Without You {Gargleblaster: Yeah Write}

four years

three  months

two weeks

one day

and the clouds have ceased their chase of one another,

while the bullfrogs down on the bayou are struck dumb.

Seems the whole world’s gone silent,

save for the lonesome ticking of my heart.



The Yeah Write

Gargleblaster this week:

Suggested by Erica M, and comes from Alice Munro’s short story A Real Life.

Have all your clocks stopped?

Decisions, Decisions {Yeah Write Speakeasy} (Kimmy and David Chapter 13)

“Hey Lize, can you hand me my black shoes?”

Liza grunted.

“I guess I could be a bit more specific.” Kimmy agreed, flashing a mischievous smile.

Liza snorted.

They caught each other’s eyes in the mirror and the snort turned to giggles, until laughter rushed over both of them like a dam opening.

After surviving two long days nursing Kimmy’s mini-meltdown and watching  a marathon of movies like “Love in The Time of Cholera”  Liza was  as usual,  eager to facilitate her best friend’s reentry into the world.

“Shoot, I have to be at the courthouse in 30 minutes. I really should get my ass moving.”

“Well, I must say, your ass looks good girlfriend.”

“‘The cry your heart out diet” Kimmy nodded, admiring her rapidly shrinking backside in the mirror, “Who says indecision and depression are bad for you?”

“So. Shoes?” Liza inquired.

“Yep. Black ones.” Kimmy nodded.

“Well that doesn’t exactly narrow it down, Kimber, you own 30 pairs of black shoes”.

“34.” Kimmy corrected, winking.

“Ok, 34. So which ones?”

Kimmy turned to the glass to straighten her skirt, “I’m not sure.”

A unwelcome cloud of uncertainty filled the room, but Kimmy shook her head, dispelling it.

“Here, help me pick.”

Liza couched down inside Kimmy’s overstuffed closet and started grabbing at the racks.

“How about these?” Holding up a black pump with a 3 inch stiletto.

Kimmy bit her bottom lip. “Too sexy.”

“These?”  Liza swung a pair of Mary Jane platforms in front of her.

“Not sexy enough.” Kimmy tsked  screwing up her face, “Geez, I’m not a nun, yet, Lize.”

“Well you need to choose or compromise now, because we need to get the hell out of here before you miss your train.”

As if to prove her point Liza started flinging black shoes at Kimmy.

Flats, clogs, high heels, pumps, strappy sandals, and even a pair of long forgotten flip flops sailed past Kimmy’s head in an ebony cloud.

Ducking she shouted, “Ouch. That hurt! No! Not those. Liza! Put those back on the rack! Oooh maybe these. Or these.”

Kimmy grabbed two different shoes.

Using her index finger as a shoehorn she eased her left foot into a shiny snakeskin peep toe that was about 2 ½ inches high, she felt her calf stretch with the lift.

Then she slipped the toes of her right foot between the straps of a platform cork wedge, the muted black of the leather crisscrossing her toes, complimenting her shell pink nails. She pulled the back strap and settled it on her ankle.

She turned to inspect each one and saw at once, both would compliment this outfit. The peep toe was classic and businesslike; the wedge was classy and understated.

Just like the two men she had choose between. Both of them would fit into her life.

Suddenly the cold dark uneasiness she’d felt for the past week began to creep back into her chest. Staring at her shoes, she was convinced, once more, that you can love two things, two people, for completely different reasons, and want them both.

Liza had gotten her off the couch but it was going to take more than a shower and some makeup to move her past this.

“Liza, what do you think?”

“I like both pairs, it’s like each one is perfect with that skirt”

“You’re right. They both belong.”

Liza looked  up and realized they weren’t talking about shoes anymore.

Kimmy’s cell chimed with a message. Her heart clenched as she read Marco’s words; ” ItalyA breakI only want what’s best for you.”

She ripped one shoe off and found the match for the one she  was still standing in.

Grabbing her bag and rushing toward the door, she yelled, “Lize c’mon! Change of plans.”

A startled Liza followed behind, shouting questions in a squeaky worried voice, but Kimmy ignored her and punched the button for the elevator over and over willing it to come as she formulated a plan.

Maybe a choice had (finally) been made for her and for the first time in months, she felt like it was the right one.

Yep, the rightness eclipsed every mistake made along the way.


 Yeah Write Speakeasy:


  • You must include the following sentence as the LAST line in your submission: “The rightness eclipsed every mistake made along the way.”
  • Reference the media prompt here. 
  • Must be less than 750 words



This is part of my ongoing fiction series: The Love Story of Kimmy & David. 

For the rest of the story, click their tab at that top of my blog.

Enter At Your Own Risk {Gargleblaster: Yeah Write}


You might be tempted to ask,

“of all the gin joints in all the world…”

but watch her stir her bourbon with her pointer finger instead.

Resistance is futile after all this time.

A word of warning;

She doesn’t own white hankies.




From Yeah Write’s Gargleblaster: 

This week we’re paying tribute to Gabriel García Márquez, who was (in our humble opinion) one of the greatest writers of the last century. This week’s ultimate question comes to us from One Hundred Years of Solitude:

“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”

Jog {Gargleblaster: Yeah Write}


(by choice)

It’s the mention here or her name whispered there that stills my breath, reminds me.

All those memories misshapen (by my own hand)

to eradicate her from my

(better now!) life

help until

I close my eyes…

She’s everywhere.




Week #3 of the GargleBlaster (YAY)

at Yeah Write and Christine’s prompts are just getting better and better.
Have you joined in yet?

42 words (no more or less) for : 
Do you see her much?

So divine for the hopeless romantics like me. 

(and did you hear? I got Editor’s Pick last week with “Soup’s On!” 

Soup’s On! (Garglebuster:Yeah Write)

I  bet you wonder how I knew

(Oh dearie don’t you fret).

I have all the evidence chopped and cubed…

So I’ll add a pinch here,

a dollop there,

then I’ll stir the pot,

turn up the heat

and watch you stew.


For this week’s Garglebuster at Yeah Write’s prompt:

Who dunnit?

Read the rules and join them for 42 words of fun! 

Among the Stars (Yeah Write!)

Optimism swirls in the cosmos;

a solar commixture of hydrogen, helium and magic,

weaving , spinning against the inky background,

trailing stardust in its wake.

This is where I always look to find you, hidden amid reality and a reason to believe.




I missed posting for the BRAND SPANKING NEW


hosted by my friend Christine…

so I’m adding my answer to that prompt here in the Moonshine Grid instead.

42 words (no more, no less)

his week it’s based on this thought:

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?


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