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Life and love have gone on without you.

There were days (months, if you must know) when I’d all but forgotten how my hands felt circling the nape of your neck or how my mouth tingled under the tenderness of your kiss.

How pliable a memory becomes when it’s left to its own devices!

(This must be the strategy you employ)

But when a spark falls too close to the smoldering mess you’ve made of my heart,

igniting the torch (burden) I carry

I’m on fire all over again.

Selfishly wondering why you won’t burn for me.


100 Word Challenge

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Stand Alone {Studio30Plus/Velvet Verbosity/Write On Edge}

I tried to meet his eyes, with the canned laughter of a sitcom blaring around us, standing in our living room.

Too afraid to attempt this confrontation anywhere else, I’d dismissed our master suite for fear of succumbing to a deluge of his deceptive words of love. And holding court in the kitchen, with its cheery yellow curtains billowing above the wooden block of knives, would just smack of hypocrisy.

I cleared my throat.

He never took his eyes off the screen.

“I told you, she didn’t mean a thing to me.”

“ But, ” I countered,  “He meant something to me.”


I missed a link up with Write on Edge but I wanted to use the quote:

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge

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Velvet Verbosity

In my  “Write Your First Novel”  class we were discussing POV and this is based on something I’d written in 3 minutes in that class. 

Feelings. Focused.

The photo was worn at the corners so that its fringy edges fanned out like frayed peacock feathers, colors seeping into one another; a captured moment stained by tears and misunderstandings.

She supposed  the image would  have remained that way, unchanged, forever,  if he hadn’t called, 2 years later, asking her to lunch in a halted , “um”-filled and uncharacteristically contrite speech.

So she dressed in a skirt that barely hit her knee and sat across from him checking and resetting her heart.

The silence between them was almost translucent as she focused on his face.

His eyes said it all.


Write on Edge:

“When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
~Ansel Adams

Velvet Verbosity


Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge


I viewed your life through a peephole, sneaking glances by pressing my eye up to the slit.

So that when the box that held you came to a stop at the altar my knees buckled for all I didn’t know.

I had captured moments like a shutter falling, unaware of what vignettes would frame the final picture.


A decade apart

A gender difference

Your puffed exclamations that I was more mother-hen than sister-friend


But oh how I loved you.



Without exception.

And now  as you dance and dream your days away, safe in the arms of the universe,  I envy your unobstructed view.



In loving memory of my brother, Benjamin Kovaleski



100 Word Challenge writing prompt

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How to Deconstruct a Heart {Velvet Verbosity}

Typewriter and Logo for 100 Words









Rage and frustration came through loud and clear, courtesy of Verizon, but  all I could picture  was the spittle drying on the plastic near your mouth.

So I let you go about your work while I tugged at a loose string hanging from the hem of my skirt, mirroring the way your words ripped and tore at my skin.

Metaphorically, of course.

Oh, such technique, such skill you employed!

I hardly noticed the subtle atrophy of your heart or my own life.

But now you’ve left me in full rigor, unable to bend to your wishes without a painful break.


I started this piece a few weeks ago when atrophy was the word of the week over at

Velvet’s place.

I have missed writing with her  for the 100 Word Challenge and when she invited me back, I was thrilled.

(Thank you Velvet!)

So this week I incorporated  both atrophy and  the word of this week: bend.

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