy who used to live for Fridays and 4pm, who would tick away minutes and hours of a day wishing for her life to start, now wants time to stand still. The dates, the emails, the text messages are all she looks forwards to anymore, well all that and those kisses.

Every other thing she is not doing with him is stolen time; like the universe is a thief. Hours at work, running errands or waiting for him to return a text tick by so slowly that she’s sure her watch must have stopped, but once he’s in her space, her disdain for all things that have numbers and hands on them is apparent.

She’d like to gather up all her useless, meaningless seconds and save them for their long discussions or movies they enjoy, cash in that allotment for more of the ones she spends in his company.

She doesn’t expect Liza to understand. She never did when her friends got involved with a guy and forgot they had a life before him, but she knows with Lize it’s more than that. She’s been there when there was no David.

“Ah c’mon Lize, you know I’m just falling for this guy, can’t you just be happy with me?

Before Liza can rebut and reassure, Kimmy’s phone bongs, a text from David: “had a great time, how about we shoot for Wednesday next week? “

“Kimmy? Kimber?, hey sweetie are you there?” Liza’s voice comes through worried but amused.

“Um,Yep,right here” Kimmy answers, but she is already gone, counting up the time slowly being taken away from her.


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The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 2)

Are you still following along with my favorite couple?
Ready for Chapter 2?

(The prompt asked for a first person account of someone that annoys us, from their POV.)


Chapter 2

David’s Side 

I wake up holding Kimmy’s hand, annoyed that my heart has made a decision that my head hasn’t been able to all night. See normally I just ask her to go home. I watch her face fall as she becomes modest and pulls her clothes on, her eyes full of shame, while shooting daggers at me.

 They can put a man on the moon but they still haven’t found a gracious way to kick a woman out after sex.
Damn NASA.
I look at Kimmy, lost in sleep on my pillows.
Sweet, Kind, Sexy, Interesting Kimmy.
Yes, I do wonder what the hell I’m doing as I dispel the urge to just pull her closer to me, wake her up with my mouth and pull her body underneath mine to a repeat performance of last night. But if I do that there will be assumptions and expectations, forced smiles and unasked questions I could frankly do without. Instead I just sit up, stretch as quietly as I can and made my way through the room, careful not to wake Sleeping Beauty.
My hand brushes the pink blouse I practically ripped off her lost in lust hanging over the the foot-board, taking the memory that arouses me instead. Our jeans are entwined on the floor and because I like the look of that, I grab another pair and pull them on. I start walking toward the door pulling a T-shirt over my head when I trip over Kimmy’s purse.
I stifle a grunt and look down to all the spillage, a pulsing red light on her phone, indicating new messages. I resist the urge to pick it up and find out which of the other men she is currently dating, names she tries to casually drop into conversation, are wondering where she is.
Well, gentlemen, she’s satisfied and in my bed”.
Jealously isn’t normally an emotion I indulge in, but competition is.
My bed, I win.
Hey it’s not like I don’t care about this girl. I do.
She’s got the biggest heart of any person I know, actually pushing me to be a better person when she’s around. She’s sexy in a Catholic School girl way and many of my friends go between telling me she’s a great catch to offers of taking her off my hands if I’m sure ”she’s not the one”.
Jesus, it’s only been 4 months. It takes longer for a football team to make it to the Super Bowl. What’s the hurry?
Seriously, since we’ve met she’s made it her life’s work to be labeled “My girlfriend”, the thought flatters and disgusts me simultaneously. Mostly because the truth is that I love Kimmy, no not just when I’m coming, I love her as a friend.
I love the way she smiles and smells, the way she debates her favorite books and movies with me, how passionate she is about friggin everything. She is like a kid at Christmas all the time; joyful, hopeful, a true believer in magic. I love kissing her; she would tell you that I deny our chemistry, that’s bullshit. I never denied anything; I just think that chemistry isn’t  always enough. We kissed, she felt the thunderbolt, and I didn’t, I still haven’t, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop kissing her.
SO, yes I am aware that my behavior with her borders on mean. When I tell her that “we just aren’t right for each other” I know I pull the curtain back on the magic and I feel bad about that. I hate seeing her face collapse from the reality of those words. Because I also love the way she looks naked and its words like that make her take her smile and her shit and leave while asking teary questions like “what’s wrong with meeeee?”
“Nothing darlin,” I’ll want to say to her pretty blue eyes  “There is nothing wrong with you. How can I make you understand that I know we’re not right for each other?” I find it infuriating that I know this and she refuses to see it. I want her in my life and my bed, but she’s not getting my heart yet and she should really glad about it. It’s not the right place for a sweet girl like her.
But then I remember have a surprise for her, a sweet treat that should serve as a truce for today. I stopped for coffee last night and saw it sitting in the case, the decadent icing a precursor to that pink shirt she showed up in. I am willing to try with her; willing to admit that we could become something. I am going to ask her what she is doing this weekend, suggest going out of town. Yeah, I know that might lead to more expectations, but she might be worth it.
Hey maybe I’ll get the thunderbolt, if nothing else that would be progress.
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The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 1)

