PUBLISHED: Precipice Volume 2 : The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge

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You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” 

Cormac McCarthy, “No Country for Old Men” 


In the second volume of Precipice, twenty-four authors from the Write on Edge community explore the concept of luck in twenty-six works of poetry, short fiction, and memoir.


In 2010 I found an online writing community and friendships that would change my life when I wrote a piece for a Friday prompt with THE RED DRESS CLUB which would become WRITE ON EDGE. 

I fell in love with writing fiction and I met other authors that would motivate and inspire me.

Every writer dreams of the day that something they have crafted will be published and today that dream has come true for me:



Write on Edge has published a new Anthology of Poetry, Memoir and Fiction.

A small scene from my NaNo piece appears in it and I couldn’t be more giddy about it.

You can get your own copy and read my piece, Kismet’s Kiss along with incredible offerings from some of my favorite authors.


Precipice Volume 2 is available today:

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Amazon in Print /Paperback form (Click!) 

 All digital formats on Smashwords (click!)

In the next few weeks it will also be available on iTunes, Kobo and through Barnes&Noble. *Stay tuned*


Get your copy today!


Special thanks for the staff of Write on Edge for their tireless work and dedication to this project.
Cam, Angela, Mandy & Rox

This book is a beautiful testament to your love of words and writers.

I am so proud to be a small part of it.


The Love Story of Kimmy & David (Chapter 6)





Marco was pulled from a very pleasant dream about Alyssa Milano by the sound of Kimmy’s voice, her voice high and concerned, before he heard the name that stopped his heart.

“David?” she whispered

While Kimmy slipped out of bed, Marco feigned sleep, keeping his eyes closed but his ears open.



Heart-breaker and selfish SOB.

The third person in this relationship for so long that there had been a time when Marco was sure he and Kimmy wouldn’t make it. He’d met her only days after the break up that had torn Kimmy and David apart, in a grocery store in Connecticut of all places.

Kimmy had been tear stained and messy, but from the moment he noticed her in the Junk aisle; dumping Doritos, Nutter Butters and Diet Coke into her basket, he had been intrigued and frankly, smitten.

He tried to break the ice in front of the pretzels with witty words and his thousand watt smile. Kimmy hadn’t been rude but she was blatantly “not interested”. Marco chafed at the memory. His stock of dark hair, straight Roman nose and law degree normally offered him access to any woman he chose, so he was not familiar with being ignored by,well, anyone.

In the days and weeks that followed, he discovered who she was, where she was staying here on the island and little by little he inserted himself in her life. He was a lawyer with a firm on the West Side; he learned she was a paralegal from Hoboken. He’d email her, call and text, nothing too personal or too heavy, even the movies that he’d  finally talked her into seeing were very informal and his hand stayed in his popcorn. Marco was patient, knowing that if he wanted Kimmy in his life, he would need to wait for her.

He even let her talk about David, rants and emotions so powerful that would reduce her to racking sobs only to turn and have her heaving deep, sobering breaths while proclaiming “She was better off without him”. Her head often hit his shoulder in thanks for seeing her through the storm of feelings and he let it rest there as long she’d let it.

Somewhere along the way, Marco became a confidant, a trusted friend.

Then one day, Kimmy came into the city to have lunch with him. They were sharing an Italian Sub on a bench around the block from the courthouse and Kimmy was telling a story and eating, when she took a bite that left a huge wad of mayonnaise on her mouth. Marco grabbed a napkin ready to wipe when Kimmy looked at him. It was as if she had finally seen him, and he was so happy to see the recognition that he cupped her face and kissed her, right  there on that bench.

They called it their  “Harry Met Sally”  moment.

Marco, unable to contain the emotions he’d held at bay for so long, had searched her mouth for any sign of David.

All he tasted was Kimmy, sweet and soft.

He’d pulled away and was greeted with the first smile that finally reached her eyes.

Six months later (and before she could slip away from him for any reason), on bended knee in front of the Gershwin Theatre, in her favorite city in the world with the poster for WICKED as a witness, he’d offered his heart along with a small small blue box.

After her squeal of delight, her proclamation of YES that showered him with her laughter, he had been sure that he’d never have to hear about David again.

Now four months from their wedding, Kimmy was on the phone with him, in the predawn hours, whispering and attentive.

Marco’s jaw tightened and his stomach knotted; all the blood rushing to his face. Feelings he had long been able to put away were bubbling to the surface, the terror and anger of having everything he loved ripped from him, contorting his face.

He shifted in the sheets, as Kimmy shuffled into the room, the phone dangling in her hand. Startled to see him awake, he watched her face change, confusion leaking out of her in the form of tears.

Marco sat up, reached for her, “Honey?”

Kimmy stammered, not meeting his eyes, “It was…” her voice trailed off until she whispered, “…David”.

Suddenly Marco knew without another word that his fight for her , the one battle he’d  thought he’d finally won, was only just beginning.


As promised I will post another Chapter, once a week.

(You can go back to older posts to see the beginning of this story)

Loved introducing you to Marco, thank you so much for coming by to read.

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