Double Jeopardy

I never asked for more than you promised over and over again in heated whispers with your hot lips pressed to mine.

And if I am complicit in any crime

perhaps it’s the one mired in betrayal (yours)

and ignorance (mine)

As you savor your rum; red and slick like that sticky mess left on your hands, the voices in your head satisfy your convictions.

It was for her own good.


So you killed one to keep another.


Swallow your vows,

bite your tongue,

and wait for counsel

counting the years until your confession means nothing.


Soon enough, dearie, soon enough you can convince your peers it never happened.


But if they ever come back for you

just tell them what you told me

as you plunged the knife and split my soul

It was never about the money….

I did it all for love.


murder wordle

-written (the first thing I’ve written in months) for The Reverie Journal prompt of “Murder She Wrote”. 

The Reverie Journal is Coming Soon!

The Reverie Journal
(thank you to the editors of The Reverie Journal for this amazing button highlighting my favorite line of my poem)
I know that my stories, words and poems have been missing from this page for a while.
I promise to continue those stories soon.
But I came home from vacation to a wonderful email from Laura over at The Reverie Journal that a poem I wrote and submitted had been accepted for publication in their first issue which will be out OCTOBER 9th!
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know that “Good Girl” has found a home among these amazing poets and wordsmiths.
Look for the 1st issue in October!
The Reverie Journal
let's us on a little


my heart leapt out to meet yours

caution signs avoided

peril ignored






and blipped..just once

(ok, twice)

allowing you to riff then rip (it apart)


Red flags were blowin’

sun in my eyes, warmth stealing under my skin coating the inside of my thighs

between the spaces where ecstasy melts into aching  and back again

you passed into my chamber of secrets, if you will,

and sealed our fate forever



The shame, the secrets, the sanctimonious stares

would have been worth the sweet, sultry taste of sinning …

You’re sitting somewhere; on a carefully built pedestal in your leaning –ivory- tower-of – priggishness wishing the water would come in and take all those memories out to sea…

I’m sitting here just wishing I’d kissed you more.


The Reverie is  a new  poetry community I’ve found myself in and (whispering, hoping they let me stay…) I love it.

This week they prompted with a Burning Denial or a Regret:

Sometimes the things we deny ourselves tells us a lot about ourselves.

So tell us, what have you said no to, but you wish you could say yes?

Good Girl

That girl

with her grown up job

and three inch heels

still feels like a child most days.

Even though she comes when she’s called mommy or honey

she yearns for someone to put their mouth against her skin

and call her baby instead,

summoning her dreams from their private places.


She doesn’t follow rules or

listen to the rhetoric of voices

she’s just doing the best she can

to drown out  the silken speech of temptation

while ignoring the yearnings you inspire.


She can stay good as long as you don’t ask her to be bad.


Because if you just reach for her,

eager to draw out the young girl playing dress up

and kiss her like she’s  somethin’

then all bets are off…

she’s gonna follow you anywhere.



I have  a lot of respect and awe for people that write beautiful/soulful/inspiring  poetry.

I just got acquainted with The Reverie and they have a prompt this week asking us to be inspired by a really cool KONGOS song:  Come With Me Now: and decided to write something. schabot.ahmad
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