Last week I offered the Prologue to The Love Story of Kimmy & David and explained that I’d be posting the unedited (and very *very* rough) original pieces.

Today, CHAPTER 1.


Chapter 1

Sweet Surprise 

The sun light came in through the curtain less windows and warmed Kimmy ‘s face. She tucked her folded hands under her cheek and snuggled against the pillow. For a moment she was completely oblivious to her surroundings.

In a moment, reality set in, she opened her eyes, one at a time, dreading what she might see.

Whew. The pillow next to her was empty.


And, it was morning.


David hadn’t told her to go home? He’d let her spend the night?

Her thoughts spun, she felt happy and unsettled within moments of each other. Truthfully; her feelings for David were as discombobulated as the sheets on his bed. She clung to the sheet, pulling it up over her, closer to her bare body. Immediately, the blush started at her toes and made its way to her cheeks.

Kimmy rolled to her back and stretched her arms and legs, languishing, the dull but pleasurable ache of a night of sex evident in every sore, tightened muscle. She grinned, a small secret smile, which she put away quickly, worried David might glimpse it.

Think she was getting ideas again.

David, Handsome, Witty, Brilliant, Too-good-for-her, David.

Just the mere sound of his name sent her thoughts to illicit places. From the moment his lips met hers in a goodnight kiss four  months ago, she was as good as gone. He became a weakness, an addiction, a goal. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but he did on various occasions, when it mattered most, deny it.

Kimmy sighed, and realized that like all things out of her reach, so was David.

David, Aloof, Practical, Ever at arm’s length, “I don’t like you like that” David.

She didn’t care, she ran to him, did his bidding, took his calls, shed her clothes. He made her feel sexy and smart, relevant and interesting. So what if he only did it in periodic spurts, assuring her that she would never be his final choice?

A girl can dream.

Kimmy sat up, surveyed the room, taking in her high heels perched on the pile of their jeans, her pink blouse tossed and lying seductively over the footboard.

What a night.

David’s blue button down was on the floor, an easy reach for her hand. She leaned and scooped, wound it around her body like a cape, her arms finding the holes and pushing through, pushing herself out of bed. She caught sight of herself in the full length mirror and fluffed her  short blonde hair, buttoned the shirt only enough to be seductive. She found her lace panties and slipped them up her legs.

Where was he?

She ran on  tip toes to the top of the stairs, glanced down over the banister to the kitchen. His head bent over his laptop, feet bare and wrapped around the bottom of the stool. She could see the glow of his phone. He is probably texting another girl right now, she mused.

Well I have his shirt on, and the smile, for a millisecond, crossed her lips again.

Kimmy started down the steps and stopped, stalling, last night she had told him that if he ordered another salad or expected her to, she was never going to speak to him again. I mean honestly how much salad could one person consume before you sprouted a fluffy tail?

He had laughed, ordered something in addition to his salad, he had flirted and taken her home,  but she wondered, as she often did, if she had crossed a line with him.

She chastised herself, sighing loudly, grabbing his attention.

“Hey” David called, beckoning her down to the kitchen.

“Morning” Kimmy answered as her feet hit the cold tile.

“Nice shirt” he acknowledged . His grin unmistakable.


