Inside the Chamber





They sent him to a small, dark room off the brightly lit council gathering space . The walls were draped in rich, heavy tapestries that hung floor to ceiling, and were the color of deep, mythical amethysts.

Amriel didn’t dare evaporate or spread his wings, which twitched against his back as he shuffled  along next to the duo of angels who flanked him, brothers Jahoel and Jehudiel, along the hallway lit by tall .

Once the room had swallowed the trio Amriel sank against one of the velvet walls, “So this is what the Chamber of Secrets looks like?” he said to the angels who’d  positioned themselves with their backs to door.

Jahoel, the younger twin, couldn’t keep the concern from his voice,  “Amriel, you are in deep trouble my friend.”

But Amriel was hardly listening as he pretended to hang his head and gazed into the tiny pile of white powder in his palm that resembled tiny, pinpoint stars.

Right before he collapsed, he watched as  Jane woke up, dewy-eyed, to the sight of Wakeford at her bedside.


For Studio30Plus:

This week, we borrow from Laura, “Newborn.”

“… chamber of secrets” and “stars”


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The word of the week is Dewy 



100 Words Writing Prompt

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The smallest lick ignites a spark,

the breezes blow

while kindling catches

and warms your skin


You lean in to feel,

to touch,

stroking the metal

poking the offerings

extending your hand

free of trepidation

And wait for the fire…


your insides



for the quiet flicker of flames

mistaking the devouring of your soul for a

lovely incandescence floating above the bonfire


his legerdemain drips bitter on your tongue


your heart’s become merely a fleshy mound on his spit


showing  no penitence

his rips at your tender skin.

with pointed and bared teeth


Don’t wish for water….

The beast must be fed.


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This week’s word: Beast 
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Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do

Autumn Offering

Sam was deliberate.

Oblivious to the stares of the other shoppers, the piped in elevator music and even the harsh overhead lighting she handled each one,  grabbing it by the stalk, tipping it over to inspect its round bottom and then balancing it the palm of her hand to contemplate its merit.

They had to be perfect.

Her phone chimed but she ignored it as she worked her way through the choices.  It began to ring and she tapped the dismiss button, annoyed now.

She was talking to herself and making a disgusted face at one particularly ugly selection when the Droid went off again. Dropping the gourd she tapped an icon and typed swiftly, “I love to spoil them “and then barely hit send before turning off the sound and dropping the phone in her cavernous purse.

Sam remembered Daddy bringing their special Halloween surprises home as she tapped her booted foot. “The choice should be simple” he’d say as he plopped them on the dining room table, turning their painted smiles to their delighted faces. “Don’t make it harder than it has to be.”

Mixing up the memories, she realized he wasn’t referring to the gifts. He was reminding his daughters to go with their guts.

Sam closed her eyes , opened them and focused on two silly faces and set them gently in her cart so they were sitting where a child would, grinning up at her.

Her nephews would love these and even with him gone all these years, her father’s tradition was still her favorite part of Fall.




*Inspired by the actual Fall tradition my daddy had of buying us Painted Pumpkins every year. My sister Dana, Aunt & Godmother extraordinaire, continues  the custom for her nephews. Love her so.*


This is for Studio 30Plus:



This week, we borrow from Nonamedufus and his self-titled blog, “Taught By My Example.”

“I love to spoil them.” and/or “tradition”

The word for the 100 Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity (even though I completely ignored the word limit)


Velvet Verbosity Writing Prompt

The prompt at The Light & Shade Challenge

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)



At Your Knee

“I’m okay.”
You’re okay.
(right? )

Until you repeat the question,
(“You okay?”)

and I stammer (dammit!)
choking on the black dust of memories
while the
loose gravel of forgiveness under foot
threatening to
lay me out if I’m not careful

“What were you asking?”

“Are you okay?”
I pause
listening for the echoes of your voice
(a little too tightly)

to your lips spilling promises

Grow old with me…”

Your gaze is all want and concern
You’re subtle, I’ll give you that.
A charmer for sure.

If I was any kind of student I’d show you how much I’ve learned
taught by my example” you’d say and pat yourself on the back.
I meet your icy blues.
“Never better.”


