Talk To Me




I’ve waited,

hopefully sanguine,

for your words of love.

Oh your kisses are sweet, your touches are magic, but you’ll capture my heart with the words you whisper, Lover. 



This weekend, writers, it’s up to you. We want you to choose a word and use it three times in your 33 words. However, it must be either a verb, noun or adjective and the form of the word cannot change, it must appear exactly the same three times.

Holiday Shopping {Trifexxxtra}



“How about this one?”

He loosened the cap and placed the jar under my nose.

I took a deep breath, “Mmm, I like it. What’s it called?”

“Does it matter?” he teased , letting his fingers brush  the front of my sweater, bringing my nipples to a delicate, aching point.

Blushing, want and warmth coated my panties.

I wrapped my fingers around his and tried not to moan, leaning into him instead and placing a small bite at the top of his shoulder to stem the lust swirling in my limbs.

“I’ll be right back.” he whispered against my cheek as he moved toward the cash register.

A few moments later, a bag swinging from his fingertips, he pulled me close and his mouth met mine.

“Follow me.” he urged leading me out of the store and along the sidewalks of the outdoor shopping center, his hand sneaking up the back of my sweater, until we reached a darkened corner behind the movie theaters. Pushing me up against the brick wall he opened the bag and twisted the top off the candle, trailing his fingers against the wax and pushing my skirt up to rub the scent into my thighs.

Sinking to his knees, I felt his breath against my shaved skin as his tongue made quick work of finding my clit. So I made even quicker work of coming for him.

“I love you …” he breathed as my spasms pulsed against his lips and my legs shook with the sweet release.

“I want a taste…” I panted, pulling him to standing and plunging my tongue into his mouth where I tasted lust, peppermint and the tiniest hint of sandalwood.

“What’s it called?”

Eskimo Kiss.”

“Hmmm…” I moaned as I fiddled with his belt and sunk to my knees.

Reaching for the jar to coat my own fingers, I touched him with the tip of my tongue, “How seasonally appropriate.”



Trifecta this weekend is all about Erotica. 
I love writing this kind of piece, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. 

Sort of like a good romp for both of us. 

The prompt:
We are asking for an open write this week–33 to 333 words of erotic writing.  No specific words need to be used, and we aren’t necessarily banning any either.  If you want to see what our writers came up with last year, click on over and check them out.  This year we are imposing one additional limitation: we are not accepting any entries that deal with sexual violence.  We want this to be a celebration of sensuality.  Posts that contain graphic violence will be immediately deleted from our collection. –

Look Both Ways {Trifextra}

“It is the first day of November and so, today, someone will die.” 


Unknown caller” lit the screen.

Hmmph! That was never a good thing.

“Hello!?” she shouted, dodging a pothole.

Relieved by the hollow sound of  silence she never noticed the taxi jumping  the curb.




In The Scorpio Races, author Maggie Stiefvater writes,

It is the first day of November and so, today, someone will die.”

Give us the next thirty-three words of this story, as you imagine it.

Take it wherever you like, but make it original and make it 33 words exactly.



Have a wonderful weekend.

Fanatic {Write On Edge/Studio30Plus/ Trifecta)}

He ran, cutting through the fields behind the school, the weeds and long grass slicing his bare legs. He ran, with his heart pounding, blood pulsing and his lungs ready to explode in his chest, but he could still hear the jeers.

Looking up into the crowd to calm his nerves, his eyes had settled on a mop of blonde curls,  eyes of crystal blue and lips painted cherry red.

She’d winked at him, a delicious slow execution that caused his focus to shift for a millisecond. Not long enough to satisfy him, but just long enough to cause his fingers to fumble against the stitch marks. The ball left his hand effortlessly and sailed toward the basket, but that second of damage was done. It veered a centimeter off course and banked off the rim.

Before the swift swell of a collective boo from the fans or the noisy buzzer of the time clock could reach his ears, his humiliation pushed him from the court and out into the chill.

He stopped when he reached the clearing at the far end of the field. His breath coming in small painful gasps he put his hands on his knees to stop the pulse beating in his ears.

He never heard her approach.

“Hi.”  A voice purred.

Jumping back, he quickly looked left then right to see where the tease was coming from.

“I liked watching you.” The voice continued.

Squinting in the direction of it he shook as a pair of crystal blue eyes lit up the dark.

“Who are you?”

The eyes danced while her features slowing came into focus one by one.