“Hungry?” he started

She was hungry, famished. However, she knew from his lifestyle and food choices what she wanted wasn’t in any drawer or cupboard in this house. A cookie would be more welcome at a fat camp.

“..Because I got you something”.
He pushed his bowl of whole grain cereal to the side and there it was resting on a paper plate.
He watched Kimmy’s face, guaging her reaction to the gift, watching her eyes for an answer.

A doughnut.

Dripping with pink icing, sprinkled with tiny candy hearts, something so out of character in this space that she gasped with joy.

David, amused now, slid the plate in front of Kimmy, pulled her toward him, planted a kiss on the side of her mouth, allowing her access to the gooey treat.

“Share?” he asked, handing her a knife she just noticed on the island.

Leaning into him, she cut it right down the middle, offering him half, biting into hers.
Her mouth tasted the truce, the shared secret within the sweet glaze.
She lifted her eyes to his.
“This” Kimmy giggled, “Is progress”.
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The Love Story of Kimmy & David

I have talked about how my MUSE is napping.

She’s not exactly sleeping, but she’s not in a very talkative mood.

My work life is busy.

Our home life is busy.

(The boys started Kindergarten, John and I will celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary on August 31st and we’ll be away at the beach for the Labor Day weekend)





My MUSE is taking a break. 

But my friend Tiina had a wonderful idea a few weeks back. She encouraged me (in an effort for me to get excited about self publishing it) to take The STORIES OF KIMMY & DAVID and introduce them here, to those of you who have never read them.

Kimmy and David was written from 2011 into 2012, where I used THE RED DRESS CLUB (Now WRITE ON EDGE)  prompts to spin a tale of love, romance, marriage, friendship and lots of those  delectable twists that make a story readable. Since then I’ve added a lot of words to the original story but it’s been a while since I read the originals. I’ve also wanted to put those first unedited stories in order and this is going to give me a chance to do that.

So this week I’m going to post a chapter a day while I am settling back in after a long weekend and school begins again. After that I’ll be writing for all my favorite places again along with  sharing one chapter of the story on Wednesdays.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it.

I also invite and encourage you to offer your own thoughts and ideas for how it works and how it doesn’t.

( please remember these pieces are VERY ROUGH and I am not changing them here, this is merely an exercise in immersing myself in this story again, the editing is going on behind the scenes) 

And now without further ado, I offer you THE LOVE STORY OF KIMMY & DAVID. 



What the Doughnut Saw

I am perched on a paper pedestal, the delicate blue flowers decorating the edges making up for its lousy impression of china.

A frosted pink coat hugs my sweet rounded body; I am bedazzled with tiny colorful gems giving me the look of a dainty princess and making me resist the urge to hum, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty.”

Sitting across from me with his head bent over a small computer that he taps at incessantly, is the man who chose me last night. His big brown eyes roamed over the lovely ladies of the case, his peepers coming to rest on me; pointing me out, choosing me from the others.


I heard her breathless voice whisper it over and over again last night as he grasped her skirted bottom and lifted her on the island as if she were weightless.

His hands wandered over and then under a silky top that matched my rose flush, lifting it over her head while he trailed kisses along the outline of her black lace bra. Her body arched to meet his, her hands in his brown mop of hair and just as I was sure they would consummate right in front of me, David circled her waist and pulled her down to him.

The delicate shirt hung from his index finger as he led her up the staircase.

When he appeared in the kitchen this morning, bare feet shuffling along the hardwood floor in a tattered T-shirt and jeans, I eagerly awaited his attention, but he reached for a chipped bowl and shook grainy cereal into it instead.

Crunching he noticed me and pulled me from my comfortable sack.

I  am wondering what he has in mind for me when he turns toward the sound of footsteps above us.

I hear her name escape his lips and travel up the staircase.


Messy blonde hair frames her sleepy uncertain face as she tugs at the blue- button- down that hits her mid-thigh.

The shirt David was wearing last night.

Thankful that I am already a dainty shade of crimson I peek at their dance of flirtation as David pulls Kimmy toward him and slides the plate over to her.

She gasps in joy as she lifts me to her lips; her bright blue eyes sparkle with what I can only describe as hope.


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