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It’s Strange You Never Knew

tie a string around your finger

set a timer

organize your calendar

or wait for the church bells to announce the hour

but please never forget


there are no sunsets

if that great yellow globe hasn’t been shining all day

or rainbows

if the sky hasn’t opened and cried its heart out


you never need to




(but if you do, please just ask)


because even when you’re not occupying space

close by

you are always spinning


looping through the rivers of my bloodstream

paying rent in the deep caverns of my mind


you may have forgotten

but I can’t…

or won’t…


I’ll simply linger

until the world has faded the picture

I refuse to set fire to.

Mazzy Star’s got nothin on me.

In response to the prompts for Light and Shade Challenge

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Weekly Writing Prompt

and Velvet Verbosity’s word of the week:








I’d Rather Take the Elevator

It’s said there are seven steps (or maybe just five, if we’re being efficient about it) and I walk them like a familiar boulevard.

Loitering under the awning of denial, keeping myself from crossing the street to the dressed- up windows of bargaining; I hold bags in one hand, my hope in the other and stroll down the cobblestones eager to hear the tell-tale jingle on the door of acceptance pierce the air.

I used to think of this journey as a flight of stairs, leading me up to the light, but maybe Springsteen said it best after all, “one step up and two steps back.”

Eventually I’ll get there.


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Velvet, you’re on my mind and in my heart. I am sorry for your loss.

This week’s  100 Word Challenge prompt is Stairs.

Take Flight

Digging deeper hasn’t helped,

praying for a miracle became a waste of (precious) time

and the practice of self flagellation is growing old (and positively painful).


I suppose I could wait here on this precarious perch for-


changed and whittle away at my-



But my toes hurt from squeezing too tightly to the branches

and my heart is beating out of time with the natural rhythm of the universe.
Guess, it’s time to blow this popsicle stand.

Pack up and get out of dodge.

This town just isn’t big enough for the two of us anymore…

With one flap of my ruffled feathers

I know…

it’s time to fly.



For Studio30Plus weekly prompt:

Given to us by Joanne Roth 

“precarious perch” 


For Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge this week

Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge


Don’t Worry, You Won’t Feel a Thing {100 Word Challenge/Studio30Plus}

What can I offer you, sir?

A princess or a whore?

A gal you can forgive and (promptly) forget?

How about a passionate muse you might not forget and most certainly never forgive for the destruction of your heart?

Do you inhale a little too slowly

or do you tend to exhale a little too quickly

when you experience the sudden loss of oxygen at this altitude?

Tell me..

have you ever;

taken one for the team,

taken one on the cheek,

been quite taken with

and then had all you  loved taken away?

Can you

give up,

give in

or simply give yourself over for the greater good?

Because this one

(yesirree,  this girlie right here)

has a love that’s quick and lethal

but (rest assured)

she’s worth dying for.



Studio30Plus prompt of the week comes from Tara (she’s amazing) 

“quick and lethal” 

100 Word Writing Prompt

Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge

Word of the week is


Afternoon Ire {Studio30Plus/Velvet Verbosity}

I am angry, shaking, rallying against every impulse to call you out,

expose you,

shove your hypocrisy into the light.

I could you know.

Blood pulsing at the side of my head; a frightening thump, thump that, if this were a movie, would predicate an aneurysm.

Sure, it’s a hackneyed plot twist but one we’re all comfortable believing now.

The world would never have to know I died here, under the kiss of the sun, daydreaming of being wrapped in your arms.

Maybe I wasn’t your problem to solve, but I was your heart to break.

Sure as hell, you did.


Studio 30 Plus prompt given to us by from the amazing KG Waite :



and Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge

the word of the week:

Recognition {Velvet Verbosity/Studio30Plus}

Like a cat, it (should) will pounce

right into your heart,

beneath the underwire, past your past (bullshit),

fumbling with the clasps and taking you in its fervent, greedy hands

until you are gasping

in sweet pleasure.



chances are you won’t recognize it,

because of your endless hypocrisy.

Maybe you’re scarred

or scared

of the storm of sensations it stirs inside you.


You don’t deserve it.

Perhaps it’s too good to be true.


Whatever your reasons

goodness knows you’ll find one (or twenty).


But it’s right there,


emotions splayed

offering itself to you,

begging you to open your eyes





Verbal Verbosity 100 Word Challenge

(and National Poetry Month)

word of the week

Studio30Plus prompt of the week:
it should pounce
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