He didn’t know if it was the temperature or the eyes that chilled him.

“Do I know you?”

The curls shook while her cherry mouth broke into a smile that made him dizzy.

Nails as red as if she had dipped them in blood reached for him.

Her touch tingled on his skin.

“Not yet.” She purred.




This week for the Write at the Merge:

This week – whether memoir or poem, fiction or creative non fiction – we invite you to write a story to send a tingle down our collective spines. In 400 words or less.

Write something that could be told around a popping, crackling fire. Or bubbling cauldron.



the word of the week:


 3 (verb) to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting “Boo” slowly



Studio 30Plus:

Words of the WEEK:

Red and Mask 



for your viewing pleasure

My very own Giants Player (Giovanni)


and King Peter of Narnia (Jacob)


Love Bites {Trifextra}




Trifextra this weekend :

It’s now time for some Trifextra fun. Thirty years ago, Roald Dahl published the book Dirty Beasts, a collection of poems for children about weird and wonderful animals. The last poem, however, is called The Tummy Beast about a boy who thinks there’s someone living in his belly.

Your Trifextra challenge is to write 33 words on a beast in an unusual place.

No swamps or forests or caves, we really want you to take your beast out of its comfort zone.




And don’t forget to pick up your copy of Precipice Volume 2 this weekend, the stories are wonderful.

blog Precipice_print 3-D

Without A Net {Trifextra} (Shelby & Gunnar)

It might hurt.

It’s not supposed to, but sometimes it will.

Just like washing your hands of something does more than eliminate germs.

Let go” you urge.

Love beckons.

Will you catch me?



For Trifecta this weekend we were given this quote

“It’s like the smarter you are, the more things can scare you.” 

and asked to tell you what we (or our character) is afraid of.

I was thinking of my recurring heroine Shelby when I wrote this.


Thanks for coming over to read, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

Blind Loyalty? {Trifextra}



“He tears your life apart but you defend him anyway.”

“I’m sure he’s sorry.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s not.”

“You don’t see him…”

“Hmmph! A devil in disguise.”

“Well I can always repent.”




 This week we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by this classic song by The Rolling Stones.

I took a literal view of “sympathy for the devil”.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend, and because I don’t brag on them enough…

Giovanni and Jacob made the NY DAILY NEWS for an article on the Giants (CUE SADNESS) and their losing season.

They are so cute in their GIANTS shirts.



Thanks for stopping by, you know I love it when you do!

Swamp Thing (from a Children’s Book of Spooky Stories) {Trifextra}


Photo credit from poisoned playground

Artist credit: Don Duford


Swamp Thing was real.

Lurching out of the murky water with beady eyes and a zombie-like mouth, arms reaching for me until…

I woke up.

No more campfire legends before bed for me.

The prompt (including the picture of the Ghoul above)
And finally, this weekend’s prompt.  As you know, Trifecta has a history of dedicating the entire month of October to Halloween.  We’re kicking it off early and easy with this prompt:

You’ve found some old books.  On page 3 of one of the books, this illustration appears.

Straw, Tin and Mane {Trifextra}

NO heart!

NO Brains!

NO Courage!

Could put you down as typical men and be done with it, but I’ve seen you and I know…

What you seek you already possess inside.



This weekend at Trifecta it’s all about TRIOs.

I had a hard time choosing but this one seemed to fit here.

community judged this week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words about a famous trio. The trio could be from literature, from history or from pop culture. Just make it yours and have fun with it. Good luck! – See more at:

This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words about a famous trio. The trio could be from literature, from history or from pop culture. Just make it yours and have fun with it. Good luck!This week’s challenge is community judged. – See more at:

Any Given Saturday 1976-1988 {Trifextra}


Music would always have its way with me during Saturday morning chores.

Under my parent’s watch I dusted and danced.

And I would learn when to rock the boat, and when not to. 




Trifecta this weekend: 
This weekend, we want you to give us a 33-word time travel story.  We don’t usually tell you what to title your piece, but we’d love it if you could title it with the year/date that you choose.

I will give not give a huge back story. I will say that this song always reminds me of my family, that my father LOVED music and our house was always filled with it. I grew up in a house that was full of love and sometimes full of violence, a place that offered me care and pain in equal amounts during any given year. I am  also an unapologetic admirer of all pop music of the 70’s and 80’s.

Thank you for coming over to read, HAPPY WEEKEND!
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