Still Crazy After All These Years?

A ring around your finger
should halt
The longing…
(or is it yearning?)

But a smile across the room,
A hug
(for a second too long)
Where you breathe in the faintest whiff of sandalwood

And suddenly
You’re sixteen all over again.

My answer to the ultimate question this week.


I place my hand over your taut skin

where my fingers graze your dragon tattoo





following the




of your sentience





navigating a route

I fear might be impossible to abandon


My response to the weekly question.

A Gargleblaster (42 words)

The Siren’s Secret

My Captain

Surely you must know by now there is no longer a need to plunder, nick or pillage any longer, searching the horizon for a glimpse of my rainbow-hued scales to break the water.

You’ve already stolen my heart.




The ultimate question: are you on your way to steal my mermaid?

Smoke Signals

When he comes calling

you’ll oblige the fates

and follow;

like a moth to a flame

or a ship to the rocks lured by a mermaid’s song.

Later all you’ll wonder is why it’s unlawful to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

What’s your sign?


Tendrils tangle.

Throat strings snag

like the line of a tie-dyed child’s plaything.

A troublesome knot halts my ascent

making me an unwilling taciturn.


tied up-and-twisted;

dip my timbre between trembling lips.

Once loquacious,

I try,

unable to find my voice.

Want to know what a Gargleblaster is? CLICK HERE!


Hands clasped

head bowed

knees bent to wooden slabs.

I asked for the impossible…

and for a brief bright shining moment

I stood in the light

soaked in the warmth

allowing myself to dream.


Love, I believe I’ve met your twin.


Did Grace say that, too? 

Chains of Love {Gargleblaster}


There was never any doubt,

from the moment your eyes caught mine

with your voice lilting me to your side,

that I would sit (obediently) in the sanctuary of your love.


You never need to ask,

My song is forever your name.


Garlgleblaster this week:
Why does the caged bird sing?
(Well it’s Love of course!)

Anamnesis {Gargleblaster}

Gently tugging at the delicate strings,

teasing the sensitive tendrils of my subconscious

I run my fingers along the jagged, toothy edges, snagging a stray cuticle.

Ripping, burrowing under my skin, drawing blood to the surface

I suck-

tasting iron and regret.


Is something crawling on me?


Recipe for a proper gargleblaster

Feeding Da Boirds {Gargleblaster: Yeah Write}


The scent of guileless fascination settles on the wind,

tantalizing them.

Chiseled beaks chirp and chatter, eager to peck away at the meaty pulp pulsing

inside my chest.

I’ve learned not to starve or shoo them,

they come home to nest anyway.



Only 42 words

This week’s question (inspired by The Carpenters)

Why do birds suddenly appear?

(who loves this song as much as I do??)

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On The Other Side of the Atlantic {The Speakeasy: Yeah Write}

Marco reread the words as they popped up on his phone, uncertain of what to believe.

Thinking back to the parking lot, where he’d watched Kimmy and the man he only recognized from pictures, exit the movie theater. Her hands  fumbled with small white pieces of papers when David had gently lifted her face and found her mouth with his.

She’d kissed him back.

so lost in trying to forget the memory of his fiance  kissing her old lover he never felt the unexpected approach until a slender hand cupped his shoulder and he felt a sinking deep in his stomach.


Marco shifted as she took the seat next to him, her fingers fluttering against his knee.

” Marco.” Daniela purred.


Marco followed her lead, kissing one cheek and then the other, with her breath near his ear. “It’s been a long time, Amore mio.”

Marco nodded and removed her hand, “A long time.”

“Si, Tesoro, but we have fond memories.”

Daniela wrapped in a sheet,  channeling an exotic black fox with her silky dark hair making a fan against the white of the pillow, her eyes shining in the afterglow of her orgasm.

 “Che e`stato fantastastico, ” she purred as rolled away from him.

Marco reached across the bed to circle her waist,  still wanting her. She twisted, her hair falling over both of them as she kissed him, then pulled away.

“Please stay.”

“I can’t.”

 “Dani?” he pleaded, standing to go to her.

“You knew the arrangement, Marco.” Daniela tittered as  she slipped a skirt up her bronzed thighs.  She turned to him, coming just close enough for her bare chest to graze his and placed  one perfectly polished fingertip to his lips, “We are, how you say, ‘just friends’ and it’s getting complicated for me.  I must go.”

“I love you Dani.” he said to her back as she finished getting dressed .When the soft silk blouse was tucked and adjusted she pulled a designer bag to her shoulder.

“I know, baby,”  She paused, “And for this I am so very sorry.”

As an afterthought she faced him, brushing a kiss onto his unshaven cheek. The door’s lock clicked into place just as his heart fluttered for a moment, magnificent in its struggle, then wilted and lay still as it shattered inside his chest.

Marco came back to Dani’s face, tipped and grinning at him.

“You were remembering us making love, no?”

“I was remembering the day you left.”

“Ah, storia antica, Marco.  It’s ancient history!.” She said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

He took her in, here in the Naples airport.

“Running again, dolce fiore?”

Dani smiled at his use of the nickname, lifting her enormous brown eyes to his, “Nico and I are done.”

“Does he know?”

“Yes, I think. He will be sure when he returns to our room.”

Before he could answer she tiled her head and asked, “Cosi, il mioamore, and where is the blonde fiancé?”

“On her way.”

“Aw. Well, a romantic tour of Positano then?”

“Of course.” Marco answered, teasing her, “Jealous Bella?”

“Oh please uomo sciocco !” Her laugh dismissive.  “ Yet. We were good together, no?”

“You broke my heart Daniela and now Nico’s.”

“I needed to. I am not, how you say, ‘ a one man woman’?”

Marco just smiled and touched her elbow, “Well then you better get going before you miss your plane. We’ll look forward to seeing you at our wedding back in New York?”

Daniela flashed a wicked grin as she stood up, “Ah yes, well it will be nice to see your mother. Ciao, lover.”

Marco got to his feet allowing his cheek to graze hers. She winked at him,  turned on her heel and he watched her stride away until she was gone.

Marco sank back in the plastic chair and picked up his blackberry, opening the message he’d been reading before Daniela interrupted his thoughts.

He allowed his eyes to settle on the picture of Kimmy, waving and standing near a ticket counter in JFK and the words she’d sent across the Atlantic below it.

Stay in Italy Marco, I’m on my way. 





Another part of my serial The Love Story of Kimmy & David

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